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Mobile Spy Agent Review

Track mobile and cell phone locations with Mobile Spy Agent. Our review.

What is MobileSpyAgent?

MobileSpyAgent is an advanced spying technology thats gives you the power to monitor your kids, employees, or spouse. Its features allow you to monitor any mobile phone you own and know where its GPS location is, view its text messages, and more. All from a handy remote panel that you can access anytime anywhere so long as you have an internet connection. The installation package is simply downloaded to the target device and after it’s installed it will start to send all information to your remote control panel that you may access. It also allows you to change things on the target device such as limiting application usage and screen time. This lets you know for certain just how much time your kids are spending on the phone as opposed to playing outside and getting some quality exercise. You could also limit the webpages and applications on your company computers to stop your employees from wasting time on social media sites and anything unrelated to improving your pro mfit margins! MobileSpyAgent is ahead of its time and outdoes its competitors by miles with its advanced spying technology and features. Signup and use MobileSpyAgent today and you can be up and running in minutes, it’s super easy to install and the control panel makes monitoring a walk in the park!

What can MobileSpyAgent be used for?

This advanced cell phone tracking utility is very versatile and has many applications. You can install it on your kids phone and monitor their location and who they are talking to. Now you can know if they are lying to you or not! MobileSpyAgent runs quietly in the backround so the target device will have no idea that their phone is being monitored. You can set limits with GeoFencing and be alerted when your kids leave their designated boundaries. It’s a useful tool for monitoring your employee’s company phone as well. Make sure they are at the job site and not wasting your time running unrelated errands. You can review calls and be sure that they are representing your company truthfully and up to your standards. You can install it on your wifes phone and find out if she’s using dating apps to meet people on the other side of town. Or monitor where she’s going when she says she’s going out with the girls. You can listen in to the surroundings and see if she’s lying to your or if she’s telling you the truth and really is loyal. It’s better to know than wonder, and MobileSpyAgent gives you the power to know with its easy installation and high tech yet easy to use remote control panel that you, the administrator, have access to! Buy MobileSpyAgent today and know what you need to know to make decisions with insight and information. Try MobileSpyAgent today it’s worth the ~0.25 cents a day you’ll spend!

How does MobileSpyAgent work?

MobileSpyAgent was designed to be easily installed on the target phone and easy to monitor from the remote control panel. It works flawlessly on iOS and Android. Most phones use one of these operating system, making MobileSpyAgent a versatile and useful spying application. After purchasing you will be sent a link that gives you a download link depending on the operating system you’re spying on. To install MobileSpyAgent you simply grab the target phone and put the link to the download your given into the web browser. It will download the application and you can run it. Once you run it will install and run quietly in the background and the device owner will have no idea that they are being monitored. You will also be given an application to install on your phone with a username and password. Once you login you can monitor the device that you installed the cell phone tracking software on. It has many features such as monitoring the phone calls and text messages, the location of the person, and so much more. It’s truly an amazing piece of software that will provide insight and information on your children or employees. It’s a wonderful application for call centers and monitoring your support personnel to ensure they are treating your customers right and you can give tips to help them perform better. It’s worth the money, buy today!

Core Features of MobileSpyAgent

Call History

MobileSpyAgent lets you easily monitor the phone’s call history. Make sure your kids aren’t talking to anyone that they shouldn’t be by seeing for yourself. You can check and make sure your wife isn’t cheating on you by looking at the phone history and making sure they aren’t calling any other guys. Make sure your employees are only answering and talking to customers by checking the phone call history.

Text Messages

MobileSpyAgent lets you monitor all text messaging done on the phone. Easily see who your kids are texting. It lets you monitor all outgoing and incoming messages and lets you see the exact time and date they were sent and received! Buy MobileSpyAgent today and be in control. Make sure your kids aren’t texting anyone they shouldn’t be and make sure your employees aren’t wasting company time texting their friends instead of providing support!

Photo Monitoring

Everyone has a phone today and kids sometimes need to be monitored so they aren’t sending or receiving any photos they shouldn’t be. MobileSpyAgent puts the power in your hand. Monitor photos and any device and make sure there isn’t anything being sent that shouldn’t be. MobileSpyAgent lets you see all photos taken with the phone and the time they were sent and who it was sent to.

Monitor Videos

Phones are advanced now. It’s easy to take videos of anything. MobileSpyAgent lets you monitor any videos taken or received on the phone you are monitoring. Make sure your kids aren’t sending inappropriate videos to anyone they shouldn’t be. If you suspect your girlfriend might be cheating on you, check the videos and make sure she isn’t flirting with another guy. MobileSpyAgent puts the power in your hands. Try the free 24 hour trial now!

GPS Location Tracking

Now you will know exactly where your kids or employees are going. MobileSpyAgent monitors the GPS location of the device being targeted, it sends the GPS location every 15 minutes to your remote control panel. Now you will know where your kids are at anytime! Make sure your employees are at the job site getting things done and not visiting Burger King on your time!

View Device Information

MobileSpyAgent lets you view all the device information on the devices you are monitoring. Check the memory usage, installed applications, and more. Make sure your kids aren’t using applications that they shouldn’t be, make sure your wife isn’t browsing Tinder, and make sure your employees aren’t wasting your time on FaceBook instead of working! MobileSpyAgent will help you gain knowledge so you can make informed decisions!

Monitor Contacts

Now you can know exactly who your kids are talking to by monitoring the phones contact list. It’s easier than every to be in the know! Easily view all contacts from your remote control panel anywhere and anytime! Make sure your wife isn’t adding contacts she shouldn’t be with MobileSpyAgent. This gives you the power to know exactly what’s going on all the time, buy today!

Browser History

You don’t know if your kids or employees are browsing adult websites or other sites that are inappropriate but now you can! MobileSpyAgent lets you view the browser history and see what sites they are browsing. Now you can know if it’s time to have the birds and bees talk with your kids and you can make sure your employees aren’t wasting your time on FaceBook or looking at websites they shouldn’t!

Monitor Memos and Notes

MobileSpyAgent makes it easy for you to monitor notes and memos on the target device. Check and make sure your wife put milk on the list! Make sure your kids aren’t writing notes they shouldn’t be or just get to know them better by seeing what they are interested in enough to write about! Ensure your employees aren’t wasting time writing songs and such in the notes or memos on the phone. Now the power is in your hand. Try the free trial today!

Monitor Phone’s Calendar

MobileSpyAgent lets you monitor the calendar on the target device on both iOS and Android phones. It’s now easy to see what your kids plans are and make sure they are doing what they should be and not lying to you. Make sure your employees are following the correct agenda and will be where they should when they should be. MobileSpyAgent gives you the power to monitor the Calendar and much more. The free 24 hour trial lets you get up and running in no time! Buy MobileSpyAgent today, they are so confident in their program they give a money back guarantee!

Advanced Features of MobileSpyAgent

Monitor Installed Applications

Make sure there aren’t any spyware or junk applications installed on your device. Kids are always downloading apps and now you can monitor them and make sure they aren’t downloading any applications that they shouldn’t be. Make sure your wife isn’t spending her time on Tinder hooking up with guys behind your back. You can view the applications and ensure your employees aren’t installing social media and chatting applications on your company phone when they should only be using it for talking to customers and answering sales calls. Now you can know instead of wonder!

Secure Remote Control Panel

MobileSpyAgent gives you an advanced control panel that you can monitor from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection or 3G. Once you login with your password you can use all the features and see what’s happening on the phones you are monitoring. MobileSpyAgent has advanced security and makes sure all your data is safe on its server. That means you can be confident in your privacy. Try today and be up and running in minutes!

Encrypted Data Transfer

All data sent from the cell phone being tracked is encrypted with advanced cryptography. This means you will be the only one able to access the data that is being sent to the MobileSpyAgent servers where you can access it with your secure remote control panel. This type of advanced spying technology is usually not available to the general public but now with MobileSpyAgent you can have this advanced spying technology and an affordable rate!

Easy Installation

MobileSpyAgent is easy to install on both Android and iOS. You simply download your file and run it on the target device where it gets installed easily. It runs in the background and the device shows no sign of MobileSpyAgent being installed. The program works flawlessly on the supported devices and you can be up and running moments. If you have any issues with installation the MobileSpyAgent support team is right there to help you. They have been trained to help you with any problem that might arise. Try MobileSpyAgent today!

Discreet Technology

MobileSpyAgent runs in the background and the device operator will have no idea it is installed unless you tell them. Find out what your kids are really doing! Make sure that your wife isn’t cheating on you. Make sure your employees are staying focused and not wasting company time! Now the power of information is at your fingertips with MobileSpyAgent.

Recorded Phone Calls

Now if you aren’t in the room with your sales people you can go back and see what they said when they were on the phone with a potential customer so you can provide insight on how they may improve. If you’re busy and wondering who that was that your wife was talking to you can now you back in your control panel and listen to the audio file that has been saved in your advanced remote desktop. Make sure your kids aren’t being called and harassed by anyone by going through and listening to the phone calls that they made and received.

Listen in Real Time

MobileSpyAgent gives you the power to tap into the device you are reporting and listen through the microphone or camera. You can listen in and make sure your kids are being treated correctly by their teachers and stuff by going to your advanced control panel and listening into them while they are in class. You can tap in and make sure your wife is really where she said she was and not in a motel room with another guy that she met online. This advanced feature is amazing and lets you watch your kids and make sure your employees are doing what they should be doing with company time.

Advanced Information Logs

The remote control panel takes all the information it receives and saves it in an easy to navigate manner on your remote control panel. You can review it and delete what you want from the luxury of your phone. It encrypts all the data being sent and being saved on the remote server. Your privacy is of utmost importance and they ensure that all your data is secured, safe, and readily available for you to review and research. Try MobileSpyAgent today!

Set Boundaries

Set GPS boundaries on your kids and make sure they aren’t going anywhere they shouldn’t be. MobileSpyAgent will alert you if they step outside the boundaries you have defined. This advanced feature lets you know for sure that your kids aren’t lying about where they are going. You can set the boundaries on where your employees should be and know for sure they are at the jobsite when they shouldn’t be. If you get an alert you can check the GPS location and see if they are outside the jobsite. Know where your kids and employees are all the time today with MobileSpyAgent!

Advanced Support Personnel

MobileSpyAgent has a wonderful team of knowledgeable informed support personnel that are there to help you at any time with any problems that may arise. If you have trouble installing or updating the software they will quickly and promptly respond and help you make the most of your subscription with MobileSpyAgent. If you have any questions before you purchase they can answer them and help you setup the software with the free 24 hour trial. Try MobileSpyAgent today and get an advanced spying technology with an awesome team behind you that will make sure are setup quickly and know how to use all the features!

MobileSpyAgent Packages & Pricing

MobileSpyAgent has affordable pricing and the subscription is well worth the money you will pay each month. The subscription pays for your access to the control panel and you can use the software as long as your subscription is active. You can pay in advance and receive a discount or you can pay monthly with automatic payments. There’s three types of subscriptions and each one has different functions. There is a BASIC, PRO, and BUSINESS package you can choose from. The BASIC package is the most popular because it’s only $14.95 per month. If you like you can pay for a whole year and enjoy the savings. $74.95 for the whole year saves you about 50%, that’s a good deal. The basic package allows you to track phone calls, SMS, view contacts and more. The PRO plan is not much more but gives you more features and control over the target device and allows you to limit usage on applications and screen time so your children can’t waste their life away on FaceBook or other social media sites people spend so much time on these days. The PRO plan has all these advanced features. The PRO plan is affordable at $19.95 per month and they also offer the 12 month prepay option that will save you 50%. The PRO plan for a year cost $99.95 and is well worth the extra money. The BUSINESS plan is perfect for employees that need to monitor what their employees are doing. It allows you to watch multiple phones easily. To enjoy the BUSINESS plan you just need to contact the sales team and they will customize a plan just for you. Get in contact and setup today!

Pros of Cons of MobileSpyAgent


  • MobileSpyAgent is easy to install and runs perfectly on many phones.
  • The amazing support team replies and helps you with any problems that may arrive efficiently and quickly.
  • The Advanced Remote control panel gives you access to your monitored devices anywhere you are at anytime so long as you have an active internet connection or 3G+!
  • Easily keep tabs on your employees and make sure they are doing their job and not wasting time on social media websites.
  • Quick installation only takes moments to install on your target device and be up and monitoring.


  • Only allowed on one device with the BASIC and PRO plan.

MobileSpyAgent Compatible Devices & System Requirements

MobileSpyAgent was developed by professional developers to run efficiently and quietly in the background without intervention. It was made to use very little system requirements and will run on basically any semi modern phone. It works on any Android and iOS system. That means it will work on any iPhone and Android is one of the most used operating systems. It can be installed on tablets that use Android as well as iPads. Now you can monitor basically any system with this versatile spying software. It’s easy to install and uses very little memory, allowing it work on older and newer phones without any trouble. The advanced support personnel can help you if you have any questions. Their award winning support can get MobileSpyAgent up and running on nearly any device, Order now!

How do I get MobileSpyAgent?

It’s easier than ever to get this award winning monitoring software. Simply visit the purchase page and you can select from the BASIC, PRO, and BUSINESS plan. Once you have thought about it and picked the plan that you need it’s simple to get up and running. Once your payment is processed you will be sent all the information you need in an email. You will be given the installation file and also be given the control panel access information. Click the payment page and pay easily, getting MobileSpyAgent up and running is easy and effortless.

How Reliable is MobileSpyAgent?

MobileSpyAgent has been in business for a long time. They are very reliable and have been featured on many big news sites as one of the best pieces of software to monitor your children’s phone and make sure they aren’t doing anything they shouldn’t be. Your subscription gives you access to the control panel and support team. They have many good testimonial, people agree that MobileSpyAgent is a solid and reliable company. You can trust your money and information with MobileSpyAgent. They are so confident in their software that they offer a money back guarantee and also offer a free trial so you can try before you buy! Select your package and give MobileSpyAgent a try today! It’s reliable and exceptionally affordable!

Installation & Setup of MobileSpyAgent

MobileSpyAgent is easy to install on the target device and the control panel is easy to access and use. Once you have completed your purchase you will be sent a link that contains a file that you can install easily on the target device. You simple open the web browser on the target device and insert in the link to the package that they sent to you in the welcome email. Once it has downloaded then you can open the file and it will quickly install and be hidden on the system. Once it’s up and running it will start sending information to your control panel. You install the control panel on your phone and login with the information you have been given and then you can start receiving all the monitoring information and can easily keep and eye on your children and employees! Give MobileAgentSpy a try today! It’s free trial lets you see for yourself that is does everything promised and more!

MobileSpyAgent FAQ

Do I need access to the target device to install MobileSpyAgent?

Yes. You need to have access to the target device so you can install MobileSpyAgent. It will run in the background hidden once you install it. To install it you just need access for a few minutes to download the installation file with the target device’s web browser. The installation is easy and quick. Just grab your kids phone and you can have it installed a few moments, they won’t even notice!

Do I need to JailBreak an iPhone to install MobileSpyAgent?

No. MobileSpyAgent doesn’t require you to JailBreak the phone. It’s quick and easy to install and you don’t need to hack the phone to do it. Simply open the web browser and download the file. It will install itself in the background and run efficiently until you decide to stop it. There’s no need for you to JailBreak the phone which could make it so your provider doesn’t cover your phone with the insurance. MobileSpyAgent is quick, safe, and effective! Buy Today.

Can I use PayPal to pay for my MobileSpyAgent?

Yes! MobileSpyAgent has many payment methods you can use they make it quick and easy for you to make your payments. You can setup and automatic payment with paypal so you don’t even need to worry about it. It will automatically make the payment once you setup the agreement with PayPal. Now you can monitor and don’t need to make the payment every month manually! You could even pay for a year in advance and save up to 50%!

Can they tell that MobileSpyAgent is installed on the target device?

No. MobileSpyAgent is an advanced technology. The developers made sure that they hid the application from the application list so that the device operator will not even know they are being monitored unless you tell them. Now it’s easy to see if your kids are doing what they say they are. You can watch and know for sure instead of wondering! Make sure your wife isn’t cheating on you. She won’t even know you installed MobileSpyAgent on her phone. You can monitor your employees and make sure they aren’t trying to pull a fast one on you and wasting company time! Such a useful software at an amazing price!

Do I get updates when they come out?

Yes! Once you have an active subscription with MobileSpyAgent it will automatically download updates in the background when they have an active internet connection. They make sure you have all the updates and the most recent updates! Th MobileSpyAgent servers keep track of what version your target device is using and will update it when the updates release. Effective, easy, and useful!

Do I need root on the Android phone to install MobilePhoneSpy?

No. MobileSpyAgent was developed in such a way that all you need is a normal user account. You simply download the Android installer on the target device and run it. Once you run it it will install quickly and easily. It only takes a few moments and all you need is the device’s web browser to download the package and have it installed in moments.

Does A Factory Reset delete MobileSpyAgent?

No. MobileSpyAgent is installed in a way that it will still be running even if they reset their phone. It installs on the device’s memory instead of the SIM card. This makes it so even if they change their SIM card or reset it and delete their photos and videos you will still have it running and have the photos and videos and text messages logged in your control panel on the secure and private MobileSpyAgent servers.

Can I spy on a phone with just a number?

No. To install MobileSpyAgent you must have access to the target device. You can’t monitor it with just a phone number because this spying technology runs on the target device. You could send the file to them and have them install it but most people just grab the target device and install the Android or iOS package on it by downloading the file and running it. It’s not possible to monitor a device with just the phone number but it only takes moments to download and install the MobileSpyAgent software on your target device. Get started today with the 24 hour free trial and see for yourself how useful this software is!

Is it legal to use MobileSpyAgent?

Yes. You can use MobileSpyAgent on devices you own such as your families or employee’s phone that you pay for. As long as you own the phone you can install it. It’s not legal to install this software on phones that you don’t own. So as long as you are only using it to monitor your kid or company phones then it is entirely legal to use MobileSpyAgent. They have a legal page that describes all the legalities to. They will never share you information and they make sure to keep it safe so that you never have to worry about advertising companies or anyone else being able to see what you’re target device is interested in. The only way they would give out your information is if they were required to by law, which won’t be a problem as long as you are only using it on devices that you own and not trying to spy on someone else’s phone.

Is there a discount if I pay in advance?

Yes. There are several options for payment and if you pay in advance you can save up to 50%! If you pay for a whole year it’s only $75 for the basic package! That is very cheap for such an amazing product. The pro version is $99 for a year and that gives you all the advanced monitoring features to! Get started today and you will be monitoring your devices and will know what your kids are doing at all times. Paying in advance is the way to go if you want to pay even further in advance you can contact the support team and they will work out a custom plan for you that can save you even more money.

MobileSpyAgent Legalities

MobileSpyAgent is legal as long as you own the device. They will never share your information unless required by law. So long as you own the device your information will be safe. They have professional server administrators make sure your data is safe and privacy is ensured. As long as it is used lawfully you are all set, they recommend you consult an attorney if you aren’t sure who you’re monitoring is legal. You acknowledge that you are responsible for how you use the software and MobileSpyAgent can not be held responsible if you use the software in a manner that is no allowed by their terms of conditions (You must own the device).

Can I trust MobileSpyAgent?

MobileSpyAgent is a very reliable company. They have been trusted by many and have been in business for a long time. Many people trust MobileSpyAgent. They will never release your information. They have been featured on big sites and have a great reputation. They believe in their services so much that they give a free trial and a money back guarantee! Give them a try today and see for yourself that MobileSpyAgent is a trustable and affordable company that delivers everything they promise! They make sure all your data is safe by encrypting it from the phone to the server. Once it’s on the server (Your control panel) it’s safe and secure. They have never been hacked and hire the best administrators to watch your information. They promise to never share your information and would never sell it to another company. The only way they would release your information is if they were required to by law but as long as you’re only installing it on a phone that you use there is no reason they would ever need to share your information. You have the power to delete anything that you need to from the control panel as well. It truly is a remarkable piece of software with many uses. So many people trust MobileSpyAgent that there is no reason you shouldn’t! Go ahead and give a try today there is a money back guarantee and they will give your money back if you don’t think it lives up to the hype! Contact sales and ask them any questions you might have and they will help you!

Final Verdict – Is MobileSpyAgent Right for Me?

If you want to keep tabs on your kids and make sure they aren’t lying to you then MobileSpyAgent is the software for you! Its advanced features make it easy to monitor your children and ensure they aren’t talking to anyone they shouldn’t be! You can see who they are talking to and record their phone calls, watch their text, monitor their social media. This advanced monitoring cell phone tracking software does everything it promises and is easy to use. It’s easily installed and affordable. You can use this to monitor your employees and make sure they are doing their job. Ensure they are at the job site or make sure they are talking to customers like they should be. Provide insight and help them land sales, make sure they aren’t wasting your company minutes away on browsing FaceBook when they should be answeing sales or support calls! MobileSpyAgent has a first class support team that is always there to help you when any problems arise upon installation or using the control panel. If you’re in need of a high quality monitoring program that installs easily. It works on both Android and iOS. These are the most used operating systems. If you have a phone you need to monitor more than likely it uses Android or iOS. It can also work on company tablets since they use Android or iOS if it’s an iPad. Stay in the know! Buy MobileSpyAgent today and be up and running in moments!

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