Mobistealth Review

Track cell phone location and usage with Mobistealth.

What is MobiStealth?

MobiStealth provides advanced mobile phone and computer system monitoring software that is perfect for keeping an eye on your children and employees. After you have purchased you will be given a download link and a control panel login. You can download the application and install it on any device you would like to monitor remotely from your control panel. This is perfect for making sure your kids are being safe on their phone and computer systems. It gives a variety of monitoring features such as being able to Monitor Texts & Phone calls, Watch popular applications such as Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat & Skype, view all recorded keystrokes on the device and more! It’s an excellent tool for monitoring employees and making sure they are spending your time wisely and staying focus on business related tasks instead of getting sidetracked on social media. You can listen in on sales calls and give advice on improving conversion rates, track their application usage to make sure they are putting in the appropriate amount of time and more. This advanced spying & monitoring technology is one of a kind and its applications are endless. Give MobiStealth a try today if monitoring your families safety and employee’s performance are important to you.

What can MobiStealth be used for?

MobiStealth has a ton of features that make the applications for this wonderful technology virtually universal. Many users report utilizing MobiStealth to make sure their children are safe and where they say there are. You can set up GeoFencing to be alerted if they wander off beyond the set confines. An easy and effective way to make sure your children aren’t walking off into the wrong part of town or hanging out with the wrong people. You no longer need to take their word for it as the facts are now in your hand. Employers often use MobiStealth on their company computers to track employee performance and ensure they are doing what needs to be done. No more wondering if an employee is hauling their own load and providing the company with profits, now you can monitor and request changes in behaviour as you see fit! This allows you to develop advanced insights that truly affect the profit margins of your company by directly influencing employee actions with real, undeniable data. Stay a step ahead of the game with MobiStealth today. With their easy installation process you can be up and running just minutes after your purchase!

How does MobiStealth work?

MobiStealth is an advanced piece of device monitoring software that allows the administrator to spy on any device they’d like to keep tabs on. The developers of MobiStealth made sure to put extra time in creating an easily installable package that works on a wide array of devices. It’s very easy to get up and running with MobiStealth once you have made your purchase. Upon completion you will be mailed a receipt that has a login to your personal control panel on their servers that allows you to easily monitor and control your chosen devices. To access your control panel all you need to do is click the link provided that can be accessed via your phone, tablet, or computers web browser. This means your control panel to monitor these devices easily from anywhere in the world in real time. Installation of the software on the device to be monitor is also as easy as can be.. Simply take the device to be monitored and download the package to it, you can then run the download and it will ask you several questions such as if you want MobiStealth to run hidden in the background or visible, once you have selected how you would like the program to run, it will do so and will automatically start and stop when the device does. Very little experience with technology is needed to get up and running! In the event you do need help, MobiStealth is always there providing unparalleled support to their customers.

Core Features of MobiStealth

Monitor SMS Messaging

MobiStealth makes it effortless to monitor your families incoming and outgoing text messages. It even has the option to view deleted messages in the event someone’s trying to be sneaky. The control panel gives a very simple interface that you can utilize to search, scroll, save, and delete text messages from. Use this tool to make sure your children are safe from predators and bullies, this grants way to better understanding and interacting with your young children as well. Give MobiStealth a try today if monitoring SMS messages sounds like something your family could benefit from, stay safe, aware, and informed!

Keep an eye on Phone Calls

The amazing features of this software don’t stop at monitoring text messages! You can also see phone calls that have been received or made by the device. It allows live remote listening so you can listen in real time, and grants you the power to record, save, and delete phone calls from your remote control panel. This is a great way to catch a cheating spouse or keep a closer eye on your children. Employers may utilize such tools in a call center or office where employees give support to customers over the phone. Allowing them to monitor employee performance and ensure their people are upholding the companies reputation and integrity.

Spy on Contacts & Appointments

MobiStealth gives you the power to view the devices contact list and appointments allowing you to figure out who your kids are talking to and what they plan to be doing on any given day. This could also be used if you suspect your significant other might be giving you the run around and doing you wrong behind your back. Now you can see who they save as contacts and how often they talk to them, as well as review what they have planned for the week. Simply install MobiStealth and start monitoring any mobile phone you choose.

Monitor Chat Messages

With the power of MobiStealth’s remote control panel you can monitor your child’s mobile phone or computer’s chat messengers such as Facebook Messenger, Yahoo, Skype, WhatsAPP and more! Make sure your kids aren’t talking to any strangers online with this powerful feature that puts the intelligence at your fingertips. You can utilize this handy feature to ensure your spouse isn’t talking to another via messengers. If your employees converse with customers via one of these means you can make sure they are treating customers right and representing your company efficiently. Start monitoring chat messengers today with MobiStealth! It’s easy to install and cheap to! Buy today.

Monitor Emails

Much communication in this day and age is done through email, especially company communications, MobiStealth allows you to monitor emails on any device you choose. Easily see incoming and outgoing messages as well as browse address books and notes. These advanced features allow you to keep a close eye on all information going through your devices mailbox. You can view attachments and make sure your kids aren’t downloading any viruses from spam emails, and make sure your spouse isn’t emailing another lover behind your back. Ensure your employees aren’t wasting company time sending personal emails as well, this function truly is an intelligence miracle. If you need to monitor a device emails then MobiStealth is just the package that you’re looking for! Purchase today and be monitoring in minutes!

Monitor Device Pictures

Be in the know with what your children are doing on their phones with MobiStealth. This amazing feature allows you to easily navigate a device’s pictures to make sure your kids aren’t sending or receiving any photos that they shouldn’t. The world is a big place and kids are curious creatures open to suggestion, make sure you know what’s going on at all times with MobiStealth’s advanced spying technology. Keep an eye on your significant other and make sure they aren’t sending risky pictures to another. Now you have the power to know instead of wonder and it’s a beautiful thing.

Monitor & Limit Web Browsing

Now you can implement more control than ever when monitoring and limiting your child’s time spent on certain websites. The internet is huge and with the right keywords a kid can find anything that might cross their mind. It’s inevitable that you will want to stop them from visiting some websites such as dating sites, or porn sites. These can easily be tracked and disabled so they can no longer access them. Stay a step ahead with MobiStealth. This feature is great for limiting your company computers. Disallow FaceBook, Videos, and other time wasting websites and watch your profits soar.

Record Surroundings

This amazing feature allows you to bug any device and listen in to what’s going on around it. This is an excellent feature to make sure your kids are being treated right. You never know in this world. With this tool you have the power to stop a teacher, coach, or bully right in their tracks. You can use this feature to bug your spouse’s phone and see what’s really going on with Girl’s Night. Easily determine if she’s faithfull or just leading you around in circles while she entertains another man behind your back. You can save recordings easily in your web panel and delete them when they are no longer required. The web control panel truly puts you in control.

Take Screenshots

Curious about what your employee is doing? With MobiStealth you can take an immediate screenshot of any device screen and see for yourself immediately in real time. Now you can know for sure if you suspect they may not be spending as much time in the code as they say they are! Screenshots are immediate and can be done from the remote control panel. Simply navigate to the device you’d like to work with and click the take screenshot action, it will be presented and you can choose to save it for a later date or discard it. Download MobiStealth today and start taking screenshots of your devices anytime you see fit!

Computer Access Tracking

Now you can improve your profits by making sure your employees are spending enough time on their machines. This is a great way to make sure your programmers or graphic designers are spending as much time as they say they are on your projects! It’s also a good way to monitor and limit how much screen time your kids are getting. Don’t let them spend the whole day on the computer anymore! You can limit how long they can use the computer in hours and make sure they are getting plenty of that vitamin D from outside playing in the sun! Download MobiStealth and be up and running in minutes of your payment clearing.

Advanced Features of MobiStealth


Have more monitoring power than ever with MobiStealth’s advanced system wide keylogging feature. No matter what application or program they are typing in the keystrokes will be sent and saved in your remote control panel for you to review later. This is a great way to monitor your kids, spouse, or computer savvy employees. With this advanced feature there is no way they can get around your monitoring, you’re able to see every single key they press on the device. You can save or delete key logs as you see fit. If this advanced feature is something you need in your life go ahead and give MobiStealth a try today!

Location Tracking

Most devices in this day and age are equipped with a GPS locator. MobiStealth allows you to track the device and see where it is in any given moment. You may take this a step further and setup a set of coordinate boundaries so you receive a notification if your children step outside the boundaries limits. This lets you know the truth and incase something bad were to happen you would have their exact location at all times which could be used to find them easily! Take the extra precautions and you will be good you did should a need for such information ever arrive, MobiStealth is here to save the day!

Advance Installation Package

The MobiStealth developers have put a lot of thought into devising the most efficient way to install the software on the device you wish to monitor. They did so and then some! The installation package is extremely easy and can be downloaded through the browser directly to the device using the given download link. No need for USB disk or plugging the phone into a computer to install the application! Everything is setup in a way to make it easy and fast for you to get up and running!

Monitor System Files

Now you can use the MobiStealth control panel to view your monitored device’s file system. Make sure that your kids aren’t downloading any questionable files and infecting your system with adware. Many companies disguise their adware as other programs and monitor your searches to target you. Now you can put a stop to this in its tracks! You may use this advanced feature to make sure employee’s aren’t using programs they shouldn’t be on your computer & network. This level of system control is highly desirable and MobiStealth makes it easily available with an effective & simple GUI.

Application Control

Take full control of your devices by becoming aware what applications are being used. MobiStealth also gives you the power to limit Applications usage, and Uninstall as needed. This is a great way to make sure your kids aren’t using any questionable applications. Most applications are reviewed by the marketplaces they reside in but occasionally suspicious applications can make their way in. Stay safe and keep a close eyes on all the applications running on your devices. You can make sure your significant other isn’t using any dating or hookup apps behind your back with this advanced feature. Get the information you need with MobiStealth, it’s quick and easy to installed, you can be monitoring your devices in mere minutes.

Browsing History

Make sure your kids aren’t visiting websites they shouldn’t be. With this advanced feature you can view the browser’s history even if it has been deleted! Rest assured you will know what’s going on even when the device operator is trying to cover their tracks. This is a great tool for monitoring your wife and seeing once and for all if she’s browsing dating websites behind your back. You can monitor your employees and make sure they are spending time doing work and not wasting time browsing irrelevant websites. The web panel saves all browsing history so you can go back into the past and start connecting the dots as needed. Keep an eye on Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer easily and efficiently.

Call Recording

In addition to seeing who has called who and listening into live phone calls, you can also record phone calls as needed. This is perfect for making sure your kids are hanging out with the right people. Simply see who they call and choose to record the phone calls, Then when you’re unwinding at the end of the day you can listen back. This is a great way to record employee calls and make sure they are communicating with customers in the best way possible. You can save these recordings on your control panel and also have the option to remove them as needed. You can start recording phone calls immediately after installing your purchase.

Monitor Snapchat

Snapchat is a growing trend among young people, allowing them to send chats and pictures to one another. With MobiStealth’s advanced monitoring software you can monitor Snapchat itself, seeing what kind of pictures are being sent and what kind of conversations or child or girlfriend are having. Most people think Snapchat is very anonymous so if you think your girl or boyfriend might be cheating on you this is probably one of the best places to look and figure out the truth of the situation once and for all. If you need to monitor Snapchat on a specific device then look no further! MobiStealth has everything you need.

No Root Required!

Many competitors require you to have root access on the device to install their spying software. MobiStealth has made way around that and is easily installed with just the link to the download and the Web Browser. This means no special hacking skills are needed to get your software installed. It’s really as simple as opening the browser and download the package, answering a few questions and enjoying your newfound insight! MobiStealth truly is a pioneer in spy technology, tap a mobile phone today.

Phone Wipe

Incase of an emergency situation where you need to remove all traces of yourself from the device being monitored there is a feature that lets you wipe the phone clean. Simply message the target phone with a secret text message and it will respond by removing MobiStealth and all other traces it has of itself. This is a super useful tool if you had installed MobiStealth to monitor your significant other and found out that they were in fact cheating on you, now you can remove your software and go your separate ways with ease.

Packages & Pricing

MobiStealth is one of the most cost effective choices for handling your monitoring needs. A subscription is required for as long as you’d like access to the remote control panel. There are three different kinds of subscriptions available. The first is the subscription for Android phones, there is two versions, The Lite version is $26.66 per month and doesn’t have all the features, the Pro version is $33.33 and includes all the advanced features. For IPhone’s there is also two options, Premium and Premium Plus. Premium rings in at $33.33 per month and Premium Plus is a flat $40.00 per month! There is a download for Windows computers that has two options as well. $13.33 and $39.99 per month for the Lite or Pro options respectively. The Mac version of MobiStealth only comes in one subscription: Lite. The cost per month is $13.33 which isn’t very much to pay for such an amazingly useful product! For each package you have the option to pay in advance for 3, 6, and 12 months. If you choose to do that you can save up to 60%! Go ahead and give MobiStealth a try, at these prices, can you afford not to?

Pros & Cons


  • MobiStealth is easy to download and install on your target device.
  • An easy to use control panel that can be accessed by you from anywhere!
  • No JailBreak or Root required for installation!
  • More insight than ever into what your employees are doing and how you can improve their performance!
  • Advanced features allow you to monitor your children and limit their usage of certain applications.
  • System level keylogging allows you to monitor all keys pressed into the device you are monitoring.
  • MobiStealth can be easily uninstalled by sending a text message to the target device.


  • Monthly payment required to keep access to your remote control panel.

Compatible Devices & System Requirements

MobiStealth works with most devices. The installation package has been written to work on various operating systems and works with all cell phone carriers. MobiStealth currently works perfect on Android and iPhones. There is a version that works on both Mac and Windows operating systems as well. This covers most potential devices in this day and age! For android phone all that is required is access to the phone, the MobiStealth advanced installer doesn’t even require root access! It does all the hardwork for you. It works on all carriers so any phone or tablet that runs on the Android software is compatible! The same applies to iPhone and iPad’s, no jailbreak is required just access to the device, making it easier than ever to get up and running! If you wish to install MobiStealth on a computer system it runs on any system due to its extremely low system requirements and the Windows & Mac installers work easy and efficiently to get your devices online and reporting data to your remote control panel. Rest assured whatever device you are using, MobiStealth is more than likely able to tap and monitor that device for you. If you have any question they have staff available to attend to potential customers and answer any questions you may have.

Payment Methods

MobiStealth accepts all the major credit and debit cards, including Mastercard, VISA, and American Express. The subscription can be set up to automatically charge your account making it easier than ever for you to set it and forget it, enjoying your newfound spy technology without any hassle of manual monthly billing. They allow you to pay with a wire transfer if needed, simply contact their support to arrange a payment that works for you. Their support team is available via live chat making it an easy process to get in touch and organize a way for you to buy the product if you don’t readily have a credit or debit card at your disposal.

How do I get MobiStealth?

It’s very easy to get started with MobiStealth. After you have completed your payment you will be given the download to the package you signed up for as well as a remote login URL you can use to access and monitor your device. The installation is painless and has been created in such a way as to require very little from the installer. Simply paste the installer download link into the target device and it will download and open the file, then you can select from several options and it will be installed in the background where it will operate behind the scenes relaying information to your monitoring control panel. You will need to maintain your subscription on a monthly, or every 3,6, or 12 months. Pay ahead if you’d like to avoid the hassle of needing to make a payment every month. As you can see it’s very easy to get up and running with MobiStealth, give it a try today!

How reliable is MobiStealth?

MobiStealth is a very reliable program, it was developed to run in the background undetected and is able to start itself in the even the device is powered down. Much time has been devoted to fine tuning the products performance to ensure customers from around the world remain happy with their purpose. It is a subscription based service to continued performance is of the utmost importance. Based on these facts one can deduce that MobiStealth is an affordable and reliable technology in terms of function and available support. Go ahead and give them a try if you can’t take our word for it, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Installation & Setup of MobiStealth

Much care has been taken to make installation as easy as possible. The first step in installing MobiStealth is to visit the product page and place your purchase. You can select from either Android phone, iPhone, Windows, or MAC version. When you select your product version it will inform the system what installer package you need and it will be emails as well as readily available in your control panel (Login details will also be provided). Once you have the download package that is meant to be installed on the device you wish to monitor it’s just a matter of getting that onto the device. There are several ways this can be done, you can A) Download the installer file directly to the device by typing the provided URL into the device’s browser and downloading the package directly. The file will run and install itself very quickly. B) You can download the file to your computer and plug the device you wish to monitor into the computer. You may then use the file transfer option to put the monitoring package on the device and running it from the device’s file manager. Neither method requires you to root or jailbreak your phone, all you need is access to the device for a few moments. Once you have the device setup all information from the device will be relayed to your control panel. You can access your control panel with your provided details to monitor the device in real time. The control panel is easy to use and can be accessed anywhere you have a browser and an internet connection, easy peasy!

MobiStealth FAQ’s

Will the device’s user know that MobiStealth is running?

No! MobiStealth has been built in such a way that it runs hidden in the background so it cannot be tampered with. Even your tech savvy kids won’t be able to tell because the developers of MobiStealth have the application hidden from the Application list and Active processes. This means the MobiStealth is completely hidden and the device’s user will not be able to tell they are being monitored.

Is physical access to the target phone required?

Yes. In order to install the software that runs on the target device you must be able to hold and type in the download link. It is quick and you won’t need much time to do it but you will need physical handheld access to the device you wish to monitor. On average the installation will take no more than 5 minutes, so it won’t take long to install and have the device setup and monitoring usage, even if you need to do it on several devices.

Are software updates included?

Yes! So long as you have a subscription with us you will be able to receive updates. This means you will get all the great new exciting features developed in the future. MobiStealth is always upgrading and improving its technology so it’s important you keep your subscription active so you’re always able to get these amazing updates and access your remote control panel.

Can I monitor more than one phone?

You will need a subscription for each phone you want to monitor. If you’d like to stop monitoring one phone and switch it to another that is entirely okay. You just need to make sure you’re only monitoring one device at a time otherwise it won’t work. We do however have options for people that need to manage multiple devices, if you have multiple kids or employees for example. If you’d like a custom quote for a multiple device subscription reach out to support and they will surely help devise a plan.

Is MobiStealth installed on the SIM card of the phone?

No. MobiStealth installs itself on the internal memory of the phone, so even if the device operator removes the SIM card you will still be able to monitor and receive updates from the device. The developers took extra case in developing the installation process and this was one of the many intuitive thoughts they had to ensure monitoring is steady, long lasting, safe, and secure! If you think MobiStealth is right for you we urge you to give it a try, start A subscription today!

How do I play Videos?

MobiStealth saves the videos in 3gp format. All you will need to view the files is a 3gp player such as Windows Media Player, or Apple Quicktime. If you’re viewing from your phone there are many options available and you may even already have an app installed that will play the videos flawlessly without any intervention and additional applications required. You can watch these videos remotely from your MobiStealth control panel once you have the proper video viewing player installed. Contact support if you’re having any trouble and they will surely point you in the right direction and have your control panel functioning at its highest potential.

How do I install MobiStealth?

Detailed instructions will be sent to you upon receipt of your payment. Simply check the email you signed up with to retrieve your download link and control panel access. It’s a quick and easy setup that is outlined in detail in your welcome email. If you’re still having trouble getting the software to work you may contact support and they will be sure to get your installation online.

Does MobiStealth work on my phone?

MobiStealth currently works on any and all Android or iPhones. This is the majority of phones on the market today. Most carriers carry both Android and iPhone operating systems and MobiStealth is designed to install and function properly on such devices. If your phone is an Android or iPhone then you can use MobiStealth, pick a package and start monitoring with this exceptional spy technology today!

Will there be any errors on the target device once subscription has ended?

No, even if you let your subscription end on accident or because you are done with the software MobiStealth will continue to function in the background but none of the information will be recorded by the control panel since you aren’t using it any longer. You also have the option of stealth removing the package by sending a secret text message to the target phone. Either way you go about it, once your subscription is ended the target device will not change or alert the owner at all.

How does MobiStealth provide support?

MobiStealth employs a team of professionals that stand ready to help you with anything you need. There is a live help chat room you can access to speak to a person in real time. If you’d rather speak to a person with your voice then you can call their offices and speak to a real person. They also have a FAQ that list many problems that users usually experience and how to fix them. This level of support is amazing and a great plus to working with the MobiStealth software.

MobiStealth Legalities

MobiStealth is only to be used on devices you own. They will never share your information or any of the information collected via monitoring unless legally required to by law. That will never be an issue so long as you are using MobiStealth in a legal way and not using it harvest information from a device that you don’t own. They will never sell your information or share it with any third parties. MobiStealth is a responsible company and takes every precaution to protect and secure your privacy, rest assured.

Can I trust MobiStealth?

MobiStealth has been a competitor in this niche for a long time. They know how important it is to take care of their customers and provide amazing customer support to make sure people stay subscribed and using their software for a long time. They have a large customer base attesting to their validity. MobiStealth has been featured on many huge news sites such as Yahoo, MSN and more! With this kind of reputation there is no doubt that you can trust the MobiStealth team!

Final Verdict – Is MobiStealth for me?

MobiStealth is a reliable company that provides advanced spying and monitoring technologies. If you need to monitor your childrens phone to ensure they are where they should be and only communicating with people they know and not strangers over the internet, then MobiStealth is surely the right option for you. There are many other things this software can be used for as well: If you run a company you can use the MobiStealth computer version to make sure that your employees are doing what they should be and not wasting company time, adding to your overall performance! Keeping tabs on your employees and kids has never been so easy! Another reason people sometimes use MobiStealth is to find out if their significant other is cheating on them and want to know the truth. Now with MobiStealth its easy to get the facts so you aren’t pacing around the house wondering for days on end and getting jealous over nothing! Get the facts with MobiStealth. We think – No. WE KNOW MobiStealth is a worthwhile product that performs as it should, is easy to install, and does everything it says it does.

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