mSpy Review

Our review of mSPY cell phone tracking software.

What Is mSpy?

Among the various applications that have established an active presence on the market for device tracking, mSpy is currently one of the most popular and easily recognized ones, with many people trusting its features on a regular basis. The developers seem determined to maintain the high level of quality that people have come to expect from them as well, as they keep releasing new features that improve the already well-developed core offer.

It’s important to note that this tool has been around for a longer time than some of its main competitors, and it’s established a much more respectable track record of reliability and trustworthiness than others. There are some circumstances where you simply can’t make any compromises with the security of the tools you’re using for purposes like this, such as when you’re doing it in a business context, and mSpy is one of the more reliable solutions in this regard, capable of delivering great results without forcing you to think twice about your own side of security, which is a common problem with some alternative applications of this type.

What Can mSpy Be Used for?

mSpy is a flexible tool that can be applied in a variety of circumstances, and is perfect for those who want to make sure that they have some control over certain people in their lives, with our without their explicit knowledge about the situation. The true power of mSpy comes in its ability to conceal its presence far better than most other tools on the market, allowing you to follow up on a target’s activities without any unnecessary interruptions.

This is perfect for situations like tracking employees on their company-issued devices, when it’s important to not only have enough data available at every step of the way, but to also avoid interrupting the daily work of your employees by dragging down their devices’ performance with the tracking tool you’re using. This is a common problem for many employers nowadays trying to deploy some sort of tracking solution on their company phones across the entire organization, and it’s clear that the developers of mSpy have put a lot of effort into making sure that their tool remains hidden at all times.

How Does mSpy Work?

The installation process for mSpy is simple and straightforward, and it’s clear that the application is aimed at users without much technological experience who still want something reliable and flexible in terms of functionality. Once you’ve purchased a subscription, you’ll be taken to a download page from where you can get mSpy, deploy it on the device of your choice, and set it up.

Keep in mind that mSpy relies on a jailbroken device to work correctly, which can be a minor obstacle in cases where the device is not already configured in this manner. It can take a while to jailbreak an iPhone even with complete physical access to the phone, and if you’re trying to complete the installation of mSpy as quickly as possible, this might prove to be a problem. Don’t worry though – on the bright side, you’ll only need to do this once, after which mSpy will be fully configured and ready for use for as long as you like.

The application actually doesn’t even require any intervention from the user him/herself to keep it running, so once the initial installation is done, that’s pretty much all there is to it.

Core Features of mSpy

Monitor calls

One of the core features of mSpy is also one of the main reasons for people to use this application in the first place. The extensive call monitoring functionality will let you know exactly who the other person is talking to, how often, and will make it really simple to see if there are any patterns in their communication that you might not be aware of. Combining this with additional knowledge about the target’s activities can be a very powerful tool when trying to confront someone but don’t have enough proof.

Monitor messages

Text messages can be tracked just as easily when using mSpy, and you can even back them up to your own device of choice for later reviewing. That way, even if the target deletes their messages as soon as they’ve received them, you can still figure out what they are up to and track their activities without interruptions. In fact, the ability to compare your own database of messages against what’s left on the device can be a very powerful tool when the moment for confrontation arrives, as it will give you extra leverage in the discussions that arise.

Explore device media

Any pictures and videos that have been taken with the device can be explored in detail thanks to the advanced functionality of mSpy. This is particularly popular among parents who want to make sure that their kids aren’t up to any illicit activities, as well as employers who are trying to control the habits of their employees and want to know that their company-issued devices are not being used in any inappropriate ways. As with text messages, you can also recover lost media in this manner, although your results might be slightly more limited depending on the usage habits of the user.

Check device location

Following the user through their GPS is another popular feature that works very easily in mSpy, although you’ll be limited by the surroundings of the user in some situations. GPS itself has some limitations that make it unreliable under a solid roof or when signal is poor, so don’t be quick to interpret any strange data set as the user hiding something from you. It could simply be a matter of missing GPS data – but other than that, you can trust mSpy to give you an accurate overview of what your target’s been up to, and where they can be found most of the time.

Monitor Internet activity

As great as smartphones are, they can also be a nightmare for parents trying to keep their kids away from malicious content. There has been a lot of discussion about this in the media recently, especially with scandals like “Elsagate” making it clear that our children are not as safe as we might think they are. With an application like mSpy, you can easily check on what your kids are doing with their phones and get alerted if they try to visit certain websites or engage in activities that you might find questionable.

Block specific websites

On that note, mSpy also allows you to take preventative action in those cases and ensure that your kids won’t even be able to visit sites that you don’t approve of. These filters can be useful for corporate devices as well, and they can make it very easy to control what a device is being used for when it’s not connected to the company’s networks. Of course, this won’t stop the user from visiting those same sites on another device, but you can still get alerted when they’ve made an attempt to open one of them, which can go a long way towards establishing some safe boundaries.

Monitor e-mails

E-mail is typically seen as a special form of communication that’s more difficult to track than simple text messages and other IMs. And while that’s generally true, mSpy can make it very easy to find out what your target has been saying to others over their e-mail accounts, even if they are using encrypted mail. That’s because all the data capturing happens on the device itself, not in the middle of the communication channel, so you’ll have access to everything the user says and reads regardless of the protection they might be using.

Explore contacts

Worried that the person might be talking to certain people even though you can’t find any specific communication between them? The mere presence of certain contacts can sometimes identify a potential issue, which is why exploring the contacts of the target device is one of the most popular features of mSpy. You’ll also get a complete overview of the device’s use history in this regard, much like with text messages and media, so the person using the phone will not be able to avoid detection in any way, even if they’re aware of it.

Check calendar events

While this might not be that relevant to everyone, it’s still a neat feature that will see some use by various people, depending on the circumstances. Some users tend to be much more active in setting up events and appointments with their smartphone calendars, and this can sometimes give you a great insight into what the user is doing and whether they might be up to something. Different types of accounts should be no issue either, so it doesn’t matter if the target is using an alternative type of calendar that’s not visible by default.

Check device’s screen

Last but not least, you may also occasionally want to perform one of the simplest types of checks imaginable – see what’s on the device’s screen. You can take regular screenshots and analyze them later on, or you can simply do it occasionally on a one-time basis in case you need to verify something specific. Keep in mind that on a device with a larger screen and a slower connection, this might make things more complicated in the long run if the device has to send a large number of pictures regularly. Advanced Features of mSpy

Monitor custom apps

The app store is full of different communication apps nowadays, some with advanced functionality like locking down your chats with a password. It can be hard to keep track of all of those platforms if you have to do it manually, which is where mSpy comes in play. The tool can easily spy on a variety of IM apps, gathering all communication that occurs through them and presenting it in an easily accessible manner for you to review. You don’t have to worry about your target concealing their activities through shady apps, they will all be at your fingertips!

Geo fencing

Tracking the device’s location is one thing, but what if you are concerned about the user visiting some specific places in your area? This is a common scenario with parents who don’t have too much time available to monitor their kids, and it’s not rare to see them running into problems stemming from that later on. With the help of mSpy’s geo fencing functionality, you can easily make sure that the device does not leave certain predefined bounds – and that you’re alerted immediately in case it does. Lost GPS signal can also be treated as leaving the fence, which is a nice feature in case the device is not too reliable.

Use camera

Want to see what’s going on around the user of the device but can’t trust their word for it? By simply taking a picture – or a short video – with the camera and having it sent to you directly, you can easily check out what they’re up to, all without alerting them that you’re doing this in any way. This can be particularly useful if you’re trying to build up a case against an employee that’s shown to be unreliable in the past, as you can easily collect a lot of evidence to bring up at a later point.

Check list of apps

Another feature that will be quite useful to those worried about their targets installing a variety of different apps to evade detection, you can retrieve a list of all apps installed on the device and see what each of them is about with just a few clicks. That way, you won’t have to second guess if something is related to communications, or if it’s just an innocent game that the user has decided to check out. You can even get notified when something new is installed, allowing you to take action without any delays.

Remove apps

If some apps have proven to be problematic in the past and you don’t want the user of the device accessing them, it’s as easy as going through the list of currently installed apps and selectively deleting each one you disagree with. This doesn’t require any confirmation from the user themselves, so you can easily control what they are doing with their device without making your presence too obvious. Of course, the user will likely realize that something is up if their new app keeps disappearing by itself over and over again, but they might also chalk it down to device issues.

Uninstall alert

Even though mSpy is designed to be unremovable by the user themselves, there are still situations where the app might get lost from the device unintentionally. Restoring the device to factory-default settings is a common example of this, and it’s often necessary when the user has run into some unresolvable problem with the device and they need to recover it back to a usable state. mSpy can send you an alert as soon as it detects that it’s no longer present on the target device, allowing you to take matters into your own hands.


Logging all keystrokes of the target device is something that you might not want to do all the time, but it can provide you with lots of valuable information once it’s activated. For example, you can see exactly what the user is saying in certain communication channels, regardless of any subsequent edits they might have done to the messages. In addition, this can let you capture login credentials for various services, although whether you’ll be allowed to use those or not depends on where you live and how the laws are structured. Make sure to familiarize yourself with that before making any moves here!

Keyword alert

And while mSpy is logging everything the user enters into their device, it can also alert you if specific keywords have been encountered. You can set up the list of words to be tracked yourself, and you can keep it up to date remotely with minimal intervention. It only takes a few clicks to add a new list of words to block, and you can easily see detailed statistics about which ones have been detected, how often, and in what circumstances. This can potentially reveal a lot about what the user is doing with their device.

Block apps

Worried that they might download a specific app despite you forbidding them from doing so? That’s where the app-blocking functionality of mSpy comes into play, as the tool allows you to completely prevent the user from deploying certain apps on their device without your explicit permission. They might not even be aware that those apps even exist in the store, depending on how you’ve set things up, which can be very useful when trying to introduce your children to the Internet in a more gentle manner.

Detailed use reports

You probably don’t want to find yourself glued to a screen watching your target’s every movement on a daily basis. This can get annoying fast, especially when you have multiple targets to keep track of. Thankfully, mSpy gives you the opportunity to download regular reports about the device’s usage, compiled in an easily accessible manner that gives you a lot of information about different aspects of its daily use. Nothing will evade you as long as you set up the reporting subsystem properly, and that itself only takes a few clicks to get right.

mSpy – Packages and Pricing

The application is split into three pricing tiers, and you’re free to purchase any of the subscriptions depending on your use case and long-term needs. The basic subscription gives access to GPS tracking, media browsing, as well as monitoring ongoing communications. You can also check the call history and contacts list, and some of the features can even be used on a non-jailbroken device, which is particularly useful for those who just want something that can be up and running as quickly as possible.

The more advanced tiers give you access to additional functionality that’s not available by default, and the top tier can even allow you to spy on iOS devices without having to jailbreak them first. This alone is a major feature that immediately makes mSpy stand out from its competition, as it’s pretty much nonexistent on this market at the moment. While some similar applications may offer minor functionality on a non-jailbroken device, mSpy takes this much farther and lets you have almost complete control without any complicated setup procedures required in the beginning.

Pros and Cons of mSpy


  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • Easy to set up, can be up and running in several minutes
  • Can track non-jailbroken devices regardless of operating system
  • Has a cheap option for users who don’t require too much functionality
  • Competent support always ready to answer questions and resolve more complicated issues


  • Pricing scheme may be a little complicated for some users
  • Version that works with non-jailbroken devices is comparatively expensive
  • May get lost during a major OS upgrade, requiring a reinstall
  • Demo doesn’t cover all features properly

mSpy – Compatible Devices and System Requirements

One of the best things about mSpy is that the developers have clearly put a lot of effort into making the application as compatible as possible with a wide range of devices and operating system versions. Both Android and iOS are supported out of the box, and in the case of iOS, you may not even need to jailbreak the device first in order to get access to all features of mSpy. This is not a commonly seen feature in applications of this type, and it’s actually something that makes mSpy stand out from its competition quite well.

On the other hand, having the ability to jailbreak the device before deploying mSpy on it will probably give you slightly better results in the long run, especially if you will frequently need to reinstall the application for whatever reason. There are some limitations that will impact your experience – potentially heavily – if you frequently have to reinstall the application, so be careful and prepare the device appropriately with the right distribution of the operating system, and the right settings applied to it. Whether you’ll be able to do that on every device you want to track is a different story, of course.

Payment Methods

All major payment methods are supported. You can pay with a credit card – all popular ones are included – or with PayPal. Wire transfers are supported as well for those who prefer to pay through their bank accounts directly, but keep in mind that the company may need some time to process your order if you decide to go with that. In fact, you may even have to wait several days before you have access to your purchase, which may not be ideal for every user, especially those with a more limited schedule. Companies that need to purchase mSpy for their business needs will probably be able to integrate this method of purchase into their workflow more adequately.

How Do I Get mSpy?

mSpy is available directly at the website of the developers, and this is actually the only legitimate channel for obtaining the application. This is an important point to consider as we described above, as it’s not rare for pirates to try stealing your credentials with infected versions of the application going around. Don’t think that you’re being clever by circumventing the standard license, as most people who go down this path usually end up with more serious problems later on. You don’t want to become the victim of someone else’s tracking, do you?

How Reliable Is mSpy?

Most reports about mSpy paint a very positive picture about the performance of the application, and we haven’t seen any major issues with it so far. It works quickly and doesn’t impact the operating system in any way, and it provides immediate access to all of its features through a convenient control panel. The application also uses established technologies for the secure transfer of its data, so you won’t have to worry about someone intercepting your communication and spying on the information you’ve collected from the side. This is a more serious issue than you might think, and sadly, not all developers are treating it with the respect it requires. One look at the support page of the company can make it clear that they know what they’re doing far better than the majority of their competition though.

Installation and Setup of mSpy

After placing your order, you’ll receive a message containing additional installation instructions. Getting the app on a device is usually very simple and only requires you to follow a set of instructions on the screen, even on non-jailbroken devices. Once you’re done with the initial setup, mSpy hides its presence and doesn’t announce itself in any obvious way to the user of the device, even if they start digging in their apps and other settings to try and uncover it.

You’ll also need to set up the other component of the application – the control panel that you’ll use on your end – but that’s even simpler than the installation of the main application as long as you follow the instructions. Make sure that you are aware of who can access the device that you’re using as the main control panel though, as someone could potentially gain full access to all the information you’ve captured so far by simply logging in through the controlling device.

mSpy FAQ

Do I need the highest-priced version?

It’s common for users to jump straight to the most expensive version of mSpy, believing that it offers critical functionality that they won’t get from the other two. The truth is that you should be fine with the 1st and 2nd tiers in many cases, as long as the type of tracking you’re trying to perform isn’t too complicated. However, when you need to track e.g. a non-jailbroken device or have more complex preferences, you’ll definitely want to look into the highest price tier.

Will mSpy survive an OS upgrade?

This depends on how exactly the phone does its upgrades in the first place, which can vary from one device to the next, even on the same operating system. Generally, an OS update should retain all installed apps and user settings, which means that something like mSpy should not get removed either. However, you can’t be sure, and there are also instances where the OS will wipe its contents completely when undergoing a major upgrade. Thankfully, mSpy offers a feature that will alert you in case it’s no longer installed on the device(s) you’re tracking.

Can the user remove mSpy themselves?

And on that note, another common concern among mSpy users is that the target being tracked might be able to remove the application from their device themselves. That’s not the case, as mSpy goes to great lengths to conceal its presence and ensure that the user will not be able to interfere with its operation in any way. This applies even to cases where users are already aware that they are being tracked – no amount of digging through the settings of the device will allow them to remove the tracking you’ve installed on it.

Does mSpy work with non-jailbroken devices?

A common problem that users of similar applications have to deal with is that they tend to not work on devices that aren’t jailbroken. If this is a concern to you, you should look into the top tier of mSpy, a subscription which comes with a special version of the application that can circumvent standard device restrictions. This can work on a completely standard device with default software, although your functionality might be slightly limited in some areas, depending on what exactly you want to do.

Does mSpy affect system performance in any visible way?

It’s also important to know that your use of mSpy is not going to have any impact on the user’s experience with their device on a daily basis. It’s not rare for tracking applications to end up severely dragging down the overall system performance of the devices they’re deployed on, leading to annoyance on the user’s side, or even worse, blowing your cover if you were trying to track them discreetly. mSpy is known for being very lightweight in its use of system resources, and the application shouldn’t give you any issues in this regard during its use, even if you have more advanced needs.

I’ve found mSpy for free elsewhere, why is that?

A popular tool like mSpy is unfortunately a common target for pirates, and it’s not rare to see pirated versions of the application posted at various sites. It’s important to stick to the main distributor and only get the program from the original developer if you value your safety, as these “free” editions are pretty much guaranteed to come with viruses and other unpleasant goodies attached. There’s a reason why they’re offering the tool for free when the developers want to charge money for it, after all, and that reason has nothing to do with altruism.

Is mSpy a good parenting tool?

There may be some concerns in the minds of some potential users with regards to the viability of a tool like this in the context of parenting. And while it’s true that proper parenting is more about true communication with your children and the ability to connect to them on a meaningful level, it’s also important to have some additional help to ensure that things don’t go beyond your control while you’re not paying attention. It’s depressingly easy for kids to slip away from your grip these days with the help of the Internet.

Can mSpy be easily integrated in a corporate environment?

Another common group of users of mSpy are those trying to keep their employees in check, and it’s not surprising that they also tend to have lots of questions regarding how the application should be used in their environments, and what the best practices for that case are. The thing is, mSpy is one of the best tools on the market right now when it comes to corporate use, but it has to be configured properly from the start, and it’s also important to oversee its use by a competent legal team that knows where to draw the line for specific actions.

Is mSpy developed by a legitimate company?

If you’re planning to put so much trust into a tool like mSpy, you’ll probably want to know that the people behind it are actually serious about their work. And in the case of mSpy, you’ll find a competent team of developers dedicated to delivering a quality product on a very competitive market. They will go quite far to serve you even in cases where you run into problems, and their support is on another level compared to most of the competing solutions on the market at the moment.

Do I need to make my target aware of the tracking?

This only depends on your specific situation and has nothing to do with the functionality of mSpy. While the laws of some countries will make it necessary to be clear about the monitoring you’re performing on the device, it’s up to you whether you want to disclose it in other situations. You won’t change anything for the user, as their experience with the device will remain the same whether they know about mSpy or not. And as we pointed out above, even if they are aware of the tool’s presence, they can’t do much to evade its detection in the first place.

mSpy – Legalities

The legal side of things is always an issue when dealing with a situation like this, and you have to be aware of the implications of using a tool like mSpy well before you’ve even deployed it. Read up on the way laws work in your area, and make sure that you don’t cross any boundaries without knowing what you’re doing. Also, remember the old saying that anyone can sue you for anything, no matter if they even have a chance of winning. That said, it might be best to keep your use of mSpy a secret if you can, as this will likely save you from some frivolous lawsuits from people thinking that they can get back at you for tracking them. There might also be some additional implications if using the tool in a professional environment, such as for tracking a company’s employees.

Can I Trust mSpy?

Trust is a major issue when dealing with an application of this kind, and we can safely say that mSpy is among the legitimate offers on the market right now, and a tool clearly designed to please its users with every bit of its functionality. It might take some time to get used to the way it works, even coming from another similar tool, but once you’ve mastered it, mSpy is one of the best on the market and a program that will easily solve many problems in your personal and professional life if they boil down to communication and trust.

Final Verdict – Is mSpy Right for Me?

mSpy can work well for various different people’s needs, and it’s a tool designed with flexibility and convenience in mind above everything else. The developers clearly value their work too, as they know that they can ask for a higher price and still make plenty of sales, which might not be ideal for users trying to get a good deal on their tracking software, but at least you’ll know that your money is going in the right place.

In fact, it’s often better to pay slightly more and get a solution that you know you can trust, rather than settling with a more affordable one that may or may not give out in the long run. There are all sorts of issues that can come up when using a tool like mSpy, and it’s best to know that your particular version of the application is a reliable and trustworthy one. This means that you should also ensure to download it from legitimate sources as we described above, as trying to cut corners and save a few bucks can end up biting you hard.

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