iKeyMonitor Review

Read our detailed review of the ever popular iKeyMonitor software.

What is iKeyMonitor?

iKeyMonitor is a parental monitoring tool that can be used on their children’s cell phones. It has a ton of useful features that parents will find useful, such as the ability to track your child’s location, limit their screen time, and see who they are talking to! Keep your kids safe by knowing who their friends are and making sure they aren’t talking with strangers they shouldn’t be. iKeyMonitor puts you in control of your child’s phone. It allows you to remotely view the device and see what applications they are using. There are other amazing features such as being able to see what videos and pictures they take, making sure they aren’t sending or receiving any media from strangers. iKeyMonitor is a great tool for getting to know your child, see what they are into by looking at what they search for, and get to know their friends. This truly is a great tool that should be in all parents arsenal, giving your child their first phone can be a stressful move, but iKeyMonitor is here to make it less so. This advanced monitoring software is available to you at an affordable price and with unmatched support, take advantage of this offer by purchasing today.

What can iKeyMonitor be used for?

iKeyMonitor can be used in many different ways, there are a ton of features you can creatively apply to effectively monitor and manage your child mobile phone usage. The GeoFencing option allows you to set boundaries on your child’s location, it will notify you if the device leaves the defined boundaries. This is an exceptionally useful feature that can be set and doesn’t require constant monitoring. You can also limit the screen time your child spends on the phone, once the limit has been reached (1 Hour per day for example) then the phone will be locked and they will be unable to use it until you either raise the limit or time elapses and they are allowed their allotted time again. You can easily and effortlessly monitor your kids text messages, phone calls, and social media accounts. This type of control takes the worry out of giving your kids a mobile phone. Monitor the applications they use and the websites they visit to make sure they aren’t getting into anything they shouldn’t be. You can even listen in to your child’s surroundings at any time by enabling the phones microphone, truly innovative! These are just some of the many possible uses you can use iKeyMonitor for.

How does iKeyMonitor work?

iKeyMonitor is an easy to use program that has been developed with parents in mind. It’s easy to install and even easier to manage. After you have purchased iKeyMonitor you will be given a download link to the installer for the target device, and a remote control panel that you can use to manage the device and check in on it from anywhere remotely. You first download the installer on the child’s phone by simply inputting the URL given and clicking it. iKeyMonitor works with both iPhone and Android flawlessly. You will be presented with the installation screen and it will walk you through a couple options and install the software on your child’s phone. Once it has been installed the phone will immediately begin sending all information to your control panel. You can remotely login and use the easy to use interface which has all the tools you will need to limit screen time, or monitor your child. It’s easy to use and effective! Check out iKeyMonitor’s available packages today to get started. You wont regret taking these extra precautions, they will give you peace of mind and more control on what your child can and can’t do online!

Core Features of iKeyMonitor

Monitor Text Messages

iKeyMonitor puts you in the know by allowing you to view all sent and received SMS messages. Now you will know for certain who your kids are texting and won’t need to needlessly worry. It’s easy to access this feature from your remote control panel once you’ve purchased and received your login information. They are saved on your control panel so you can go back to them and search through them as you need to. Stay in the know with iKeyMonitor, you won’t be sad you took this chance to make sure your kids are safe and secure!

Call Recording

iKeyMonitor records calls made on your child’s phone so you can listen to them remotely from your control panel. Ensure they aren’t making any plans that they shouldn’t be with strangers that you don’t know. It’s easy to login and see if there are any new calls at any time. You simply navigate to the control panel application we provide you with for your phone or computer, and select which call you would like to listen to, easy as can be! You can delete any phone calls recorded that you no longer need as well from you powerful monitoring control panel.

Websites Visited

Take control of what your children are seeing online. iKeyMonitor lets you see what your kids are viewing online and allows you to block websites as you see fit. This is a great way to see what your kids are looking up in general, which may be useful information if it’s almost Christmas time and you’ll be shopping for gifts soon! iKeyMonitor gives you an edge you never knew you needed, but always wanted. Don’t let your kids visit strange sites by blocking them directly, you can block them from looking at porn, illegal content, or game sites as a punishment when needed.

GPS Location

iKeyMonitor allows you to check your child’s mobile phone location at any time. This is a great way to keep tabs on your kids and make sure they aren’t venturing into parts of towns that they shouldn’t be. This feature is accessible from your remote control panel so you can verify where your kids are, no matter where you are! This is great for those stressful nights when your kids staying at a friends house and you want to make sure they are where they say they are. Now you can easily do just that! Lay worry to rest with iKeyMonitor, you can try it for free today!

Monitor Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messaging applications, iKeyMonitor lets you monitor who your kids are talking to on Facebook Messenger. This is a useful feature as it’s more likely they are to be talking to strangers on Facebook Messenger than it is they will be in text messages. Lucky for you, because now you can monitor both places to be extra sure! Start taking control and monitor your kids phone, you’ll be glad you did.’

Phone Contacts & Calendar

Keep an eye on plans your kids are making and who they are saving in their contact lists. Now you can know every time your child adds a new contact into their phone. This lets you keep a tab on who your children are friends with and make sure they aren’t talking to anyone they shouldn’t be. You can easily monitor any plans they put into their calendar and make sure they line up with what they told you they were doing, you can never be too careful!

Block Games & Applications

iKeyMonitor allows you to limit and block games and applications from your kids phone. Make sure they aren’t spending to much time playing games easily from your remote control panel. You can set time limits on certain applications per day so you know your kids are only using applications that benefit them. You can utilize this function to block games, social media, and other chat applications if you don’t want your kid chatting to just anyone online. It’s always good to know what your kids are up to and iKeyMonitor makes that easier than ever.

Monitor Snapchat

Many kids these days are using the messaging app Snapchat. Snapchat allows you to send messages and pictures to your friends that are deleted after you read them. iKeyMonitor monitors Snapchat and saves all the chats and pictures on your control panel so you can review them and make sure your child isn’t sending or receiving any inappropriate chats or pictures! This is just one of the many features that iKeyMonitor has, it truly is a great tool with many uses, start your subscription today!

Easy Installation

iKeyMonitor was built with you in mind, it’s easy to install package makes it a breeze to get up and running after you have made your purchase. It’s as simple as downloading a file onto your child’s mobile phone and running it from the file manager. You will be asked a couple questions and then the software will be installed discreetly on your child phone, they won’t even know your monitoring them! With this simple installation method you can be up and running just minutes after purchase!


iKeyMonitor installs itself discreetly on your child’s phone, this means they won’t know you’re monitoring them if you don’t tell them. This is a great feature so they don’t get mad at you but you still can keep an eye on them and make sure they aren’t lying to you about who they are hanging out with or where they are! Keep tabs on your kids discreetly with iKeyMonitor, you’ll be happy and satisfied with you newfound piece of mind.

Advanced Features of iKeyMonitor


GeoFencing allows you to set boundaries that if crossed will alert you. This means you can set the boundaries of the park, and if your child leaves the park a notification will be sent to you so you can call them and tell them to get back to where they are supposed to be! This is an excellent tool and you never know when it could come in handy. If your child gets lost and calls you for direction there is no need to panic! You can just look at their GPS location and guide them back to safety all from the comfort of your remote control panel that is provided when you complete your purchase!

Remote Control Panel

iKeyMonitor comes with a remote control panel that you will have access to so long as you have an active subscription. The remote control panel can be accessed anywhere from your phone so long as you have an internet connection! You can use any of these features from your phone no matter where your child is! This makes it easy to keep tabs on them and ensure they are telling you the truth about their whereabouts. You will be given your login information so you can login and get started learning the ins and outs of the control panel when you complete your purchase. If you’ve completed your purchase, go ahead and check your email to retrieve your login information.

No Jailbreak or Root required

iKeyMonitor is a versatile piece of software. Most competitors require that you jailbreak your iPhone, or have root access on your Android phone. That isn’t the case with iKeyMonitor, it was developed in such a way that it doesn’t need to have root access to utilize its features. All you need to have is access to the device so you can download the installer on the target phone. You can easily install the package on any iPhone or Android phone even if you don’t have root access! Set your worries aside and give iKeyMonitor a try today!

Monitor Device’s Media

iKeyMonitor lets you easily monitor all media on your child’s phone. Make sure they don’t have any risky media saved that could get you in trouble by checking it yourself from your remote control panel. This spying technology is one of a kind and was built with everything a parent might need to make sure their kids are safe and aren’t doing anything they shouldn’t be on their phones! Kids can get into a lot of things and it’s essential that you make sure they aren’t doing anything that’s going to get themselves or you in trouble!

Tinder Monitor

Tinder is a dating app that people post their pictures on and get hit on by strangers nearby. You can use iKeyMonitor to make sure your young adult isn’t putting themselves out there. Younger people sometimes don’t know they shouldn’t meet strangers they find online so it is imperative that you keep the upper hand and make sure they aren’t! With iKeyMonitor you can easily monitor all Tinder activity and block the application entirely if you want! Take the extra precautions and enjoy peace of mind with iKeyMonitor.

Screen Time Limiting

With iKeyMonitor you can limit the screen time your child is allowed per day. This is a great way to make sure they aren’t spending way to much time in front of the screen. This feature keeps track of how long the phone screen has been active and allows you to set a limit per every 24 hours. They may not like it at first but will likely thank you later on in life for not letting them spend 10 hours a day on their phone! It’s easy to get lost in all the applications and games. Use iKeyMonitor today to set limits and define boundaries for your children!

Monitor Instagram

Keep an eye on what your kids are sharing to their Instagram account and make sure they aren’t uploading any inappropriate pictures! Instagram is a huge social network and a lot of people use it. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your kids Instagram account if they have one. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to dealing with these social networks as you never really know who’s on the other side of the computer. iKeyMonitor helps you keep an eye on everything!

Tap Camera Surroundings

This advanced feature allows you to look through your kids camera in real time and see what’s going on around them. This is some high tech software! You can also hear what’s going on around them at the same time, so even if the camera is in their pocket you can get a general idea of what’s going on in their world at any given moment. This is a great way to make sure that their teachers and other adults in their lives aren’t abusing them verbally or otherwise. You never know how people are going to act when others aren’t around to criticize them!

Easily Uninstall Remotely

iKeyMonitor lets you easily uninstall the software from your child’s phone easily from your control panel. This is a useful feature if they have gotten older and you want to give them the freedom they have earned. Simply navigate to your control panel and find the device and click uninstall and everything will be taken care of for you! They really did think of everything when they built this technology.

Advanced Keylogging

iKeyMonitor has a system level keylogger that logs all keys typed on the phone’s keyboard. This means even if a social network isn’t supported you can still see everything that is being typed into the phone and still know what’s going on at all times. This type of spying technology has taken years to perfect but iKeyMonitor has done it! And they have an amazing support team, so if you have trouble using any of the features, they will be right there to help you along!

iKeyMonitor – Packages & Pricing

iKeyMonitor is affordable and worthwhile to any parent looking to monitor their children’s phone. The software works on all Android and iPhone mobile devices. The plan starts at an affordable $49.99 which is marked down from $59.99! That’s a great deal for such a useful utility. This is a monthly price because iKeyMonitor is a subscription, you’re granted access to your remote control panel as long as you have an active subscription. If you’d like to monitor your computer as well, they have another application that can effectively monitor your child or employees computer system. This is a bit cheaper and is also managed from your remote control panel. This software is called “EaseMon” and the subscription is $29.99 per month. Both software offer a deal of 50% off if you pay a year in advance! That’s a great saving. If you pay for a year in advance iKeyMonitor would ring in at just $24.99 per month and Easemon would be $16.67. It might be worth paying for the year in advance if you’ve already gave the trial a run and enjoy the software. It’s wonderful software that works like it’s supposed to, with an amazing team behind it to boot.

Pros & Cons of iKeyMonitor


  • Installation software works on both Android and iPhone
  • The remote panel allows you to monitor the devices no matter where you are!
  • The package installer makes installing on your target device a breeze.
  • Their support team is helpful and knowledgeable, always willing to help and go the extra mile.
  • Lower cost than most competitors
  • The software is designed to run efficiently and discreetly in the background, and does just that!
  • Easily limit your child’s screen time
  • Always know where you kid is, even when you’re not nearby!


  • Can only use 1 phone per subscription

iKeyMonitor Compatible Devices & System Requirements

iKeyMonitor is useful software you can use to monitor your child’s phone. It’s been designed to work on both Android and iPhone phones. It works flawlessly on these systems and can run for long periods of time without any trouble. The software is designed to start and stop with the system so if the phone is restarted the software will start with it. The company also offers another product that you may be interested in as well. They offer a product called “Easemon” that is able to monitor your computer systems. This product works on both Mac and Windows, and requires very little system resources. If you think either of these products could add quality to your life we urge you to give them a try. There is a free trial and you will be more than satisfied with them. Get your subscription today and be up and running in just a few minutes!

Payment Methods

iKeyMonitor makes it as easy as possible for you to pay and maintain your subscription. The subscription is billed monthly but you also have the option of paying for a year and it will save you a lot of money. You can pay with either credit or debit card. They accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and JCB. Aside from credit and debit cards they also accept Bitcoin, which is a growing currency that many people take advantage of in this modern digital age. They accept AliPay, and WeChat pay as well! All these methods make it extremely easy for you to make a payment and maintain your subscription with iKeyMonitor whether you’re using EasyMon for computer systems, or iKeyMonitor for phones.

How do I get iKeyMonitor?

It’s easy to get started with iKeyMonitor. Once you’ve submitted a payment you will be given a link that lets you download the installer. The installer is a simple package that you run on the target device and installs itself. You will also be given a link to download your control center app. This can be used anywhere. After the install package has been installed on the target device you can open up your control center app and start monitoring immediately. All transactions are digital and done through email for ease and saving paper.

How reliable is iKeyMonitor?

Parents around the world have trusted iKeyMonitor for years with their data and monitoring needs. The company has proven itself to be worthy of trust and has many testimonials attesting to the fact. If you’re in need of a company you can trust, then iKeyMonitor should top the list. They have been featured on many top sites and have been in business for years. There is no doubt that you can trust iKeyMonitor with your device monitoring needs. Go ahead and give the trial a go today if you’re curious, we’re sure you’ll end up a customer! And if you don’t like the software you have nothing to lose, as there is a free trial and a 30 day money back guarantee that they faithfully stand behind!

Installation and Setup of iKeyMonitor

Installation of iKeyMonitor is fast and painless. After setting up your subscription you will be given a download link for the target device. Simple get the target device and open the web browser and type that link into the address bar. Once you have done this it will start downloading a file that you can open, open that file and answer a few quick questions and it will complete the installation on the target device. Go back to your welcome email and find the link to access your web control panel, you can login with the username and password you have been given and start monitoring the new device immediately! Easy as can be. If you run into any trouble there is a dedicated support team that is there to help you and get everything setup running efficiently and securely. Worry not! iKeyMonitor takes care of its customers and makes sure they have everything they need to monitor and manage their child’s phone with iKeyMonitor or computer system with EasyMon. So don’t hesitate! If you need to monitor your kids or employee’s company phone then you should start your subscription today! iKeyMonitor is affordable and the best bang for your buck when it comes to high tech monitoring software for your phone and computer systems.

iKeyMonitor FAQ

Is iKeyMonitor Hidden?

The iKeyMonitor software runs efficiently in the background and shows no trace of running to the target device user. The developers have built the product in such a way that it is hidden from application list and other methods of viewing processes. This means your child will have no idea that the device is being monitored unless you tell them! Our developers are always on the lookout for new phone updates and they update the software as needed to ensure that everything is hidden and the software is running quietly in the background without issue.

Do I need Physical Access to the target device?

Yes. You will need physical access to install the iKeyMon software on the phone you want to monitor. It is easy to install and only takes a few minutes. You will be given the URL to the file you need to install on the target system and it’s as simple as putting that link into the devices web browser and opening the file it downloads. The whole process shouldn’t take more than 5 to 10 minutes and that estimate is on the longer side.

Do I need to root the Android device?

No, The iKeyMonitor software will work without needing to root the device. You wont need any special skills all it takes is a few moments of your time and some basic knowledge of how to use the web browser on the phone. That’s it! It was made simple so parents around the globe would have no trouble installing and using iKeyMonitor no matter their level of technical knowledge! No special changes need to be made to your phone in order to install the software, as long as you can turn it on and navigate the buttons you’re good to go!

Do I get updates?

Yes! As long as you have a subscription you get updates whenever one is released. Updates are often released when a new feature has been added or when a new phone version is released. We release new updates to make sure the software remains discreet. The software will automatically update itself on the target device as needed. We will send you an email with update details everytime our developers improve, or add a new feature. This means you will always be up to date with the newest features! The money you invest in iKeyMonitor will surely pay dividends in peace of mind, so don’t wait! Make the jump today and start monitoring!

Does iKeyMonitor record deleted messages?

iKeyMonitor comes installed with a keylogger that will log all keystrokes on the device. So even if they delete the message you will have what they had originally typed. This means you never miss a thing! Use iKeyMonitor to get all the information today! Subscriptions are affordable and the software is award winning.

Does factory reset delete iKeyMonitor?

If the device operator factory reset the device then iKeyMonitor will be removed unless it was installed as root. In most cases this is unlikely to happen but if it does happen you can easily reinstall iKeyMonitor on the freshly wiped device. As long as you own the device (If it is your childs or employees) you should have no trouble reinstalling the software. It’s quickly installed using the installer package and should take no longer than a few minutes after the system wipe to have it back online and sending monitoring data to your control panel!

Can I spy on a device with just the phone number?

No. In order for iKeyMonitor to work you must install the software on the target device. This requires that you have physical access to the device you are trying to monitor. It doesn’t take long to install the software as long as you can access it and can open the browser to download the iKeyMonitor installer, but it is no possible to spy on any device with just the phone number.

I forgot my password can I recover it?

Yes you can recover your password if you have forgotten it. Simply goto the cloud where you control panel is located and beneath the login click the forgot password link. From there you will be able to input your email and a new temporary password will be sent to your email on file. If you like, once logged in you can change the password to something you will easily remember.

Is it legal to use iKeyMonitor?

It is legal to use iKeyMonitor as long as you own the device – For example if you’re using it to monitor your children or employees than it is entirely acceptable. You cannot however use this software to spy on another persons phone that you don’t own – as that is illegal and a violation of their personal rights. If you’re looking to monitor your children’s phone that you pay for or your employees phone that you provide then iKeyMonitor is a great choice. Their skilled team can help you get the right subscription, and it only takes minutes from purchase to monitoring!

Is there a discount if I pay in advance?

iKeyMonitor does offer a discount if you’d like to pay for your subscription for a year in advance, instead of the typical $50 per month, you can get it 50% off! That’s a huge discount over the typical price. To take advantage of these savings all you need to do is pay for 12 months at a time instead of paying 1 month at a time. This is definitely the way to go if you plan on using iKeyMonitor for an extended period of time.

iKeyMonitor Legalities

iKeyMonitor assumes that you own the device you are trying to monitor. You’re not allowed to monitor devices that you don’t personally own. They will never sell your data or allow anyone access unless required by law. iKeyMonitor is a stand up company and do their due diligence to ensure your data is safe and protected. If you want to stick with a company that is on your side and offers amazing support then iKeyMonitor is your best bet. Signup and start monitoring your devices today!

Can I trust iKeyMonitor?

iKeyMonitor has been around since 1999 and has a ton of happy customers. They do everything within their power to make sure that once you sign up you’re satisfied and want to continue using their service for as long as possible. Being in business that long is a huge milestone, and they have been mentioned in countless magazines and popular blogs. iKeyMonitor is a leading competitor in monitoring software and are a safe bet! The servers your data are stored on are secured and monitored by professionals to make sure your data is safe and you never lose it. The support team has been trained to use the product and troubleshoot any problem you might encounter, there is no reason not to trust iKeyMonitor because they have proven themselves time and time again to be reliable and the goto company when it comes to spying & monitoring technology. Sign up today and enjoy their amazing product and support!

Final Verdict – is iKeyMonitor right for me?

If you’re looking for quality monitoring software then iKeyMonitor is your best bet. They have been in business for over 10 years and have thousands of satisfied customers. Their support is above par and they have offices in the United States and UK. If they weren’t a good company they wouldn’t have the solid reputation that they have now. Their software works as described and is a great tool for keeping a tab on your kids or employees. They offer a ton of advanced features found nowhere else, and they stand behind their product through and through. If you’re looking for a product that won’t let you down and has stood the test of time – iKeyMonitor is your best choice! Their payment options make it affordable and easy to maintain a subscription and their auto updating software makes it all very easy on you – The parent or employer! Need quality? Then look no further! iKeyMonitor is here with all the features and support you need. It only takes minutes to get up and going, once you have the product installed on the target device you can login to your control panel and start monitoring today! Give iKeyMonitor a try, you won’t be disappointed!

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