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Track phone SMS and text messages with Surepoint Spy.

What is SurePointSpy?

SurePointSpy is a trusted mobile monitoring technology that puts the power of mobile monitoring in your hand. It’s an affordable solution and the support team is one of the best in the industry. SurePointSpy is perfect for parents that want to keep an eye on their children. Know their location at all times with the advanced location tracking feature. Keep an eye on who they are talking to and make sure they aren’t talking to any strangers on social media, text messages, or phone calls. Employers can benefit from SurePointSpy. Make sure your employees are doing what they should be doing and are where they need to be. You can record calls and make sure they are representing your company as efficiently as possible. Improve your sales and support performance by offering tips and insight. This is a great way to improve your bottom line and keep an eye on how your employees are spending their time, ensuring they aren’t spending company time on anything they shouldn’t be. SurePointSpy is the best technology for both parents and employers that want to be in the know. Don’t wait, buy SuerPointSpy and be up in running in minutes! It’s easy to install and is backed by a money back guarantee! You really can’t go wrong with SurePointSpy!

What can SurePointSpy be used for? makes it easy to monitor your children and employees. It’s a great way to always be in the know. No more guessing where your kids are. With this technology you can secretly monitor them and know their location all the time. SurePointSpy could be used to monitor a significant other that you think may be cheating. Make sure they aren’t spending all their time on Tinder looking to hook up with another, now you can know for sure if they are loyal! SurePointSpy lets you keep an eye on what applications are being used and how long they are running. This is a great way for making sure you children aren’t using any applications that they shouldn’t be using, you can also monitor employees and make sure they aren’t scrolling on Facebook when they should be spending time organizing the company calendar and making sure all the appointments are being filled on time. The application blocker function is a great way to make sure that your kids aren’t spending all their time on Snapchat and Instagram. Limit how much time they spend on specific applications or you can limit how much screen time they have in general. Ensure they get enough time outside taking in the sun and getting that vitamin D.

How Does SurePointSpy work?

This amazing software has been designed to be easily installed on the device, the advanced remote control panel lets you monitor your devices remotely and discreetly. After you purchase SurePointSpy you will be given a download link depending on what kind of operating system you are looking to install the software on. It works on both iOS and Android systems which covers most of the phones that are being used to date. All that’s to be done after making your payment is to grab the phone you’d like to monitor and install the package on the phone. That’s a very simple process. Merely take the download link and the target phone, open the web browser on the phone and put your link in it. The package will be downloaded, once it’s downloaded you can click it to run it. led The application will run and be installed in the background and run hidden until you decide you want to remove it. You need access to the target phone to be able to do this. Once the target phone has been setup you can then goto your phone and download the control panel app and login with the username and password that was given to you. Once you’re logged in with your username and password you can then proceed to use all the features that come with SurePointSpy. Everything is logged in the control panel so you can always go through what’s been happening on your employee’s or kids phone. Try today and enjoy all of its features!

Core Features of SurePointSpy

Monitor Text Messages

SurePointSpy gives you the power to remotely monitor your kids or employees text messages. View incoming and outgoing messages and make sure they aren’t texting anyone they shouldn’t be. You can use this to make sure your kids are safe and that your employees aren’t using their company phone for anything they shouldn’t be. Use this to make sure that your wife isn’t texting another guy. Now you have the power to know the truth! Be sure that your kids aren’t lying to you by checking the messages yourself. It may seem like an invasion of privacy but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

View Camera

With SurePointSpy you can easily view the target devices camera and microphone in real time at any time from your advanced remote control panel. Make sure your kids are safe by checking in on them from time to time. You never know how their teachers are treating them but now you can know that your kid isn’t being treated wrong or bullied by anyone by checking in and knowing for yourself! You can sign up for SurePointSpy today and be up and running in moment. It works with most any device and the installation is a breeze. If you really like the software you can pay in advance and get a discount by paying for 12 months instead of one month at a time.

Monitor Facebook

FaceBook is a huge place and kids are using it younger and younger now a days. You can easily monitor your kids facebook with SurePointSpy so you know they aren’t talking or meeting anyone they shouldn’t be. Teens are always curious and it’s better to be safe than sorry. You can use this to make sure your employees aren’t spending all their time on FaceBook instead of doing the work allotted to them. SurePointSpy truly is an amazing cell phone tracking application. It’s money back guarantee makes it a no brainer for anyone that needs to keep tabs on their family or employees. Make sure your kids are safe and your employees are on track today! Buy SurePointSpy now.

Location Tracking

SurePointSpy allows you to track your kids and make sure they are where they say they are going to be. Make sure your teen isn’t lying to you about their location. Now you can always know where they are. This is a valuable tool if they aren’t replying and you are getting worried or they get lost and you need to give them directions to get back where they belong! Employers can use this to make sure their employees are where they are supposed to be and not off getting lunch somewhere when they should be on the jobsite painting a house or delivering a pizza.

Web Activity

Keep tabs on what your kids are doing online. This amazing features lets you see what websites they are visiting and for how long. Make sure your kids aren’t looking at porn or any other inappropriate websites. Now you will know when it’s time to have the birds and bees talks with them. It’s a great way to know what your kids are into so you can connect with them better also. If they are looking up Wicca online then you can show interest and it will result in a better relationship. You can use this feature to make sure that your employees are doing what they are supposed to do and not wasting time on website that aren’t related to the work they are supposed to be doing. It’s alright to get off track a little bit but if they are spending 4 hours on FaceBook a day when they should be working at the jobsite then it might be time to have a talk with them and make sure they know they need to stay on track!

Call Logs

SurePointSpy allows you to see who is calling and who is being called from the target device. This is a good way to know for sure who your kids are talking to and make sure they aren’t talking to any strangers that don’t have their best interest in mind. It’s a good way to make sure they are talking to their grandparents enough and the like. Employers love this feature they can make sure that all the support and sales calls are being answered. You can listen in and make sure employees are representing your company in the best way possible. It truly is a versatile tool that doesn’t get enough attention. If you need the best in cell phone tracking software then SurePointSpy is the company for you. Get started today and you can be up and running in mere minutes. If you have any trouble then the support is always there to answer you, they even have phone support during working hours!

Email Monitoring

Keep an eye on your employees emails and make sure that they are writing back to customers or potential customers in a timely fashion. It’s a wonderful tool for reviewing what they are saying in the emails and make sure they are treating customers right and have a good attitude. The better they perform the more sales you will get and that truly is a blessing. The insight gives you the power to offer tips and keep your employees on track. Your customer base will thank you and so will your profits! Give SurePointSpy a try today and start knowing instead of wondering. Be in control now.

View Photos & Videos

Make sure your teens aren’t sending any photos or videos to people they shouldn’t be with the advanced media monitoring features of SurePointSpy. You can see all the photos and videos that are being taken and received on the target device. Make sure they aren’t sending any compromising photos that could get you or them in trouble if they got out to the public. Not only can you view them but you can remotely delete them if the need arises! What a wonderful sense of well being and security. If you need to monitor your teens or kids phone then SurePointSpy is the best option for you on the market today. With its advanced feature and unparalleled support there really is no competitor that even comes close.

Lock Target Phone

These features are extremely useful. Now you can lock the target phone remotely if you think your kids are spending to much time on the phone or they do something compromising and you want to teach them a lesson. You can lock their phone at the click of a button! Easily be in full control and show them you aren’t playing around. If they are being bad you can use this as a form of punishment to keep them in line. Remote lock their phone when they are being a brat and they are sure to put a better attitude on and smarten up so they can use their phone again. Kids need their phone in this day and age so it is good leverage to promote positive behaviour. Be in control and raise your kids right with the power of SurePointSpy.

Skype Monitoring

Skype is a popular video chatting software that many people use. Many predators use Skype trying to get teens and the like get naked on the screen. SurePointSpy lets you monitor skype and make sure that your kids aren’t doing that. You never know with all the people out there so it’s key that you have a way to monitor what’s going on in their life and make sure they aren’t partaking in any type of actions that they shouldn’t be doing. Monitor Skype remotely from your easy to use control panel, you get the login to the control panel after you have completed your purchase. Just pick the operating system that you need to install on and the correct package will be provided, give it a try.

Advanced Features of SurePointSpy


Monitor the target device’s Calendar and make sure your kids don’t have anything planned that they shouldn’t have. Its advanced feature allows you to monitor the Calendar and ensure they aren’t lying to you by having plans set other than what they tell you. It’s a great way to make sure your significant other isn’t cheating on you and setting plans up with another guy to have a secret vacation get away while your off on work. Make sure you know the truth about what’s going on in your family’s lives with the power of SurePointSpy. It truly is an amazing application that puts you in the know instead of just wondering about everything. Give it a go today.


This advanced feature allows you set boundaries and be alerted if your kids step outside their defined limitations. This is an amazing feature because you don’t need to keep checking your remote control panel, you can have it alert you when they step outside of where you set where they should be. You can set the boundaries around the job site and make sure that your employees are staying where they are supposed to be and not running errands on company time. This feature is great for making sure you are getting the most for the money you are spending to have them work. Know where your kids and employees are at all time with this amazing advanced feature. You can order and be setting up the GeoFencing feature in moments!

Contact Monitoring

With the advanced features of SurePointSpy you can easily browse through the contacts on the target device and make sure your kids aren’t talking to people they shouldn’t be. Make sure they aren’t lying to you about who they are friends with. If you know someone is a bad influence you can be sure that they aren’t talking to them by checking the contact list and seeing for yourself just who they are talking to and for how long. This is a great feature for parents to keep an eye on their kids and know who their children’s friends are. Be in the know instead of constantly worrying, this application is sure to lower your stress levels!

Device Diagnostics

With this advanced software you can make sure your kids are treating their new smartphone right and not downloading a bunch of junk applications that they shouldn’t be downloading. See the memory usage and view all the applications that are running so if they complain that their phone is going slow you will be able to tell them just what they need to install. Make sure they aren’t using all the space and data by downloading a bunch of things they shouldn’t be. Now you can know everything about the target phone. Go ahead and buy SurePointSpy today and take advantage of all these amazing and easy to use advanced tools. An amazing cell phone tracker is now easily accessible to you!

Remote Uninstall

SurePointSpy lets you remotely uninstall the software. This is great if you’ve been using SurePointSpy for a few years and you’ve built up trust with your children, You can remote uninstall the software so they wont even know that you were monitoring them before. This is a good choice if you’re going to sell the phone and upgrade their phone to a better one also. Since you can only use this software on one phone at a time you can remote uninstall it from the phone your going to sell and then reinstall it on the new phone if you’d like to continue monitoring them with this advanced spying technology.

Instagram Monitoring

Instagram is a popular social media site that lets people post pictures easily right from the application. Make sure your kids aren’t posting any risky pictures that could invite unwanted attention from strangers on the internet. You can review their direct messages and make sure they aren’t talking to anyone they shouldn’t be talking to. This amazing software lets you monitor Instagram and many other social media applications. You can see how long they have been on the application and tell them they need to spend less time on it if they are investing way to much time into social media.

Free Remote Upgrades

SurePointSpy is constantly being upgraded with new features. Once you have a subscription you can get all the upgrades for free! They will automatically be installed on the target device and your remote control center will automatically update itself as well. The target device won’t know that it’s being upgraded but will always be up to date. Now you can get excited everytime an update is released and you can login to your remote control panel and use the new updates immediately! It’s always being updated to ensure it’s hidden even after iOS and Android release updates. This type of anonymity is priceless and the simplicity makes it a no brainer. You need SurePointSpy today.

Online Control Panel

The online control panel is simple to use and very powerful. It’s logging feature saves everything and lets you sort through it easily. You get the login to your online remote control panel when you signup and you can start using it immediately. You can login to your control panel and monitor your kids as long as your phone has an active connection! Don’t miss a thing! You can login to your control panel and have access to all of these advanced features. Start monitoring your children today and keeping them safe or monitoring your employees and make sure they staying on track.

View Notes

SurePointSpy lets you monitor the phone’s notes and see what’s being saved on the phone. Now you can know what your kids are thinking about by checking the notes and seeing for yourself. Make sure your employees are taking the notes they should be when they visit a jobsite to give an estimate. This is a great way to keep tabs on things. If you think this kind of cell phone tracking software is what you need then go ahead and order today. You can be up and online monitoring in just minutes after purchase! A link will be sent with you with the control panel login and another link that you can use to download and install on the target device. It’s affordable to!

Monitor WhatsApp

WhatsApp is another application that teens and others use to get around being monitored. Make sure your kids aren’t talking to the wrong people on WhatsApp! Now you can be sure. Check and see who they are talking to at all times. Make sure your employees aren’t using WhatsApp and talking to people online when they should be answering support calls or packaging and delivering products. Now you can know instead of wonder, feel the safety of being able to monitor your children and improve your bottom line by keeping your employees focused.

SurePointSpy Packages & Pricing

There are several packages available that you can choose from depending on your needs. All the packages have been tailored to be affordable for their given audience and are built by quality developers especially for you. SurePointSpy works on both Android and iPhone. It has specific packages you can choose depending on what device you need to monitor. Both versions for Android and iPhone have the same pricing structure. You can pay $69.99 per month for the software and it comes with just the software and works on one phone. If you add the option that lets you use it on multiple devices it’s an additional $29.99. If you’d like the optional 24 hour support it’s another $29.99. You can get everything they offer for $129.95. This is a great price compared to their competitors! Now you can have this advanced cell phone tracking software at an affordable price. Get in touch with their sales team and see what package fits you best! SurePointSpy is an affordable option when it comes to monitoring software.

Compatible Devices & System Requirements

SurePointSpy was developed in such a way as to work on most devices on the market now. It works on both Android and iPhone’s, which is a majority of the phones in use. You more than likely run one of these operating systems. If you don’t have an iPhone then you likely use Android as it’s a very popular operating system in this day and age. The developers made sure to make SurePointSpy minimal as far as system requirements are concerned. It runs quietly in the background and uses very little memory or space. All the data is sent over to the control panel server and saved there so it doesn’t take up a lot of space on the cell phone you are monitoring.

Payment Methods

SurePointSpy makes it easy to purchase and requires no monthly payment. The order form is easy to use and immediately makes your charge so you can be using the software minutes after paying. Simply visit the order form on their website and select the package that you need, from there you can select the type of debit card or credit card you’d like to use to buy SurePointSpy. You can easily fill out the form and select either Visa, Mastercard, or AMEX, Discover and more! It covers all popular cards to ensure that you can easily make your payment no matter what bank card you have. If you’re interested in starting to use SurePointSpy just go ahead and go to the order form and fill it out correctly, you will get an email with all the information you need to get setup and monitoring!

How Do I Get SurePointSpy?

It’s easy to get SurePointSpy and you can have it running correctly on your target device very quickly. In order to do this all you need to do is visit the order page on their website and fill out form and click the button to complete your purchase depending on which operating system the phones you are trying to track uses. Once you have made your purchase you will promptly receive an email that has all the information you need to get up and running. You will be given a download link to the control panel app and then installation file that is used to install the software on your target device. Once you download it on the target device and run it so it installs it will silently run in the background and send information to your control panel that you can check from anywhere with an internet connection. It has never been easier to keep tabs on your kids and employees! Give SurePointSpy a try today!

How Reliable is SurePoint Spy?

SurePointSpy has been a leader in cell phone tracking technology for awhile. Many satisfied customers have given testimonials on how much they enjoy using SurePointSpy. It has been featured in many reputable blogs as a leader in cell phone monitoring software. Now you have access to this amazing software at an affordable price! They offer basic support and advanced support, if you pay the extra for the advanced support then you can enjoy 24 hour support. They are one of the most reliable companies when it comes to monitoring software. The developers spent a lot of time developing this software and they stand behind it 100%. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and order today!

Installation & Setup of SurePointSpy

SurePointSpy has been created to be easily installed on the target device. The whole process is very easy and even someone that’s not fluent with technology can easily install and monitor their kids or employee’s phones. All you need to do is complete your payment and you will receive an email with the correct download. Grab your target phone and open the web browser so you can paste the download link into it. After that it will start the download and all you need to do is open the file so that it can silently be installed in the background. Once it’s running in the background it will immediately be sending the information you want to your control panel. You can then give the target device back to your child and login to your advanced remote control panel or have the information emailed to you when you are given access to all the wonderful features of this amazing software. Go ahead and give it a go and you can be monitoring you kids and know where they are at all times! It’s a good source of peace of mind for parents and we recommend it if you have young children or teens. Know what’s going on in their life all the time!

SurePointSpy FAQ

What do I get after purchasing?

After purchasing you will be emailed the software that you can use to download on your target device. It’s easy to install and doesn’t’t take long at all. When you setup the software you input an email and all the information will then be mailed to that email address every 10 minutes so you can always be up to date with what’s going on with your kids. This is a great piece of software and you benefit by being able to check in on your kids no matter where they are!

How are the GPS locations plotted?

The GPS location is updated every 10 minutes and it’s plotted on the familiar software Google Maps. This is great because you can see them on the map and realize right where they are especially if you are familiar with the area. You can zoom in and make sure they are at the park like they said or check and make sure your employees are at the job site and not just running around town doing errands. Knowledge is power!

What’s needed for installation?

To install SurePointSpy you will need to have access to the phone for as little as 10 minutes. You just download the package on the phone and answer a few questions and it will be installed and run silently in the background until you message it with a secret code to remove the software. It’s great to remove the software sometimes if you are upgrading phones and want to move the software to another phone. They really have thought of everything!

Does anything happen if we change numbers?

No. SurePointSpy is installed on the phone memory so as long as the device is the same device it still work. The information will still be sent to the email you specified as long as you use that phone you installed it on. The only way it would be uninstalled is if you do so with the remote tool. The remote tool will let you uninstall it. Otherwise it will remain on the phone until you’re ready to remove it. That’s great for peace of mind!

Where is the information sent from the phone?

The information is sent to an email that you setup and it will constantly keep you updated allowing you to keep tabs. You can put in your phone and use the control panel as well. Everything is very easy to install and you can be up and running in no time. It’s very easy to monitor your kids phone with SurePointSpy. This type of knowledge will make sure you know where your kids are at all the time.

Does the Android Phone need to have root?

No. You can install it on an Android phone easily. All you need to do is open the browser and type in the URL given, it will then download on the device where you can run it and install it by just answering a few questions. Once it’s installed it will immediately start sending information to the specified destination.

Is it required I jailbreak the iPhone?

Yes. You need to jailbreak the iPhone to enjoy all of SurePointSpy’s features but it’s very easy to do and you can find a manual just by typing in the iPhone version. Then you can easily jailbreak the phone and have all the advanced features of SurePointSpy. It shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes to jailbreak the phone and install the monitoring software.

How do I get the information?

The information is sent to the number or email you specified and will be updated every 10 minutes. Since you don’t need to use the SurePointSpy’s servers to receive your information you save a lot of money on monthly fees by just setting up your own server to monitor the phones you’d like to. The installation is easy and they walk you through it when you buy the software. If you have any trouble getting it installed they are right there to help and provide documentation to make the whole process as easy as possible.

Is there any subscription fees monthly?

No. SurePointSpy lets you run your own server and control panel or receive the information in your email this will save you a lot of money since you don’t need to pay them monthly to host your control panel. All the information you need to set this up is provided upon purchase and is laid out step by step. It’s all very simple and the way they explain it even your grandmother could install and get everything running in under an hour. Give it a try today and start monitoring your kids phone at an affordable price!

Can I monitor a phone with just the number?

No. We get this question often. In order to use SurePointSpy you need to have physical access to the target device that you’d like to install the software on. You don’t need to have the phone for long if you’d like to keep it hidden just ask for it for a few moments and download the software. You can have the software installed on the device you’d like to monitor in under 10 minutes in most cases! That’s quick enough to sneakily install it without the owners knowledge if you don’t want your kids to know so you can see what they are really up to. Give SurePointSpy a try today!

SurePointSpy – Legalities

By using SurePointSpy you agree that you’re not using the software for anything illegal. You’re only allowed to use SurePointSpy on phones that you own, such as your company phones or family phones. They will never share your information with any 3rd parties unless required to by law.

Can I trust SurePointSpy?

SurePointSpy is a reliable company that provides exactly what they say they do. They have a ton of testimonials and customers tend to come back time and time again whenever they find themselves in a position where they need the power and knowledge provided by SurePointSpy. If you need a quality cell phone monitoring application then SurePointSpy is the best solution for you.

Final Verdict – Is SurePointSpy right for me?

SurePointSpy is an advanced cell phone tracking application. If you’re looking to track your children and make sure they are where they say they are then this could be solution you’re looking for. It’s always good to have the peace of mind of knowing who your kids are talking to. Be in control and know what’s going on with SurePointSpy! Employers can use SurePointSpy to monitor their employees and make sure they are where they need to be and doing what they need to do. This will increase profits and allow you to provide insights as needed. If you need quality cell phone tracking software then SurePointSpy is for you, Buy it today and enjoy all the amazing features it provides!

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