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Track mobile phone location and SMS content with Highster.

What Is Highster Mobile?

Highster Mobile is a popular member of the “device tracking” family of apps that have taken over the market by storm in recent years. As the popularity of digital devices increases and they find a more pronounced role in our daily lives, certain industries have appeared to serve the more specialized needs of customers.

Highster Mobile has been around for a while, and the app has already established a proven track record for its name, with many satisfied customers and plenty of proven successful use cases. While it’s not free, it comes packed full of features under the hood, and is a more than adequate solution for those who want something that works right out of the box and doesn’t require too much user interaction in its setup. Once your copy of Highster Mobile is up and running, keeping the app in check is a piece of cake and only takes a few clicks on your main device. The developers have clearly put a lot of effort into compatibility too, as it’s very easy to integrate Highster Mobile with a variety of different systems.

What Can Highster Mobile Be Used for?

The application’s main purpose is to track the activities of a user on their mobile phone. Its capabilities extend beyond standard voice and text communication, and it’s able to extensively track and record what the user is doing with their device on a daily basis. New features keep getting added regularly, and it’s not rare for the developers to implement something that has been brought up by regular users as well.

On top of that, the application is designed to conceal its presence as much as possible, allowing for a non-obtrusive mode of operation that does not interfere with the user’s daily activities in any noticeable way. This can be important in a variety of contexts, but is particularly popular among users in the commercial world. After all, the ability to track your employees’ productivity doesn’t matter much if the application you’re using to accomplish that tracking drains system resources and brings down the overall performance of the device. This has been a common issue with many other apps of this type, and it seems to be one of the main points that the developers of Highster Mobile are trying to address in their work as well.

How Does Highster Mobile Work?

Highster Mobile comes in two parts – one app is installed on the target device(s), while another serves as a command center and gives the user a full overview of activities recorded on the device. In addition, the control panel offers various tools to fine-tune the operation of the application, allowing the user to turn different features on and off in real time without having to interact with any devices being tracked manually.

Installation is simple and straightforward, and the application comes with an extensive guide to help you through the process. All major platforms are targeted right out of the box, meaning that you shouldn’t need to tweak any special settings to get it running on the platform you’re trying to track in the first place.

And even in cases where this does prove to be an issue, you can count on the developers to assist you through the process and provide you with adequate support in resolving the situation. With a little tweaking, you can easily install Highster on pretty much any platform you can think of, as long as there is core support for it in the main application. And that’s something that the developers keep improving on a regular basis, so even if you don’t find your target platforms listed at first, you should either check back or contact them directly with an inquiry.

Core Features of Highster Mobile

Live call monitoring

One of the most common reasons for using a tool like Highster Mobile is to find out who the person being tracked is talking to and how regularly. The application can allow you to easily keep track of all voice calls done on the device, both incoming and outgoing. It shouldn’t take long to figure out if there is a certain pattern to the way the person is talking to others, and if there is something shady going on, it will become apparent pretty quickly.

Track text conversations

Another popular and commonly used feature is the ability to spy on text conversations. This can sometimes potentially reveal even more interesting information about the user’s usage patterns compared to regular call monitoring, although you’ll also need to do some cross-referencing to find out who certain contacts are. But thanks to the extensive functionality of Highster Mobile, this should be a trivial task. Once you’ve got all your information put together in one place, it should be a piece of cake to reference different bits of it and see where things are overlapping.

Browse through contacts list

This leads us to another important point about Highster Mobile – it allows you to take a deep look into the contacts of the person being tracked. This can be particularly easy when the person is trying to evade detection in various ways, such as naming contacts with odd names and other commonly used tricks that may indicate something suspicious is going on beneath the surface. By regularly downloading a copy of the contacts list and comparing the current one against previous versions, you should be able to pretty easily figure out if there’s more than meets the eye.

Access browsing history

A device’s browsing history is usually another treasure trove for those looking for detailed information on the way the device is being used on a daily basis. This can be particularly useful for employers who want to make sure that their workers don’t use company resources for any inappropriate activities, while at the same time they are unable to restrict this type of activity on any basic level (e.g. through firewall rules). Catching them in the act is the next best thing in these cases, and there’s no way to evade the detailed recording performed by Highster Mobile, even if the user is wise enough to clear their browsing history manually.

Track social media activity

Whether social media use is frowned upon in the circumstances of the device’s usage, or you want to make sure that someone around you is being truthful about what they’re saying, you can easily get a grip on that aspect of the situation thanks to the advanced social media tracking capabilities of Highster Mobile. Many platforms are supported right out of the box, but if your main goal is to track Facebook and Instagram, it should only take a few clicks to set things up and have them running pretty much on autopilot.

Look into e-mails

Many people still rely on e-mail as a main form of communication with others, especially those who’re trying to conceal something from people around them. It’s a common strategy that, unfortunately, still works far too effectively due to the way e-mail works. When you’ve got Highster Mobile installed on the device though, there is no way to communicate in secret, even if the user relies on encrypted, “safe” e-mail providers. Since all activity is being captured and recorded on the device itself – and the device must be capable of displaying this information to the user – you can see everything.

Track conversations over specific apps

A common problem encountered by users trying to track others on their mobile devices these days is the huge variety of communication apps that exist out there. Dozens of apps have established a popular spot for themselves on the market, and new ones keep coming out on a regular basis, adding various features that make things even more complicated. That shouldn’t be an issue when using Highster Mobile though, as the application has specific integration capabilities targeting multiple different communication apps.

Track target’s GPS location

If you’re worried that the person you’re tracking might be visiting suspicious locations and you have no way of controlling that, this is another issue that Highster Mobile can put your mind at ease about. Tracking someone with their device’s GPS is as easy as pushing a button, and the best part is, the user might not even be able to do much to block the tracking on their end. This depends on the specific device and operating system version that they’re using though, so it might not be a universal feature, but it should work without too many issues in most cases.

Inspect calendar events and activities

If someone keeps setting up appointments in their calendar but marks them as private, they could be up to something – especially if they act shady when you try to ask about the nature of those appointments. You don’t have to guess anything when using Highster Mobile, as the tool makes it really easy to dig into the calendar of the operating system, extract all appointments – past and present – and figure out what the target has been up to. Some operating systems even reveal quite a lot about the appointments that have been set up through them, which can give you extra leverage in the negotiations that are going to follow.

Access device media

Last but not least, you may want to take a look at what kinds of pictures and videos have been taken with the device – including ones that have been deleted. This may or may not work in all cases, and it mostly depends on how the device handles the deletion of files on its filesystem, but you will be surprised by the amount of information that can be extracted in many of those cases. Especially with devices that have already been modified in some way to provide extra access, although that’s not completely necessary. Advanced Features of Highster Mobile

Retrieve device information

Want to find out detailed statistics about the current state of the operating system? That’s a great feature of Highster Mobile that’s seen some active development over time. This may not be relevant to everyone out there, but those who do know how to make use of the data they gather through this channel can potentially learn a lot more than usual about the person they are tracking. And best of all, this is a completely non-intrusive procedure that does not impact the regular use of the device in any way, so you can perform it as often as you like.

Activate camera remotely

Another great feature that can shed a lot of light onto certain situations. You can easily take pictures and even videos (if the device supports it) with the camera, and have them sent directly to your device for easy access. Keep in mind that the legality of this feature might be questionable in some parts of the world though, so make sure you familiarize yourself with the legal implications very well before taking any steps in this direction. In addition, keep in mind that activating the camera too often might drain the device’s battery noticeably faster than normal, which could alert the user to Highster’s presence.

Inspect hidden device contents

Modern smartphone operating systems give the user quite a lot of control over how they want their device’s contents to be displayed to others. It’s possible to hide some data from users trying to snoop around, which can make it difficult to extract the information you’re after by simply accessing the device manually. With the help of Highster Mobile though, this doesn’t have to be a problem – the tool allows you to gain access to all parts of the operating system, as long as it has been configured properly in the first place. Nothing can be concealed this way.

Get detailed history of device usage

Interested in finding out how the device has been used over time according to different criteria? It’s easy to get a detailed report of user activities compiled and presented to you in an easily accessible manner with just a few clicks, and this is something you’ll probably find yourself resorting to quite often if the user in question is putting effort into concealing their tracks. It’s important that you familiarize yourself with how Highster Mobile works in this regard, as you’ll need to know what limitations to expect from the tool, and what circumstances might prevent you from getting all the information you’re after.

Access complete media history of device

The same can be said about the history of media files on the device. If the user has been trying to delete pictures or videos to conceal their tracks, this can be easily circumvented with the help of Highster Mobile’s advanced features. Of course, the tool is not magic, so it still won’t be able to recover everything on the device completely, but it should still give you a good idea of what the user has been doing over time, and it will at least alert you if they’ve made any attempts to conceal their tracks previously.

Retrieve list of installed apps

Expanding on what we mentioned above about the ability to spy on a user through different apps, Highster Mobile can allow you to retrieve a full list of apps that are currently installed on the device, as well as those that have been installed in the past. Deleting the app from the device is far from enough to prevent a Highster user from figuring out the truth, and the tool actually goes to great lengths to ensure that nothing can remain hidden that well. Short of a complete OS reinstallation, there’s not much that can be done to block what Highster does.

Simulate user activity originating from device

Sometimes, simply tracking what the user does is not enough to get the full picture. If you want to be sure that they are not interacting with anyone in any inappropriate ways, one of the best things you could do is to simulate activity from the device itself. You can take control of the phone, send messages to their contacts and see how they respond, and perform other similar actions. The best part is, through clever use of Highster’s features, you can even prevent the user from seeing the resulting replies, completely concealing your activities from them until you’re ready to confront them with the information you’ve gathered.

Send remote commands to device

This goes one step further with the ability to send completely custom commands to the device from anywhere. You can set up Highster to respond to certain queries, allowing you to extract information on the go even when you don’t have access to your main control panel. This can be very useful for users who are constantly on the move which may prevent them from running their tracking software as often as they would like. This part does take a little extra tech savviness to pull off properly, but it’s completely worth the extra effort once you see the final results.

Track specific actions

Are you only interested in a small, specific set of actions and want to filter out the rest? The interface of Highster Mobile makes it very easy to accomplish that, with just a few clicks necessary to set things up properly. No matter what specific type of activities you want to follow up on, you should find it very easy with the right combination of configuration settings. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the user manual very well, as the developers share various tips about advanced tracking in there.

Full social media integration

You may be interested in finding out more than simply what the user is posting on Facebook and what messages they’re sending. Highster can allow you to build a very extensive profile of their social media usage, following details such as which profiles the user is visiting and how frequently, and what kinds of interactions they have with other users on the same networks. Keep in mind that you may be slightly limited in those capabilities according to the features of the operating system itself, but you should find many of them to be immediately available with just a few clicks.

Highster Mobile – Packages and Pricing

The tool comes in two main versions – one aimed at iOS, and the other at Android. You’ll have to purchase a separate license for each one if you want to target devices running different operating systems, although as we said above, that investment is well worth it in the long run. If you only need to track one type of device though, you can just purchase one license and be done with it.

You can also invest additionally in extended warranty and additional support, both of which we recommend in case your use of Highster Mobile is more critical and you don’t want to lose access to the application in the worst possible moment. Commercial users who deploy multiple installations of Highster across various different devices will definitely appreciate the extra benefits they receive from this, as it can be a huge time saver in case things go wrong at a bad time. Plus, the extra price you’ll have to pay is a drop in the ocean compared to the amounts you might be spending on other aspects of your business on a regular basis.

Pros and Cons of Highster Mobile


  • Fast and stealthy setup
  • Low price compared to other similar tools
  • Packed full of features designed for different use cases
  • Suitable for businesses and private users alike
  • Single purchase covers you in the long run
  • Advanced customer support with competent staff


  • Need to purchase a separate license for iOS and Android
  • Need to purchase additional support separately
  • May not work on older devices or more obscure operating systems

Highster Mobile – Compatible Devices and System Requirements

Both Android and iOS are supported out of the box, and the developers have paid special attention to covering different versions of both operating systems properly. As we mentioned above, the only downside is that you’ll have to spend extra money if you want to track both kinds of devices, but that’s a small price to pay for the various features that you’ll get in the final package.

It’s also interesting to note that the application covers various versions of Android, including some older ones, although don’t expect miracles in this regard. If you want to be sure that you’ll be able to track the device you’re interested in, just get in touch with the company’s support beforehand and ask them in detail about the capabilities of the application in this regard. As long as you know which specific device you’re trying to target, it should be no problem to sort out the compatibility issues over a quick support chat. What’s more, they might even be able to guide you through installing Highster on a more obscure device that might not be supported straight away.

Payment Methods

Buyers can purchase the tool through a variety of credit card payment methods, however PayPal is noticeably absent from the list. Users who have a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or a variety of other popular credit cards should have no issue securing their purchase and using the tool in a matter of minutes. Those looking to purchase through alternative payment methods may have to get in touch with the company’s support, or look into another option for completing the purchase where available.

How Do I Get Highster Mobile?

The application is distributed directly from the developer’s website, and users can purchase the full version there. Since there is no free version of Highster Mobile, interested users should be wary of any sites offering the tool free of charge. There are various scams going around revolving around this method, and the typical scenario is that downloading this version of the tool will also install various “surprises” on your system, like a trojan that monitors your own activities. Be safe and only purchase from the main distribution channel, especially considering that this is a security-critical tool.

How Reliable Is Highster Mobile?

We’ve seen no negative reports about the reliability of Highster Mobile, and in fact, many people seem to be praising the application for its performance and rich feature set on a regular basis. It’s hard to even find any negative comments about the performance of Highster, although there is of course the occasional annoyed user who did not understand some fundamental aspect of the application, and ended up using it incorrectly as a result. Other than those, some quick research should show plenty of positive impressions with the application, and many people who’re satisfied with what it has to offer. Crashes are not reported often at all, and they usually concern the control panel and not the client side of the application, which is a more critical area.

Installation and Setup of Highster Mobile

Upon purchasing the application, the user is presented with a detailed list of instructions for its installation. Typically, you’ll need to ensure that you have at least a couple of minutes of uninterrupted access to the device during the installation, and you should additionally know the phone number associated with that device.

One of the best things about Highster Mobile is that it also works on non-jailbroken iOS devices, a rare feature in its class. Very few applications on the market offer this type of functionality, and in the cases where they do, it typically comes in a more limited version that doesn’t give the user complete control over the device. That’s not the case with Highster though, and that’s actually one of the main reasons behind the tool’s popularity on the market compared to other solutions.

Highster Mobile FAQ

Can Highster Mobile be defeated with encryption?

We touched on this briefly above, but it’s a point worth expanding on in more detail. With the increasing use of encryption all around us, it’s a legitimate concern to be worried that a user might be able to evade detection by encrypting all their communication. That’s not the case with the way Highster Mobile works though, as the application tracks everything on the OS level. It extracts information after it’s already been decrypted (or before it’s encrypted, in the case of outgoing data), so any kind of encryption used is going to be irrelevant.

Is it easy for a user to discover Highster Mobile on their device?

One of the main selling points of Highster Mobile is that it’s designed to evade detection as best as possible, and the tool really does perform that job excellently. The developers have clearly put a lot of effort into making Highster maintain a low profile and the tool leaves practically no noticeable footprint on the system being tracked. Even more advanced users will not be able to figure out that something is wrong, unless they have been specifically tipped off that their device might be being tracked.

Can I remove Highster Mobile easily when I’m done with it?

Uninstalling Highster is as simple as making a few clicks, and the process is very straightforward. Once you’ve collected all information you’re interested in, you can easily get rid of the current installation of Highster and you can rest assured that you’re not going to leave any traces behind. The only point worth mentioning here is that you may want to consider a time when the user will not be paying too much attention to their device, as the uninstallation process may take a minute or two, during which the device will have slightly decreased performance.

Will I have to keep paying to upgrade to new versions as they are released?

A great thing about the business model of the company behind Highster Mobile is that they are clearly determined to provide long-term value to their customers. A single purchase of the application grants the user a permanent license that also includes all future updates for free, which can be a huge benefit compared to some other similar applications on the market at the moment. The “software as a service” subscription model is becoming more and more prevalent all over the place, which can be annoying for those who just want something reliable that works in the long term.

Is Highster Mobile suitable for a workplace environment?

Businesses are apparently one of the main customers of Highster Mobile, and it makes sense, considering how much trust a company typically puts in their employees when handing out business devices to them. The application is very well-suited for such a use case, and it comes with various features that can make it really easy to keep your employees in check and know what they are doing with their devices 24/7. At the same time, it’s not intrusive in any way, making it perfect for those situations.

Do I need advanced tech knowledge to make full use of the application?

Most features of Highster Mobile can be utilized with relatively little tech knowledge, although you may need to read up on some of its more specialized capabilities in order to take full advantage of them. The application comes with an extensive manual that covers all you’ll need to know in detail, and the developers are also constantly available to respond to inquiries about proper usage of their tool. With a little research, you can go quite far with your use of Highster.

Can I use information obtained through Highster Mobile in court?

In many cases, you may be specifically interested in obtaining information that you can then use in a legal case. This is a tricky area that requires some legal expertise to tread properly, and you should definitely consult a professional before taking any steps in that direction. After all, the worst-case scenario is not that you’ll simply get your evidence dismissed, you might end up with some nasty charges on your end if you’re not careful, ruining any chances you had in court.

Is Highster Mobile safe on my end?

Another common worry Highster’s users seem to have is that the application can somehow be turned against them and used to spy on their own activities remotely. This is not the case here, as Highster works in a very separated way, completely isolating the client from the control panel. The two components of the application don’t even share any common ground, so there’s no reason to expect that people will somehow be able to exploit your control panel to track you in reverse.

Will the user’s experience be degraded in any way?

The developers of Highster Mobile have gone to great lengths to ensure that the application’s tracking doesn’t interfere with normal everyday use of the target device. This is important from multiple perspectives – the user must not get annoyed at the fact that they are stuck with a poorly performing device; they may also get alerted at the fact that tracking is occurring in the background, which is not always ideal.

Is the company’s support reliable?

No matter how experienced you may be with technology and mobile devices in general, there’s no guarantee that you’re not going to run into certain issues along the way. That’s where Highster’s support comes into play, and should you run into a situation where you need to call them, you should end up with a positive impression after the whole ordeal is over. They clearly know their product inside and out, and are also determined to keep hiring competent people that know how to serve their users appropriately. That alone can make the investment into Highster a completely worthwhile one.

Highster Mobile – Legalities

It’s important to be aware of the legal implications of using a tool like this, as we described above. There are many fine points to consider in this regard, and some users will want to pay special attention to what they’re doing here – such as those using the application in a commercial setting. If you want to stay on the safe side and avoid any potential legal trouble, you should discuss the situation with an experienced attorney who can guide you through the process of deploying a solution like this in your organization while following every relevant rule to the letter.

Can I Trust Highster Mobile?

Trust is an important issue when dealing with an application like this, and it’s clear that the developers have a strong determination to make this a reliable and comprehensive product that does exactly what it says without compromising its users in any way. The program does a lot to keep users safe on both sides – both clients and those running the control panel – and new features keep coming out on a regular basis that keep improving the situation even further. If you’re concerned with how much you can trust the application you’re using, you’ll probably be happy to know that Highster Mobile is among the best in its class.

Final Verdict – Is Highster Mobile Right for Me?

There are many situations where a tool like Highster Mobile would be ideal for the job, and it looks like our society just keeps creating more and more of those situations on a daily basis. We live in a world where it’s becoming increasingly more challenging to trust the people around us for various things, and if you want to stay safe and know that you’re not missing any part of the big picture, it’s important to count on a good solution like this one.

There are some minor quirks about the application – such as the pricing model that is split between iOS and Android – but other than that, it’s a very comprehensive solution that offers a lot more than meets the eye. It’s also suitable for less experienced users who want to have an easy and convenient way to track someone without requiring too much tech knowledge, and it’s one of the best ways to provide yourself with an extra layer of security in your operations, whatever the situation in question may be. Just remember – it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the legal implications of using this type of tool, so familiarize yourself with those as well as you can before making any final decisions.

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