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An in depth review of SpyBubble cell phone tracker.

What Is SpyBubble Pro?

Ensuring that a mobile device is being used appropriately is a common issue for many companies across the market, and it’s becoming more and more prevalent in today’s world as technology keeps finding a more central spot in our lives. There are some cases where one can’t simply trust the words of their employees and must verify everything manually – which is where tools like SpyBubble Pro come in play.

The application is designed to monitor and record various kinds of user activity on modern smartphones, giving you a clear overview of how the device is being used and whether the user is deviating from appropriate norms in any way.

It’s also a suitable tool for parents who’re facing an increasingly greater challenge with their kids in today’s technological society. It’s important to keep an eye on who your little ones are talking to and what kinds of conversations they’re having exactly, as it’s not rare that large-scale issues with predators and other similar evildoers can be prevented very easily by just nipping them in the bud. That, however, requires some overview of the situation which you usually don’t have without specialized tools like SpyBubble Pro.

What Can SpyBubble Pro Be Used for?

SpyBubble Pro is versatile in its use and can be applied to a variety of situations. As we mentioned above, employers and parents are typically the main user base for the product, but there are various other use cases where it can be an appropriate solution. The tool can be of great use for keeping track of a person you might suspect is acting against you behind the scenes in a suspicious way but have no way of proving it, for example.

SpyBubble Pro can reveal the full picture of a person’s device use habits, from their communication patterns to their location history and Internet use. Considering how much the average modern-day person does on their smartphone and the amount of information that can be extracted from a typical device, this can potentially be very useful in tracking down some specific types of behavior.

Law enforcement may also see some use in the application, although those users typically have their own, more advanced and purpose-built solutions to work with in those cases. SpyBubble Pro can still prove valuable in extracting some specific types of information on top of the tracking that’s already being done though.

How Does SpyBubble Pro Work?

SpyBubble Pro comes in two parts – the main application that’s installed on the device that’s to be monitored, and a client that can be run on any other device and is used to do the actual monitoring. You’ll need a time window with physical access to the device you want to track in order to be successful, but the installation of SpyBubble Pro only takes a few minutes and is a straightforward process with on-screen guidance.

It’s surprisingly easy to deploy the application on pretty much any modern smartphone, and once the initial installation is done, you just need to connect through the client tool. Information is transmitted over the air, so you won’t need to physically access the tracked device once the initial installation has been completed. In addition, the tool should give no indication that it’s running in the background, allowing you to covertly monitor anyone’s activities without having to worry about them catching on to you and creating even more trouble. If you’re deploying SpyBubble Pro on company devices, it’s also probably a good idea to make it clear to employees that their activities are being monitored before a device is even issued to anyone.

Core Features of SpyBubble Pro

Check text messages

Looking into a device’s messaging history is one of the most common applications of a tool like SpyBubble Pro, and it does the job excellently. You’ll get a detailed overview of all messages that have been sent from and to the device, along with any additional information that might be relevant. You might have to do some manual cross-referencing on the numbers uncovered, but that’s a small hassle to go through for the benefits obtained in the end. The tool supports the SMS format of every modern operating system and device.

Check call logs

Likewise, you’re able to look into the calling history of the device and examine it in detail, narrowing down the time each call occurred to the second. This may sometimes prove vital when trying to build a case against someone, especially in a professional environment. It can also indicate excessive usage of the device at inappropriate times, which is often what a parent might be interested in when tracking the phone usage of their kids. SpyBubble Pro allows the user to extract the stored information as well.

Check contacts

Worried that the person might be in touch with the wrong parties? This can be verified easily with the help of SpyBubble Pro’s contacts browser. You should be able to extract pretty much all the useful information you might need to build an impression of who the person is communicating with, even if they are trying to conceal their tracks in any way. Of course, there’s not much that can be done to access contacts that are stored off the device itself, but that’s outside of SpyBubble Pro’s use scope.

Check e-mails

E-mail is another typical treasure trove of information when trying to follow a person’s activities, especially those who’re trying to hide something. It’s hard to hide all the messages related to using certain accounts, communicating with various people, and different other activities that you might have an active interest in. Even though e-mail is traditionally more challenging to break into, SpyBubble Pro makes the process easy and streamlined, taking just a few clicks to get the desired results. Make sure that you save any messages you find interesting in case the target decides to wipe their device!

Check calendar events

Not everyone uses their smartphone’s calendar to organize their lives, but there are plenty of people that do. This can reveal a lot about what the user is up to, especially if they are more detailed in their event descriptions. On the other hand, this can also prove to add some noise to the information you’re gathering if you’re not careful about how you interpret it, so be careful. It’s important to always consider the full picture when drawing any conclusions about the activities of the user, and basing those conclusions on calendar activity alone is often a bad idea.

Track device’s physical location

GPS location is another useful source of information in many cases, especially for targets that might be more outgoing or when you have a suspicion about them visiting a certain specific location. It’s easy to see a live preview of where the device is currently located, using a direct satellite overlay, and you can record that information for later access as well in case you want to build a profile of where the person has been going and what they might be doing at those locations.

Track various IM apps

A common problem people run into when trying to monitor the smartphone activity of someone is that there is a huge abundance of IM apps on the market right now, making it potentially very difficult to know who the person is talking to if you’re not familiar with all of them. To make matters worse, new apps keep coming out on a regular basis, and it’s pretty much impossible to stay on top of the market and know about all available solutions out there at the moment. Thankfully, SpyBubble Pro can easily integrate with a variety of IM apps without any extra effort on your side.

Look into device media

Worried that your employees might be using their smartphones in an inappropriate way and representing the company poorly? Or, as a parent, have you been suspicious of your children using their devices to take candid pictures that might get them in trouble? These are all valid reasons to worry, and there are various advanced features in SpyBubble Pro that can make it very easy to keep track of what someone is doing with their smartphone’s camera, both for pictures as well as videos. Inspecting the contents of the device on a regular basis takes just a few clicks.

Inspect browsing history

While many people like to joke about the sensitivity of browsing history as a type of user data, that’s actually no joke – it’s a pretty serious source of information that can lead you to various additional details in the long run. However, some users are smart enough to cover their tracks by deleting their history – which is where a tool like SpyBubble Pro comes in play, allowing you to retrieve a full list of sites the user has visited, filter through them, and find out if there’s anything in there that you might want to know about.

Instant overview

And for those moments where you just need to get a quick idea of what the user is up to from all sides, SpyBubble Pro allows you to easily get an overview of the current device status and recent user activities. The tool is designed in a very simple, streamlined manner, suitable for users of all skill levels. Experts should be pleasantly surprised with the ease of use offered by SpyBubble Pro, and the way the application can easily integrate itself with a variety of other apps on a typical modern smartphone.

Advanced Features of SpyBubble Pro

Redirect messages

With SpyBubble Pro’s help, you can easily redirect messages coming to the device to another phone, allowing you to follow up on the user’s activities even when the operating system of the phone doesn’t support some of the core tracking features. That way, even low-grade phones can be easily kept in check with just a few clicks, and it doesn’t take too long to set this kind of tracking up either. Keep in mind that the SMS memory of the device targeted for redirection might get overfilled with messages if you don’t regularly check on it.

Remote control

Need to make the device perform a specific task but can’t count on the user to do that themselves? That’s no issue when using SpyBubble Pro, as you can easily gain control of the device and manipulate its operating system in just a few clicks. You may not have direct access to every feature of the operating system though, and this mostly depends on what device the user has and how recent its software is. In most cases, you should at least have access to the most basic features of the device, and you should be able to simulate various kinds of simple user activity.

Environment listening

SpyBubble Pro also allows you to turn on the microphone of the device at will, enabling you to listen in on conversations the person might be having behind your back, all without their knowledge. You can easily store the recordings for later access, which is a very convenient way of building up a case against someone that you might be tracking for a longer period. Of course, this relies entirely on the user having those conversations in the vicinity of their device in the first place, but nowadays it’s not too hard to guarantee that, considering how attached most people are to their smartphones.

E-mail history

Want to know if any e-mails have been deleted or otherwise manipulated in the past? SpyBubble Pro can give you a concise overview of the e-mail history of the device, complete with extra information about each message that might be relevant to you. Saving the e-mails on an external device is also not a problem, so in case you’re looking to build up a database of messages that you can easily access later on in a more organized manner, this is the ideal option. A message history like this can prove very useful when trying to determine the activities of a user over a period of time.

GPS history

Tracking the current position of the device is one thing, but if you want to get an overview of where it’s been over time, this can be a bit more complicated with most types of applications on this market. Thankfully, SpyBubble Pro makes the process very easy and straightforward with access to detailed positional history which can further be broken down according to different parameters. It’s worth noting that the information provided might be incomplete or inaccurate at times, such as when the user has been traveling through a dense tunnel or other locations that might block GPS signals.

Wide range of supported apps

As we mentioned above, SpyBubble Pro can be easily integrated with a variety of instant messaging apps and even new ones released on the market recently are typically no issue for it. This also applies to other types of applications, so if you’re trying to track the user’s activities in something more specialized, that should be no problem either. Of course, there are some technical limitations to how much information SpyBubble Pro can extract from the device, so don’t expect miracles in this regard.

Photo details

It’s sometimes not enough to simply see a list of pictures stored on the device and when they were taken. You may be interested in more detailed information about the media contents of the phone, such as the location of each picture, the camera settings used for it, and so on. Not every tracking application on the market makes it easy to see this type of metadata, but with the help of SpyBubble Pro, you should be able to get a clear picture of what the user has been up to with their camera at every step of their way. This can be particularly useful for avid users of their devices’ cameras.

Advanced OS support

A common problem encountered with most types of tracking software on the market is that programs tend to not work with all operating systems out of the box. Sometimes, you may need to perform additional configuration to get it working, while in other cases there may simply be no support at all. With SpyBubble Pro, this is rarely a concern, as most types of operating systems are supported directly and without any additional configuration necessary. Even more obscure ones like Symbian can still be tracked without any problems.

Control site access

If you’re worried that the person you’re tracking might visit certain sites that you find questionable – a common issue with parents and employers – you should be delighted to know that SpyBubble Pro also allows you to control what the user does with their browser on a relatively precise level. The application is not perfect in this manner, admittedly, and you may need to rely on additional blocking tools if you want to be sure that you’re completely covered, but in general, it should not be an issue to ensure that the user stays within a safe circle on the Internet that you find appropriate.

Control contacts and IMs

Last but not least, you can also apply a certain level of control over what the user does with their contacts list and how they communicate over IM apps. Delete contacts that you don’t agree with, prevent certain messages from reaching their destination – it’s up to you. It should go without saying that this level of control can sometimes provoke negative reactions from some people, so you should be careful with how far you go. It might also be a good idea to make the user aware of the fact that they are being tracked in case you’re going to take such actions on a regular basis.

SpyBubble Pro – Packages and Pricing

The tool is offered in just one package with a single price point. There are no different tiers or a free version to experiment with, although the developers are nice enough to offer a live demo on their website for those curious to see how the control panel looks in action. Of course, this may not be a satisfying presentation for every user out there, so if you want to see the tool in more detail, you’re going to need to purchase it.

Only one purchase is necessary, as there are no subscriptions or anything along those lines. The developers don’t seem to have any plans to introduce additional subscription tiers or the requirement to purchase another license after some time has passed, so a single purchase should be enough to get you up and running for as long as you need. Those planning to use the tool in a business environment may want to confirm that they will be able to deploy it on all devices they want without running into any licensing issues though – but the company at least makes it easy to get in touch with them and sort that out.

Pros and Cons of SpyBubble Pro


  • Relatively inexpensive compared to other similar tools on the market
  • Easy to install
  • Works without interfering with the operating system or user’s experience
  • Can be removed without leaving any traces with just a few clicks
  • Detailed overview modes available


  • Not as rich in functionality as some other competing tools
  • GPS history may not be completely accurate depending on user’s movement patterns
  • Live demo does not showcase all features and leaves something to be desired
  • Not too much documentation on developer’s website

SpyBubble Pro – Compatible Devices and System Requirements

One of the best things about SpyBubble Pro is its wide compatibility with different devices and operating systems. As we already mentioned, it’s even possible to use it on less popular systems like Symbian and Windows Phone/Windows Mobile, although you may have to sacrifice some of the core functions of the tool when deploying it on those platforms. You should familiarize yourself with the user manual carefully before settling on SpyBubble Pro if you’re planning to target a more obscure operating system, in order to avoid the disappointment of finding out that you can’t make full use of the tool in it.

As far as system requirements go, SpyBubble Pro is simple and lightweight, and doesn’t require a powerful smartphone to run properly. This is important if you want to avoid being detected by the user, as it’s not rare that applications of this type give away their presence by dragging down the performance of the target system too noticeably. There’s not much you can do if you’re working with a tool like that to prevent the user from finding out, but that’s not an issue with SpyBubble Pro.

Payment Methods

All major payment methods are supported, including PayPal which is strangely absent from the websites of some similar tools. You can pay with a credit card, and transactions are processed immediately, allowing you to take full advantage of everything SpyBubble Pro has to offer in a matter of minutes after completing your payment. The developers have generally gone through a lot of obvious effort to make the tool’s use as streamlined as possible, and that includes a painless purchasing process that doesn’t involve any unnecessary hassle and should work out without issues for most users out there.

How Do I Get SpyBubble Pro?

The tool is distributed directly by its developers at their official website, and we recommend that you don’t stray from this path if you’re interested in buying it. Many people are constantly trying to trick online users into downloading their malicious software by masking it as something else, and tools like SpyBubble Pro are no exception. If something sounds too good to be true – such as a significant discount on the program, or even an offer to get it for free – it most likely is.

How Reliable Is SpyBubble Pro?

There seem to be no reported incidents of SpyBubble Pro giving trouble to any of its users related to poor reliability, and in fact, the tool seems specifically designed with the purpose of functioning exactly as expected at any given moment. You should not experience any issues like data loss, connection problems, or the user being able to uncover the presence of SpyBubble Pro by digging around their operating system. As long as you’ve followed the installation instructions carefully and know what you’re doing, you should not experience any issues with its reliability.

Installation and Setup of SpyBubble Pro

After purchasing a license, you’ll be provided with a download link, keys, and instructions for installing the application on both the target device as well as the client computer. It’s important that you follow these instructions precisely, even if you consider yourself an experienced technology user, as there are some minor caveats about the installation of the application that are not immediately obvious. Likewise, if you run into any problems during the installation process, it’s best to consult the company’s support representatives rather than trying to resolve the situation yourself, as that might occasionally make matters worse.

Likewise, removing the tool is as simple as making a few clicks and confirming the process. Again, it’s important that you actually follow the on-screen instructions carefully and don’t deviate from them, as there is a risk of leaving some traces from the tool behind otherwise. That’s one of the ways you could potentially get caught using SpyBubble Pro, so if avoiding detection is important for you, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the full instruction set carefully before commencing the process.

SpyBubble Pro FAQ

Is SpyBubble Pro safe?

Safety is a main concern on many people’s minds when it comes to using a tool like SpyBubble Pro. It’s important to know that you can trust the developers with your money, as well as that the application won’t leak any information to third parties. SpyBubble Pro seems to have all its bases covered adequately in this regard, and there are no apparent security threats related to its use. Of course, this assumes that you will follow all correct procedures when using the application in the first place.

Can SpyBubble Pro be detected by the tracked user?

You may often want to track someone without their knowledge. Parents trying to keep their kids in check are a common example of that, although there are other viable use cases. SpyBubble Pro is designed to be as covert and discreet as possible, and it doesn’t alert the user to its presence in any way. While an in-depth investigation and analysis of the operating system might actually reveal some traces of the tool, the average user should have no way of identifying its presence. Even more advanced users may easily be fooled by the way SpyBubble Pro operates.

Is this a suitable parenting tool?

While SpyBubble Pro – or any tool like it – is no replacement for proper parenting practices, it can still go a long way in helping you regain some control over your kids. This is especially true for families where the young ones may be more technologically inclined and constantly stuck to their devices, although pretty much all parents should be able to benefit from what it has to offer. It’s important to remember that a clean channel of communication with your kids is critical if you want to raise them right, and there is no substitute for that on the tech market.

Is the company’s support reliable enough?

Another important point to consider is whether you can rely on the developer’s support in cases when the tool is not performing as expected. Anything can happen, even with the best applications out there, and there is no guarantee that SpyBubble Pro is not going to give you some sort of trouble at the worst possible moment. Thankfully, the company does provide an adequate level of customer support, even in more complicated situations. You just need to make sure that you can formulate your question properly in the first place.

Can I use SpyBubble Pro on all operating systems?

Devices of all kinds are supported out of the box without any further setup, and you won’t have to go through any complicated guidelines to ensure that you can get the most out of the tool at any step. It doesn’t matter if your target uses iOS, Android, or even Windows Phone – all operating systems can be tracked with equal success, although the exact range of features you’ll have access to is going to vary across the board. If you’re interested in more specialized functionality, make sure that you familiarize yourself with the capabilities of SpyBubble Pro in advance.

Do I need a powerful computer for the client application?

A great aspect of SpyBubble Pro is that it’s also easily compatible with many desktop devices and doesn’t require a powerful system to run. You should be able to easily use it on a simple laptop, giving you extra mobility if you need it during your tracking. Likewise, it should be no problem to set up the client application on your company’s computers, no matter how powerful – or not – they might be. Just follow the setup instructions carefully in order to avoid running into some common problems during the installation.

Can the user remove SpyBubble Pro from their device?

SpyBubble Pro has been specifically designed to be difficult to remove, even by users who know what they are doing and have experience with technology in general. Generally, it should be very difficult to remove the application without access to the original installation codes. The only exception is if the user formats the entire device and resets it back to factory default settings, in which case all data will be lost and there’s nothing SpyBubble Pro can do to protect its own instance.

Can I remove SpyBubble Pro easily once I’m done with it?

On the note of uninstallation, once you decide that you no longer need SpyBubble Pro and are done with it, you can easily get rid of the installed copy – or copies – with just a few clicks, and completely remotely too. This can be of great benefit when trying to maintain your covert approach and don’t want to give yourself away to the user. Having to access the device physically increases the risk of getting caught tampering with it, which is why a lot of attention has been paid on stealth by the developers.

Will SpyBubble Pro interfere with other similar applications?

If you’re already using another tracking application on the target device, you may want to get rid of it first before installing SpyBubble – or anything else – on top of it. Due to the way these tools work, there might be some interference in their operation, potentially leading to some long-term problems like loss of data and other similar issues. If you don’t want to run into that situation, stay on the safe side and ensure that SpyBubble Pro is allowed to run on its own without any other applications potentially interfering with it.

Will the user’s experience suffer in any way from SpyBubble Pro’s presence?

Another important point to consider when using a tool of this type is that it can potentially degrade the performance of the operating system if it’s not developed correctly. Thankfully, that’s not the case with SpyBubble Pro, which is able to run pretty much undetectably and can give you the peace of mind that the user will not be able to detect its presence in any way. This applies even for less powerful devices which may already be running poorly in general.

SpyBubble Pro – Legalities

Understanding the legal implications of using a tool like SpyBubble Pro is important if you don’t want to find yourself in trouble, especially if you’re using it in an environment like your workplace. It might not always be legal to deploy a tool like this to track people, even if you were to warn users that they are being tracked. If you’re in doubt, it’s always better to stay on the safe side and hire a legal expert to guide you through the process and point out any potential problems that you might run into. In fact, it’s probably a good idea to get this sorted out before even attempting to use something like SpyBubble Pro, as the consequences can be quite severe.

Can I Trust SpyBubble Pro?

Trusting an application like this is often a big leap of faith when it comes to large volumes of sensitive data. At the same time, in some cases you pretty much don’t have a choice – if you’ve reached a situation where you absolutely need to track someone and there’s no going around it, then you should at least be happy to know that SpyBubble Pro can provide you with a reliable platform to work with. It might take a while to get used to how the tool works, but once you’ve overcome the initial barrier, you should find it very intuitive and useful.

Final Verdict – Is SpyBubble Pro Right for Me?

Various factors can come in play when deciding whether an application like SpyBubble Pro is the right choice for you, especially when the situation is a more sensitive one and you have to be absolutely sure that you’re investing in something trustworthy for the long term. Among the many solutions on the market, SpyBubble Pro easily stands out as one of the most reliable ones and an application packed full of useful features for all kinds of users.

It’s also relatively cheap, considerably more than other similar applications, which can be another solid reason to prefer it over its competitors. In this specific case, there is no compromise with the final quality to be made – just because you’re paying less for the application doesn’t mean that it has less to offer. Quite on the contrary, SpyBubble Pro can easily beat the majority of its competition without even breaking a sweat, and combined with the excellent support provided by the developers, trusting this tool is a no-brainer. If you’re looking for a competent, comprehensive solution for your tracking needs, this should be able to satisfy you from A to Z despite the suspiciously low price tag.

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