Track cell phone location and usage with SPYERA.

What is SpyEra?

SpyEra is a powerful application that lets you monitor systems. It works on nearly all platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android Phones & Tablets, Windows PC, and Mac OS. Effortlessly monitor your employees or children to make sure they aren’t getting into anything they shouldn’t be. SpyEra comes with an easy to use installation process complete with web control to monitor your installations. With more spying features than any competitor and compatibility over a wide range of systems it is no wonder SpyEra leads the game in simple and effective spying technology. It’s powerful feature list includes the tools you need to remotely monitor text messages, view browser history, take screenshots, and spy on emails with ease! You can capture all key logs to make sure you don’t miss a thing. With SpyEra installed on a phone you can remotely view the phone’s calls, view the camera, track GPS location, and read text messages, all from the comfort of your phone or computer. Understand your child’s world and make sure they aren’t putting anything out there they shouldn’t. Monitor your employees and make sure your money is working as efficiently as possible. These are just several tasks this truly versatile computer and phone spying software can handle.

What can SpyEra be used for?

The potential applications of SpyEra is as wide as imagination can stretch. Easily know what’s going on in your child’s life by tracking their GPS location and phone activity with SpyEra. They will never know it’s installed as it operates in the background silently. Easily monitor and limit their time spent on phone, tablet, or computer from the comfort of your remote web panel! If you run a business SpyEra is an essential tool in tracking and monitoring employee performance. Think a particular employee might be slacking off on the job and spending a little to much time browsing social networks? Now you can know instead of guess with the help of this swiss army knife spying utility. No matter the platform SpyEra installs easily and gives you full control over the system at hand. Make sure everyone in your business is working towards your ends with SpyEra today. Tired of wondering if your spouse or significant other is cheating on you? Now you can get the facts. Silently install SpyEra and find out if they truly only have eyes for you or are sleeping around with the neighbor. You can easily monitor phone calls, text messages, and social media with the click of a button from your remote web panel hideaway.

How Does SpyEra work?

SpyEra is an advanced piece of spying software that is easily installed on any phone, tablet, or computer and allows full control via web panel to the systems administrator. Once you purchase SpyEra you will be given a download you can either save directly or transfer via file system to the system you intend to monitor. Upon payment you will be given a link to your web panel where you can remotely monitor the systems you have installed the SpyEra software to discretely. Once logged into the web panel you can select which system you’d like to view, such as one of your childs, and you will be given an array of tools you can apply such as read text messages, capture screen, view phone call list, etc. The system being monitored will show no signs of such activity, SpyEra runs quietly in the background relaying the systems happenings remotely to your web panel. From the web panel you can choose to stop monitoring the machine and it will automatically remove any and all traces of the software. Once you’re logged into your web panel you can see the full list of features available.

Core features of SpyEra

Monitor Phone Calls & Text Messages!

SpyEra makes it easy to monitor the text messages sent or received on any phone or tablet. Once the software is installed on the phone in question you will be able to view it from your web panel and easily read all incoming and outgoing messages. Think someone may be bullying your kid? It’s now easier than ever to figure out who’s calling and who they are dialing! You can view the history of calls placed as well as ones received. Easily monitor incoming and outgoing phone calls remotely with the versatility of SpyEra’s advanced spying technology. Make sure your wife isn’t sleeping around by viewing all her calls. SpyEra gives you the power to know once and for all and put an end to all the fruitless wondering!

Website Monitoring & Blocking

Kids are getting on the computers and browsing the web younger and younger these days. Monitor your childs web browsing activities and block certain websites you’d rather them not find. Kids really are curious about everything and sometimes it’s nice to set limits on what they can and cannot access. This is also a great feature for blocking social networks and the like on your employee’s computers. Make sure you aren’t losing any money to these attention sucking past times! Easily block social media, porn, games, and video streaming sites at the click of a button.

Open Camera Remotely

SpyEra allows you to view out the camera on any phone, tablet, or laptop. Make sure your children really are where they say they are by opening up the camera and having a look. Use this tool with a friend to view their surroundings and give them directions through a city they are new to. Open up your significant others camera and see if they really are at the spa getting their hair done or are off with another. You can easily view any systems surroundings via your web panel, this live functionality truly is groundbreaking.

Spy on Applications

It’s now easier than ever to see what kind of applications are running on the systems you choose to monitor. Make sure that your programmer truly is tinkering away in Atom instead of off dilly dallying in Mozilla Firefox. Ensure your kids aren’t installing any malicious software on the home computer. These are just several ways that being able to watch the applications running on your systems can benefit your existence. Find out what’s really going on by starting your subscription with SpyEra today!

Capture Key logs

SpyEra monitors every key that is pressed from the moment its been installed on a system to the time it’s uninstalled. With this type of monitoring you’re sure to know what’s going on from the floor up. Make sure your writers are hitting the keys as much as they say they are – Optimizing your cost per hour. There are many chat applications in the world, this level of monitoring make sure your kids aren’t saying anything they shouldn’t to anyone and vice versa. You can use your web panel to see all the keystrokes ever made on any system you have installed with the software.

Spy on Media Files

Easily access a systems file system to see just what kind of videos your significant other may be sending. You can browse through, view, and delete files at will. This makes an excellent tool for monitoring what your kids might be recording and sharing. Make sure they aren’t giving away any personal data by going through their video. Have your employees keep you up to date with what their doing in the field by taking a video. The applications are endless. All this functionality is easily accessed via your web panel you’re given access to after payment.

Read Incoming & Outgoing Emails

Easily access and read emails made by your employees. This makes sure you know what’s going on with your business at all times from the top down. If your employees interact with others on your behalf, this is a must have. Easily track and view their responses to emails to ensure they are representing you and your company truthfully and effectively. Read the emails of your significant other and make sure they aren’t engaging in a romantic relationship with another planning a getaway. Know for certain what is and what isn’t going on so you can make informed decisions from here on out.

Track GPS Location

With SpyEra you can easily track the GPS location of any system you are monitoring. This is the perfect tool to make sure your Delivery Boy is taking the best route and making the most of your companies time. Allowing you to make intuitive insights. Track your kids around town and make sure they aren’t veering into any neighborhoods you’d rather they steer clear of. Watch your spouse ‘do errands’ around town and know the truth instead of jumping to conclusions that could potentially ruin your relationship. SpyEra truly is the edge we all desire.

Take Screenshots

With SpyEra you can effortlessly take screenshots of the phone, tablet, or computer screen. Allowing you to know for sure what is going on in that system. Make sure your kids aren’t using any questionable applications by snapping a screenshot and viewing the screen for yourself. You can take a screenshot of your employee’s computer and make sure they are doing what they should be doing and making the most of your money! Take a screenshot of your spouse’s phone and make sure they aren’t wasting your data away on dating websites!

See File Transfers

SpyEra makes it easy to view all file transfers happening on a system. This could be useful for making sure that your graphic designer is in fact creating graphics. Stretching your dollar per hour and potential profit from said activities. You can monitor your child’s computer and tablet and makes sure they aren’t downloading any malicious software that is going to cost you money in the long run! Put the power of intelligence in your hand today with SpyEra’s advanced system monitoring software.

Advanced Features of SpyEra


Set boundaries with GEOFENCING and know when your children leave a select box of coordinates. This makes sure you don’t need to constantly check but if they do leave the defined boundaries you will be sent an alert. Make sure your kids aren’t leaving where they said they were going to be with this advanced feature. If you run a company you may wish to use GEOFENCING to make sure your employees are at the job site and not off running their own errands on company time.

Monitor & Control Installed Applications

Easily view and monitor what applications your kids may have installed on their phones, tablet, or computer. Making sure they don’t download any applications that aren’t suitable to their age or limiting certain applications to bring behaviour into alignment. You can easily limit which applications are available on your company’s computers, making sure that your employees are only using the applications required to do their job.

Monitor VoIP Calls

Monitor all calls made over VoIP and make sure that your company line is only being used for business! Easily record and review calls past and present. This advanced feature makes it effortless to monitor employee performance during sales or support calls. Offer pointers and methods of improvement with more insight than ever. Think your spouse might be using a VoIP line to hide from you? Now you can be certain in your convictions!

Spy On Software Usage

What better way to make sure your programmers are spending enough time in the editor than to have real time view the length of time spent there. Now you can know for certain how much time your data entry employees actually spend doing data entry. You can see just how much time your children are spending on social media and limit the software’s usage as well. Start imposing boundaries and positive influence today with a subscription to SpyEra.

See Deleted Messages

Think someone is hiding something from you on their phone or tablet? Now you can find out! This advanced feature allows you to view ALL messages, even ones that have been deleted from the system. Now you can know for sure who your spouse and kids are really talking to. Make sure your employees are using the company phone for work only. Stay a step ahead of the world with SpyEra.

View Visited Websites

Kids can find anything on the web, that’s why it’s a good idea to monitor what your children are looking at and limit as needed. With SpyEra you can easily look back and see what has been visited, how many times, and the length of each visit. Now you will know for certain just how much time your significant other is spending talking with strangers in an online chatroom. You now have the power to do this and much much more with the versatility of SpyEra spying technology.

Record Phone Calls

Not only can you see what phone calls have been made on a particular phone, but you can also record and listen to that phone call at a later date. This is great for training new sales employees and giving them tips on how to sell the product. Found a suspicious number on your wife’s phone? Now with SpyEra you can click that phone call and listen to it instantly! All phone calls can be retrieved later on at a later date from the remote web control panel!

Hidden & Visible Mode

SpyEra allows you to control whether you would like it to run in hidden or visible mode. In hidden mode the target system has no idea that it is being monitored by a third party. The software shows no signs of having SpyEra installed and there is no way they will know that it’s installed unless you tell them. With visible mode it is made apparent you are monitoring the system. SpyEra allows you to select which mode you would like to installed in when you install and setup the software.

Microphone Access

Microphone access allows you to turn the microphone of a system on and listen in. This is a good tool for listening in on your kids at school and make sure their teacher is a good fit. Check in your employees at the job site and make sure they are focused at the task on hand and not too busy conversing over last night’s ball game. Tune in and listen in on your wife and her friends to get all the juicy gossip yourself. Applicability is endless.

Remote Update

Easily keep your SpyEra up to date on your monitored machines via its easy remote update function. This makes sure you always have the most up to date version of the software and it’s still undetectable and includes all the most recent features! With this advanced feature you can upgrade one or batch upgrade all the systems you monitor! This makes keeping your software upgraded across machines a breeze! Don’t wait, purchase and download SpyEra today and join the intelligence revolution.

SpyEra Packages & Pricing

SpyEra is one of the best products available for live monitoring. It’s advanced spying technology is award winning and unparalleled by competitors. SpyEra offers three packages to interested customers. SpyEra for Phone, This subscription allows you to install SpyEra on as many phones as you like and access the web panel for the duration of subscription. This subscription is $189 for 3 Months, $289 for 6 Months, or $389 for 12 months! You save 60% by taking the 12 Month subscription. There is another subscription available that covers all tablets, allowing you to monitor any tablet you install the software on from your remote web panel. The cost for the tablet version of SpyEra is $149 for 3 Months, $189 for 6 Months, or $249 for 12 Months. This will let you install the SpyEra software on any tablet IPad or Android and monitor it with ease. The third version of SpyEra is for computers, this download allows you to monitor any computer in your home or around the office. It’s the cheapest solution and rings in at $59 for a 3 Month subscription, $79 for a 6 Months subscription, or $99 for the one year subscription. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to use SpyEra on more than one you can invest in the All In One package that includes each of the previously mentioned downloads and allows you to monitor Phone, Tablet, and Computers. The All in One subscription cost $489 for 12 Months, or $689 for 24 Months! That’s huge savings if paying in advance!

Pros & Cons of SpyEra


  • Remotely monitor any Phone, Tablet, or Computer with ease from a remote control web panel.
  • The easy installation process makes it a breeze to go from purchasing to installed.
  • An affordable price for such a helpful and versatile tool.
  • Top of the line technology, has many advanced features that competitors do not.
  • Can run in hidden or visible mode, allowing the administrator to choose either at their discretion.
  • Advanced features such as microphone and camera accessibility allow for live monitoring.
  • Limiting features allow you to set usage on certain applications allowing you to better control your child’s screen time.
  • Smart features can individually monitor popular applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, and Skype individually.
  • An easy-to-use web panel allows the administrator to easily maintain and monitor his chosen systems.
  • The remote updates makes it a piece of cake to keep all your systems running the most recent version of SpyEra.


  • The All In One package can get a bit pricey if you need to monitor more than just a single phone, tablet, or computer.
  • You may find out information you didn’t want to know! Pride be warned.

Compatible Devices & System Requirements

SysEra was designed to be applicable across a wide array of devices. It can run efficiently on phones, tablets, and computers. Here we give an outline of the devices and operating systems that SpyEra can work with. When you download your purchase you will be given an installation file that easily installs the software on your chosen device.


  • Works on any and all Android phones.
  • Works flawlessly in the background on all iPhones. Tablets
  • Works with any and all iPads
  • Can be installed on any Android tablet.
  • Works perfect on all Windows based tablets. Computers
  • Works on all laptops or desktops with MacOS
  • Works on all computer systems with Windows.

No matter which device you choose to install SpyEra on it will install easily with minimal effort. Each purchase comes with a download for either phone, tablet, or computer for each operating system to ensure you get up and running quickly and painlessly, SpyEra uses very minimal system resources and is guaranteed to work on virtually any system.

Payment Methods

Once you have decided that SpyEra is the tool you need they make it easy to complete your purchase and maintain the subscription. You may manage your payment methods in the web panel very easily. SpyEra accepts many types of payment methods such as Credit Card, Debit Card, and Bitcoin! With this many options available you can have SpyEra up and running today! We suggest the debit card payment method as it will easily charge you every 3, 6, or 12 Months depending on the subscription you signed up for.

How do I get SpyEra?

It’s now easier than ever to purchase SpyEra and have it up and running in moment. All you need to do is select the subscription plan you would like as either 3, 6, or 12 Months recurring. Once you have done that you will be emailed the download link to your installer. You get an installer for either phones, tablets, computers, or All In One if you go with that package! Just click Buy Now to start the process and you will be taken to the payment gateway where you can select the correct options and complete your purchase.

How Reliable is SpyEra?

SpyEra far surpasses and competitor on the market in terms of reliable and undetectable software that functions at the performance level aforementioned described. There is a money back guarantee that says if you aren’t completely satisfied then you can return the software and cancel your subscription, that’s how much they believe ihe product they are providing! The software is specifically designed to run for long periods of time without intervention on behalf of the device’s operator. The SpyEra developers have a knack for creating stable, efficient, and useable software, and this product is no exception.

Installation & Setup of SpyEra

Never before has such an advanced spy technology been packaged in such an easily deployable way. Depending upon your target device, you will be given a download to an installer that can effortlessly be employed on the device to be monitored. Once you answer a few questions on the installers menu the application will be installed and running in the background. It will start up and stop when the device does and all that’s left for you to do is monitor it from the remote web panel. The remote web panel is part of your 3, 6 or 12 Month subscription and details on its usage are emailed upon receipt. You can login to the remote web panel from either your phone, tablet or computer. From there you have access to all the tools and offerings this adaptable product has to offer. If you experience any troubles in either installing or monitoring your devices you can contact the support department and they will be quick to answer any questions and get your problems resolved in a timely manner. The SpyEra team truly has their ducks in a row with this level of award magnetizing support. Don’t worry about not being able to get this software installed on the target device, it’s very easy and there’s always someone right there to help you if needed!

SpyEra FAQ’s

What Devices are Supported?

SpyEra works on a wide array of systems and devices. As far as phones are concerned it works on android phones, iphones, BlackBerry phones, and Symbian phones. Most modern phones use either Android or are iPhone’s, and we’ve got you covered. SpyEra works on Android Tablets, iPads, Windows computers, and iOS Mac’s without issue. The developers of SpyEra took a long time to plan out and decide how they would ensure that the software worked on virtually every device one may encounter. They did a great job of packaging the downloads in a way that makes it easy for the buyer to install on the device of their choice, even if they aren’t the most computer literate person in the world!

Is a JailBreak required?

Yes there is a JailBreak required for iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones. We provide instruction on how to jailbreak these phones so you can install SpyEra. SpyEra can however hide the jailbreak icon, so the operator will not know their phone is jailbroken. For all other devices it is not required you jailbreak the phone. SpyEra will easily install on Android Phones and Tablets without issue.

Is Root Required?

Root is related to installation on Android devices and no it is not needed. However you may be limited in some functionality but it is possible to login as root and install. You can find instructions on how to root your target device readily available online. Even though root is ideal and will ensure you have access to even the most advanced of functions available in the web panel, you will still be able to do a lot of monitoring if root is not available.

How Quickly Does it Work?

After you purchase you will be given the download link with installation device to run on the target device. After you have installed SpyEra on the target device you can login and immediately start monitoring so long as they are connected to a network, such as 3G or WiFi. As long as the device is able to connect to the internet then data will be being sent to the SpyEra web panel. If it for some reason goes out of service as soon as the phone is back within range of reception it will update the SpyEra website with the missing information.

Can I Use it on More than One Phone?

Each subscription to SpyEra is good to use on one phone. If you’d like to use it on another phone you can remove the first installation and load the software onto a new phone. If you’d like to use it to monitor more than one phone then you can contact us directly for a multi device subscription quote! We will offer discounts on monthly subscriptions for companies looking to run SpyEra on many machines, in an office for example. Don’t wait, get in touch!

Can I Pay by Wire Transfer?

Yes you can pay by wire transfer as well as credit or debit card. Simply wire the money to the given credentials on your order form. Once we have seen the money come through we will enable your subscription and send you the software download link so you can start monitoring your target device today! If you have any additional comments about ways you may be able to pay don’t hesitate to contact the SpyEra team and they may be able to figure out another way to pay if unable to Wire Transfer or Debit/Credit card.

How does the money back guarantee work?

We allow the customer 10 days to decide if they think SpyEra is worth their money. This gives them plenty of time to get the software installed and see how it works. We are so sure that you will be happy with your purchase that we offer this at no additional cost! Give it a try today, and if you don’t like it, we’ll give you your money back! But don’t worry at all because once you try this software you’re sure to fall in love with its easy to use interface and wide array of simple and advanced features!

How do I download the software?

All purchases are given a direct download link that can be used by the target device, this makes installation a breeze. You simply paste the URL in the target devices browser and it will download the software so you can install it and let it run in the background for as long as needed. You can select the operating system you need from the list of supported devices. SpyEra gives you easy to download links for Android, iOS, and Windows that can be downloaded directly to the device that is to be monitored.

How Safe is my Data?

SpyEra understands how valuable your data is and gives you the power to permanently delete anything saved on the web panel. Use this feature carefully though as it will truthfully perma delete the data at hand. SpyEra will never give your data to anyone unless legally forced to do so. So long as you aren’t breaking any laws than you can rest assured that your data is safe and well protected in the SpyEra datacenter. They employ seasoned professionals to upkeep and look after the servers, ensuring your privacy and the integrity of their word.

Why is SpyEra Subscription Based?

SpyEra gives you a powerful remote web control panel that you can access anytime and anyplace. The data it takes to store all the information cost money, and thus a monthly subscription to keep everything working for everyone is a must. It’s well worth the subscription as they give you a regularly updated product and a web panel that is truly an innovation in monitoring technology.

SpyEra Legalities

SpyEra promises to keep all data saved on their servers private and will not disclose your data to anyone unless required to by law. You may not use SpyEra for anything illegal and must agree to abide by all laws regarding such practices in your country and state. SpyEra is not held responsible for the content captured and stored on their servers, and the customer assumes full responsibility of SpyEra’s use. The SpyEra software is used to monitor family, employees, and children on phones, tablets, and computers you own, it shouldn’t be used otherwise.

Can I Trust SpyEra?

SpyEra has been operating in this field for a long time and are more than worthy of your trust. They will never give away your personal data and will always be prompt to help you regarding your service. There is a reason they are award winning and that’s because they back up their guarantees and understand the needs of the customer. If you’re looking for a company that you can put your faith in than SpyEra is just the name for the job! A company that has been around and truly has the best intentions for its loyal customer base.

Final Verdict – Is SpyEra right for me?

SpyEra is a brilliant piece of software. It’s a cutting edge spying tool that can be used to monitor device activity in either hidden or visible mode. It’s the perfect companion in the office when you’d like to be certain that your employees are on task and not wasting company time. You can monitor sales calls and offer tips to improve employee performance as well as monitor application usage and make sure your staff is doing what they say they are! It’s a irreplaceably valuable tool for monitoring your children and setting limits. You can monitor their location as well as set boundaries to notify you if they wander to far out of range. Its usage limiting features allow you to make sure they are getting plenty of outdoors time and not spending to much in the screen. The live monitoring features make it a valuable tool for monitoring what’s going on around your kids. Take these points into consideration when deciding if SpyEra is the tool you need. It is a great spy tool and is sure to do what you need and more. It has many awesome advanced features and its ability to run in either hidden or visible mode make its applications neverending!

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