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Track mobile phone usage with TeenSafe.

What is TeenSafe?

TeenSafe is a cell phone monitoring application that lets you monitor your child’s Android or iOS and ensure they are safe and secure! It has many advanced monitoring features that give you peace of mind. Now you can be sure your kids are safe and they are where they say they are and not off hanging out with the wrong crowd. Its advanced GPS location tracking lets you keep tabs on their location while the easy to use control panel makes reviewing their text messages and phones calls as simple as 1..2…3! Now you can ensure your kids aren’t using social media to talk to strangers, ensure they aren’t using risky applications, limit their screen time, and more! TeenSafe is the best in cell phone tracking software. With this advanced spying technology your kids won’t even know you’re monitoring them, and you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing what’s going on in their lives! Purchase TeenSafe today and find out for yourself why so many parents have recommended it for keeping tabs on their children. The advanced features of TeenSafe put you in control of your teens phone usage and let you know what’s really going on!

What can TeenSafe be used for?

TeenSafe is a versatile cell phone tracking software that can be used many different ways. Monitor your child’s text messages and make sure they aren’t sending any innapropriate messages or being stalked by any creepy individuals. Record their phone calls so you can go back and listen to them when you find the time, keeping tabs on who they are talking to and about what. You can set GeoFencing rules to receive alerts when they leave a defined set of boundaries such as the park. Monitor the web browsing history and make sure they aren’t visiting any websites they shouldn’t be visiting. Monitor and limit their application usage so they aren’t spending all their time on social media and games when they should be doing homework to get into that awesome college they are striving for! The advanced and easy to use control panel makes it easy for you to use all these features and more remotely anywhere you have an internet connection or 3G. You can keep tabs on them while you’re at work and ensure they aren’t lying to you about where they are going. TeenSafe puts the power of advanced spying technology in your hands so you can watch your kids from afar and make sure they are staying safe!

How Does TeenSafe Work?

The TeenSafe software was developed to be easy to install and even easier to use. It’s as simple as purchasing the correct version (Either Android or iPhone) and downloading the installer file. Once you have the download file you can grab your target device and download the file to it. You then run and install the file on your target device where it is silently installed and runs in the background. It will run in the background until you decide to uninstall it. TeenSafe constantly sends monitoring information to your remote control panel where you can login and monitor the device from anywhere you are! Now you can view your teens text messages while your at the office and make sure what they are telling you matches up with what they are planning with their friends. The advanced features of TeenSafe let you set up alerts and be notified if anyone that shouldn’t be calling does. These alerts make it easy to know what’s going on in your childs life without you having to constantly monitor the cell phone you’re tracking. TeenSafe gives you these features and a more at an affordable rate! Give it a try today risk free!

Core Features of TeenSafe

Call Logs

TeenSafe saves all sent and received calls in your control panel, even if the call list is deleted by the phone operator. Stay ahead of the ball by knowing who your teens are talking to and who is calling them. You can never be to safe in this day and age, TeenSafe puts the power in your hands. You can review the calls made on the target phone and question your teen as needed.

SMS Monitoring

Now you can know exactly who your teen is texting with. TeenSafe lets you see both sent and received text messages. Knowing who your teens are talking to gives you a peace of mind. You can make sure they are only talking to people who have their best interest in mind. Take your child’s safety seriously with TeenSafe. Download and try it for free today and see for yourself! You won’t be disappointed!

Record Phone Calls

TeenSafe allows you to monitor all the incoming and outgoing calls and also lets you listen to them live. If your teen is in a phone call you can login to your control panel and listen into their conversation in real time. Not only can you listen to phone calls live, but you can also record phone calls so you can review the call later and make sure that your teen is being safe. Try TeenSafe today and start recording all phone calls with its advanced spying technology!

Email Monitoring

TeenSafe lets you view all emails being sent and received from the target device. It’s easier than ever to know who your child is sending emails to. They may be trying to be sneaky by using email to conversate with people they shouldn’t, but with the power of TeenSafe you can view all emails and know for sure that you know what’s going on in their life in every aspect! Be in the know today with TeenSafe.

Browsing History

TeenSafe makes it easy to view all the browser history in one easily searchable control panel. You can view all the website they visit ordered by the ones they most frequently visit. Make sure your kid isn’t looking at any adult content they shouldn’t be by using TeenSafe to keep tabs on them. You’ll be happy you did!

Photos & Videos

TeenSafe monitors all photos and videos on the target device. Now you can rest assured that your teen isn’t sending any photos or videos to anyone they shouldn’t be. You can make sure no one is sending them any inappropriate videos or photos as well. Teens are curious creatures and its best to be sure than be sorry. Try TeenSafe today.

GPS Location

With TeenSafe’s GPS location you can easily check in and see where your kid is at all times. It gives you the location plotted on a Google Map. Easy to see and easy to use. Now you can see where they are and where they have been. It’s an invaluable tool if your child gets lost and you can’t get ahold of them, now you can go right to them! Give TeenSafe a try today and enjoy the joy of knowing instead of wondering.

Snapchat Monitoring

Many kids these days use SnapChat, it’s an application you can use to send and receive photos and chats which are deleted immediately. Many people use SnapChat to send innapropriate messages. Now you can know for sure your kid isn’t flirting with anyone they shouldn’t be with TeenSafe’s advanced SnapChat monitoring features. Just login to your control panel and start monitoring today.

Block Applications

TeenSafe gives you the power to block and limit applications. This is a great way to make sure your kids aren’t using applications they shouldn’t be such as dating apps. Now you can scroll through all the applications they have installed and cherry pick the ones you’d like to allow them access to. You can control all the applications available on the target device from the advanced control panel you are given when you signup for TeenSafe.

Lock Phone

With the power of TeenSafe you can remotely lock the target phone if you think the need exists. You can use this feature as a way to punish your teen if they are acting out of line. Chances are they will see things you way when you take away your phone since kids use phones for everything today and love staying in touch with their friends. Take back control. It’s easy to lock the phone using your advanced control panel that comes standard with every subscription to TeenSafe. Signup today!

Advanced Features of TeenSafe

Contact Alert

Have someone that you don’t want your kid talking to? Now you can set an alert to be notified if that person tries to call your kid or your kid tries to call that person. You can block the number or just be notified when a bully calls your kid again so you can record the phone call and give it to the proper authorities to stop bullies from picking on your kid!


GeoFencing is the ability to specify boundaries for your kids and be notified if they cross these boundaries. For example you could put the GeoFence around the park and be notified when your kid leaves the park. This is a great way to hold your kid accountable and make sure they aren’t running off doing their own things when they told you they would be somewhere. Find out if your kid is lying to you today with the power of TeenSafe!

Device Reset

If you’re selling the phone and want to use TeenSafe on another phone its now easier than ever to reset the phone you’re selling. Simply login to your advanced control panel and find the device reset button. Confirm that you would like to reset the device and it will wipe the device clean and remove every trace of TeenSafe as well, allowing you to install it on a new device. Have complete control today with TeenSafe’s advanced spy technology.

Listen & View Surroundings

TeenSafe’s advanced spying technology allows you to listen into the device’s surroundings in real time. You can enable the microphone and ‘hear what’s going on in around your kid. This is a great way to make sure they aren’t in situations they shouldn’t be. Simply access your control panel and find the remote real time listening feature, you can instantly listen in at any time. This type of power is great for finding destroying worry by knowing your kids babysitters, teachers, and friends have their interest at heart. Give TeenSafe a try for free today.

Location History

Check in on your teen and make sure they are where they say they are. With TeenSafe you can plot where your kid has been all day on a map so you can review and make sure they aren’t visiting any places they shouldn’t be. The advanced control panel makes all this a piece of cake. Make sure they aren’t lying to you about who they are visiting or where they have been today with TeenSafe, it truly is an amazing piece of software.

Social Media Monitoring

TeenSafe monitors all the major social media accounts such as Facebook, Tinder, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter easily. Now you can know for sure your kid isn’t being harassed by strangers on the internet by checking for yourself! No more wondering about who your child is talking to, now you can login to your control panel and check for yourself! There is a free trial so you can try TeenSafe and make sure it has everything you need before deciding to signup for a subscription!

Remote Control Panel

Once you have signed up for your subscription you will be given your download and also a username and login for your control panel where you can easily monitor your target device easily from a GUI designed with you, the end user, in mind! Signup for a subscription and give it a try today, you won’t be sad you did! TeenSafe is so sure that you will love their software they offer a money back guarantee!

Remote Upgrades

TeenSafe is constantly upgraded to make sure that it will remain running in the background hidden on any device. It runs silently and when an update is released it automatically downloads and installs the new version so you always have the most efficient and smoothly running version. This also ensures you will always have all the features available. As long as you have an active subscription your TeenSafe software will stay updated with the latest version!

Discreet Installation

The TeenSafe software is developed to be discreet and it will run hidden in the background. There is no way that the phone operator will know that the TeenSafe software is running after its installed. It will run in the background on the device until you decide to remove it. This makes it easy to monitor your children without them thinking they are invading your privacy unless you decide to tell them. Try TeenSafe today and enjoy the power of knowing what’s going on in your kids life!

TeenSafe Packages & Pricing

TeenSafe is one of the best deals in cell phone tracking technology. It works on both Android and iPhone and comes with a 7 day free trial. After the 7 day free trial there is a monthly fee of 14.95$! This is much cheaper than their competitors. It’s the same price for both Android and iPhone and they promise never to charge you extra. The monthly subscription comes backed by a wonderful support team that will make sure all your questions are answered in a timely manner and you have everything you need to monitor and watch your child’s phone easily and securely.

Pros & Cons of TeenSafe


  • TeenSafe has an easy to use control panel that lets you keep an eye on your child remotely no matter where you are so long as you have an internet or 3G+ connection.
  • The 7 day free trial lets you use TeenSafe for a week to decide if it does everything you need.
  • Many people agree that TeenSafe is an effective and useful tool for monitoring your children and making sure they are safe.
  • Monitor social media and make sure your kids aren’t talking to strangers they shouldn’t be.
  • The easy to use payment system makes it a breeze to have your payment automatically taken out and subscription renewed each month.
  • GPS Tracking allows you to know where your kids are at all times even if you aren’t with them.


  • Only monthly billing available, no option to pay for several months in advance.

TeenSafe Compatible Devices & System Requirements

TeenSafe was designed by a group of competent developers with compatibility in mind. It’s designed to use minimal resources and work on a wide array of devices. It currently has support for Android and iOS which covers most phones on the market today from major carriers. It’s installed on the system and doesn’t need a SIM card to work and the only function the installation package has is to report data to the remote control panel, so it can work on even older phones. The installation process is easy and takes almost no time at all. It quickly installs on any Android device or iPhone, even the older iPhones. If you have bought your system in the last several years than it’s almost guaranteed that it’s going to work flawlessly and install very easily. Give TeenSafe a try today and feel the power of this advanced spying technology for yourself.

Payment Methods

TeenSafe team has set up the payment system to make it easy and quick for you to start and maintain your service. They accept all major debit and credit cards issued by VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, DISCOVER, and more. Once you have completed your payment you will receive a receipt in your email. You will also receive a notification everytime they process a payment so you know for sure that your payment has been made and there will be no interruption in your service. You can cancel your subscription at any time as long as you know the email you signed up with and the card you use to pay for it. Simply cancel the recurring subscription and you will no longer be charges for TeenSafe. You may choose to do this when your teen gets a bit older and has gained your trust and you no longer need to monitor their activities so closely. Pay with credit or debit card after your 7 day free trial!

How do I get TeenSafe?

Getting TeenSafe is quick and easy! You can sign up for the 7 day free trial on the website and be sent a welcome email immediately. Once you get the welcome email you will notice it contains a download link to both the iPhone and Android packages you need to install on your target device. Once the software is installed and running quietly in the background you can then access your control panel that you were also given details for in the welcome email. With both the download file and control panel in hand you are now ready to appreciate all of TeenSafe’s features;. You can navigate to the control panel login with the login URL given and input your credentials. You will then be taken into your personal control panel that has all the monitoring features you need to make sure your kids are safe and out of harm’s way. This takes a lot of stress off your shoulders and makes it easy to be a good and reliable parents by always knowing where your kid is and who they are talking to. This gives you valuable insight on your kids life and gives you more things to talk about with them! What a great way get to know your kids. Give TeenSafe a try today and you will not be let down, it truly is the best when it comes to software used for monitoring and ensuring your kids safety and whereabouts.

How Reliable is TeenSafe?

TeenSafe was built with reliability in mind. It’s designed in such a way as to run for long periods of time unhindered on the target device. Many people attest to the reliability of TeenSafe. Its been praised by famous people and large companies alike as a stand up tool for monitoring and keeping tabs on your children. We would rate TeenSafe a 10/10 for reliability, they have a strong track record and give us no reason not to think they are reliable. They have professionals that make sure the server’s your data is on are kept secure and running efficiently. The server that hosts your information for the control panel is guarded and watched over 24/7 with a professional administrator on shift at all times to make sure everything runs smoothly. All data is backed up so in the event of a hardware failure that isn’t an issue. There will be no down time and all your information will be kept safe and secure until you decide to delete it or cancel your subscription. This is a great piece of mind knowing that hackers lack ability to hack into the system and download your personal information. Give TeenSafe a try today and see for yourself how reliable they can be!

Installation & Setup of TeenSafe

It’s a very simple process to get started with TeenSafe. First you must sign up for the free trial and they will send you a welcome email with all the information you need to start your setup. If you have any questions during the installation you can contact support and have them help you get up and running quickly and easily. The first step is to grab the target device and install the software on the phone so it will begin sending all its information to your control panel. The installation is done by taking the target device and opening the web browser, navigating to the download link provided will initiate the download. Once the file is downloaded you can pull down the menu and click on the file name to begin installation. It will ask you a few quick questions and install itself on the hardware’s internet hard drive. From then on it will be sending the information from the target device to your control panel. You can open your control panel and login with the credentials you have been given. Once logged into the control panel you have access to the many exciting features of TeenSafe and can proceed to monitor and manage your targeted device. The control panel is easy to use and updates every few minutes. It updates when the target phone sends the information such as a new text or phone call over to the TeenSafe servers where it is organized and displayed easily on the control panel for you. This makes monitoring and checking your child’s location as easy as 1.. 2.. 3! Take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy and utilize such a brilliant piece of software today! The best part? It comes with a 7 day free trial so you can use it and make sure it works in every way you desire! Signup today.

TeenSafe FAQ’s

What is TeenSafe?

TeenSafe is a monitoring device that allows you to monitor your teens online presence. You can monitor their text messages, phone calls, emails, web browsing and more. If you’d like to give TeenSafe a try, visit the website and sign up for the free trial today.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription from the control center you are given access to when you sign up. Simply log in to the control center and click your payments. From there you can go ahead and remove the automatic payment lifting the monthly 14.95 subscription fee.

Does my Teen know i’m using TeenSafe?

No your teen will not know that you’re using TeenSafe unless you want them to. You can tell them it is running and that you can see everything they are doing and perhaps they will act more inline with their highest ideals knowing their parents are keeping an eye on them.

Does it work with all Mobile Phones?

TeenSafe works with most mobile phones. It has packages for both Android and iPhone. That covers most carriers hardware. You can contact support and make sure your device is supported to be 100% certain, or download the 7 day free trial and try for yourself.

Can I add more than one phone?

Each subscription is good for one phone, if you’d like to monitor multiple phones you can have multiple subscriptions or you can contact us if you’d like to monitor many phones and we can work out a specialized deal just for you.

How do I monitor the phone?

First you install the TeenSafe client on the target device and then you login to your remote control panel where you can monitor and manage the phone. It’s easy to use and only takes a few minutes to get started, give it a try today!

Can I see their location?

Yes, TeenSafe allows you to easily track your child’s location from your smartphone. Simply sign up for the 7 day free trial and get it installed and from there you will find it easy to monitor the GPS location of the device from your control panel. The control panel receives the coordinates of each device every 10-15 minutes and updates the coordinates on a map so you always have a fresh idea of where your child is. Keep tabs on your children and avoid the stress of not knowing if they are where they say they are! Give TeenSafe a try today and enjoy all the benefits.

Can I read their text messages?

Yes, you can easily read your child’s messages from your remote control panel with TeenSafe. Simply login and you can view all messages being sent and received. View who sent the text message and how long ago it was sent and see what was said back. No more wondering if your teen is really going to their friends house when they may be going to meet up with some people they shouldn’t be, now you can know for certain what’s going on and where!

How much is it monthly?

After the 7 day trial the cost is 14.95 per month. This is an affordable rate and makes TeenSafe a great choice. Many other competitors can charge up to $100 a month for such software, but TeenSafe has proven again why they are the leader among competition, offering each subscription at only $14.95 makes it affordable for everyone to enjoy this great piece of mind. Give it a try today!

Is it legal?

It is legal to use TeenSafe as long as you’re using it on devices that you own. You will have no problems downloading and using TeenSafe on your child’s phone. As long as you aren’t downloading this software to spy on an enemy by secretly installing it on their phone then you have nothing to worry about, since it’s for your teens phone you more than likely pay the bills. If however they pay their bills and you don’t own the phone, you wouldn’t have the right to install it, but the chances of that are slim. Now that you know it’s legal you can go ahead and download TeenSafe today and give it a try.

TeenSafe – Legalities

TeenSafe requires that you own the phone you’re using their software on. They will never give away any of your personal information and will go the extra length to protect it by hiring high quality security professionals to manage and keep their servers up to date. The only reason they would give your information away is if they were required to by law such as if you were using TeenSafe to illegal monitor a person’s phone that wasn’t owned by you. As long as the phone is in your name and you pay the bills for it they would never have a reason to do that. They promise to never sell your information to third party companies who may use the information to target you with advertising.

Can I Trust TeenSafe?

TeenSafe is a legitimate company that has been in business for many years and provides a top notch quality product that does everything it is intended to do, such as monitoring text messages, phone calls, and social media activity, while giving you power to view which applications are being used on the target device, and even track the GPS location. This is a great company with many members around the world who praise the peace of mind given by the TeenSafe company. It is a safe piece of software that has been scanned and is proven to only do the things intended. Rest assured that you can trust your information and monitoring needs to TeenSafe, they truly are a leader among their competition. They have been working with parents from around the world to make sure that their software is the best and most affordable on the market. There has never been such an advanced piece of monitoring software available that is easy to install and comes complete with a remote desktop until now. Parents around the world have written in expressing their gratitude to the company for developing such a stand up product and standing beside it like they do. You can add to these stories by giving TeenSafe a try today and seeing for yourself first hand they truly are a company you can trust and put your money behind. They offer a money back guarantee if you think the product doesn’t do everything it needs to, so give it a try today.

Is TeenSafe Right For Me?

TeenSafe is a brilliant piece of software that was carefully put together by a team of developers for one specific reason: To monitor your children online. It gives you all the tools needed to complete such a task. You will have no problem getting the software installed after you have initiated your free trial that lasts for seven days. With TeenSafe installed you will be able to monitor your teenagers text messages and easily see who they are sending and receiving texts from. You can effortlessly download their chat logs and make sure they aren’t talking to any strangers online that they shouldn’t be! This is a great feature and will help keep you stress free and your children safe. The software allows you to track their GPS coordinates so you know where your teen is at all time. Think they might be lying to you? Now you can know for sure. Start tracking their whereabouts and know for sure where your child is at all times. You can see what applications they are using and make sure your young teen isn’t using any inappropriate dating applications that they shouldn’t be. Take a look at their web browsing history and be confident they aren’t looking up any illegal information or downloading adult videos that could get them in trouble. The TeenSafe team go the extra mile to make sure the software works quickly and efficiently for you so you can tend to bigger problems. Everyone wants to give their kid a phone when they get the right age so they can always be in contact, now you can do that but still know what’s going on in their lives. This is a great way to get to know your kids better and bring up topics you know they are interested in. If any of this seems like something you would be interested in then take the plunge today and see if TeenSafe lives up to its reputation, you have nothing to lose with the free 7 day trial! The advanced control panel makes it easy to check on your kid and monitor their phone anywhere you are. Simply login with the credentials provided from your mobile phone or laptop and you can instantly have access to all of its great features. Never miss a thing with TeenSafe! Go give it a try today.

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