TheOneSpy Review

Read our in depth review of TheOneSpy phone tracker app.

What is TheOneSpy?

TheOneSpy is an award winning parental monitoring and surveillance app you can use to monitor all your childrens electronic activity in real time. Nothing gets by the TheOneSpy programs patented tracking features, and you can rest easy knowing you and your family’s cell phone activities are monitored 24/7 without error. Subscriptions to TheOneSpy service are available in 1, 3, 6, and 12 month contracts.

You’ll also be able to produce genuine proof of your cellular activities to law enforcement in order to protect yourself. TheOneSpy activity logs can be used as evidence in court to prove your innocence. In our digital age, you need to take preventative measures to safeguard yourself. If you’re not active in protecting yourself from digital/online threats, chances are YOU WILL become a victim of electronic crime at some point.

After using TheOneSpy for about a month, we found it to be one of the most deluxe PC / Tablet tracking services you can get. It comes with everything you need in one convenient package. You get coverage for ALL your cell phones functions at once, and it even comes with support for multiple users and profiles inside a single subscription package. That makes for a pretty good value in our opinion.

In this review article, we’ll be detailing everything about TheOneSpy program, how you can use it to your advantage, and more. You can use this review as a pre-requisite learning tool to become familiar with it. And before we go any further, you should know that not all PC / tablet tracking software is created equal. But TheOneSpy is definitely the best we’ve found in terms of overall quality.

What Can TheOneSpy Be Used For?

Keeping Tabs On Your Employees

There’s many ways you can use TheOneSpy to track your activities. Your limited only by your imagination. For example, TheOneSpy can track daily employee activities and workdays, no problem. But adding a bit of innovation “to the mix” can produce some amazing results. Collecting daily TheOneSpy stats can help you form accurate business projections, spreadsheets, etc. Past performance is often indicative of future results in the business world. And with TheOneSpy, you get a detailed, complete view of every keystroke and action.

Keeping Tabs On Your Spouse

The relationship between husband and wife is designed to be a sacred bond, but sometimes action is needed. If you think your husband or wife might be cheating on you, you can install TheOneSpy to catch him/her in the act. Infidelity is illegal, and can cause havoc to people involved in it. Prevent it or put a stop to it! Keep a documented record of all your tablet and PC activities! And if you’re aiming to keep your lover “honest”, be sure you get their permission to record their activities first, it’s the law!

Monitoring And Limiting Your Child’s Phone Usage

Sure, added protection from online predators is great, and having the ability to catch them in the act helps minimize risk, but TheOneSpy acts as a catch-all for anything and everything to do with your tablet and PC. For example, did your high school child remember to participate in her instant message session with her teacher Friday night after school? Even if she’s over at her friends the day after, TheOneSpy can show you! And you don’t even have to bother/disturb her with a phone call to check. Simply search through TheOneSpy activity logs, and find the corresponding entry. And if you feel like your child or employee is spending too much time online, or using too much bandwidth, you can set limits on these too.

How Does TheOneSpy Work?

To get started, install the program according to the on-screen prompts. Once installed, getting it ready for use is as easy as 1-2-3. First, you’ll need to register the program by inputting your email address and the password you received after paying for TheOneSpy. Then, simply associate TheOneSpy with your program license.

After installation, there are a variety of different features and options you can customize. There’s accessability features to make the program more user-friendly. You can choose to optimize the battery usage, lock your screen, apply program permissions and security settings, and more. You’ll learn more about all the features below, and you’ll be amazed at how complete of a tracking software package TheOneSpy really is.

TheOneSpy runs as a background program, silently, and doesn’t use a lot of system resources. And if you’re happy with the functionality, feel free to leave a review of the program. Review sites help spread the word when great programs like this get released. This way, people who need TheOneSpy functionality can discover it easily.

Core Features Of TheOneSpy

Tracking Text Messages

TheOneSpy delivers full transcriptions of all text messages sent to and from your kids or employees smartphone. And while other surveillance software may not provide coverage for intentionally deleted or hidden messages, this feature comes standard with TheOneSpy. It also provides full support for MMS,BBM chat, and iMessage as well.

One of the reasons we like TheOneSpy so much, is that they’re always up-to-date with the latest forms of text message technology. For example, if BBM chat has just recently updated their source code with new updates, you can rest assured TheOneSpy will issue an update to match it.

Monitoring Incoming/Outgoing Calls

Monitoring incoming and outgoing calls can provide you with up-to-the-second details on your teen or employees smartphone / PC actions. Live monitoring is one of the greatest hallmarks of this program, and can help you stop a bad situation from escalating into something worse. As soon as you discover an offending entry, you can lock/unlock the device, prevent incoming/outgoing messages, and shut down/start various services and features of the PC or phone. In other words, TheOneSpy gives you complete control from the start.

Website Monitoring And Blocking

If your employee, teen, spouse, etc. is gaining access to a specific website or group of websites you don’t approve of, you can block these too. Website blocking prevents interaction with any piece of downloadable content within the IP range of the website itself. So, yes, TheOneSpy will block a specific domain from loading, but it also blocks the download of any content hosted anywhere inside the IP of the domain itself.

Read Incoming & Outgoing Emails

Email logs give you the ability to see first hand who your employees, children, or spouse are communicating with. You get a full listing of all email information. This includes the message itself, headers, server node details, bounces, etc.

Email logs are great for surveillance purposes, but can also provide valuable insight for future business projections as well. For example, reviewing company email logs can reveal that a project is being completed on time, without error, and that it’s ok to proceed with further assignments.

IM Social Media

TheOneSpy comes with support for all the most popular social networks out there, including : SnapChatEvents, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Line, Facebook Messenger, KiK, Instagram, Tinder, Vine, Hike, Hangout, Tumblr, IMO, Zalo, Yahoo Messenger, and more.

In our Internet driven society, you can definitely count on your kids being drawn to social media. And it’s no surprise. At one popular social network, Facebook, there’s over 400 million active accounts. Chances are your kids will be intrigued by the possibilities, and want to make new friends. Never fear! With TheOneSpy, you can view every person your kids talk to at the social media sites, as well as fully display all their conversations.

IM Voice Logs

Recording audio conversations can help a lot in the battle to keep your kids safe, and with TheOneSpy, you can keep a complete library of all telephony based conversations. We found TheOneSpy sound quality is actually very good.

When police are trying to solve a crime, they often make reference to something called making a “positive ID”. And voice recordings are a good example of “positive ID” in action. They match the actual voice of a suspect arraigned for questioning to the recorded TheOneSpy voice logs. And voice logs have a nearly 100% success rate when used as evidence.

Task Logs, Calendar, Phonebook

TheOneSpy also lets you use the program as an interactive tool to keep track of events, ideas, and thoughts related to the program itself. For example, if your teen or employee is due to sign on to their PC or smartphone at a specific time, you can mark the fact that they successfully signed-on within TheOneSpy itself. This prevents needless switching between programs to log actions/events that occur in-tandem with TheOneSpy.

We’ve found, that when it comes to using surveillance/tracking software, it helps to keep the people/places/events/numbers related to the usage of the program, isolated to the program itself. Because, for most people, these lines of communication don’t serve a purpose outside the scope of TheOneSpy itself.

Instant Alerts

You can set the instant alert system to trigger upon any event you see fit. With instant alerts, you get to be more “hands-free” with TheOneSpy. And you’d be surprised. The amount of hand-to-screen work it saves you is impressive to say the least. So, if you’d like to set an alert to pop-up when your son, daughter, or employee is texting, you can do that. Or, you can set the instant alert system to pop-up when the user logs onto the phone as well.

Heads Up/Ticker Notification

TheOneSpy notifier comes pre-installed and ready to lighten your load. You can get an overview of all the activities that happen on your devices using TheOneSpy complete timestamp. It’s built into the program and no event happens without making an entry.

Block/View Contacts

You can easily set contact permissions, block offensive contacts, and view your contact list at a glance. To add a contact to your block list, simply select the nickname/name and add it to your list.

Media Tracker

To see what pictures and other media your child, spouse, or employee have been looking at, all you’ve got to do is open up TheOneSpy media tracker. From there, you have a detailed listing of all media experienced by the phone itself, including date and time stamps.

It’s always a good idea to transfer individual files to a “safe” location, like a USB drive or CD-RW. There have been many instances of files being deleted because of the nature of the program, so it’s best to have them in a safe “hiding spot” to be safe.

Internet Monitoring

Monitoring Internet usage is a critical include, especially given the amount of offensive content online. Offensive content is simply inappropriate. For example, it’s a proven fact that employees are more productive when forced to stay on task. Setting up website access permissions gives you the ability to limit “web surfing” to a specific list of websites.

There’s plenty of Internet monitoring settings and program access controls at your fingertips. From the program access control area, you can see “at a glance” the list of visited sites, as well as manage your allowed/blocked website list.

License Switching

Switching your TheOneSpy license between people is easy. And 1 single TheOneSpy license can cover multiple devices at once, saving you money!

Advanced Features Of TheOneSpy

Key Logging

Keylogging is a great “catch all” feature to access a record of every keystroke made on your kids smartphone. And keylogs are especially good for finding entries for specific words, sentences, and phrases. You might even consider entering in abbreviations or slang acronyms (sometimes these are used as code words by kids to avoid “corresponding entry” detection).

For example, if you’re worried that your teen son or daughter is sneaking out the window at night to see a boyfriend or girlfriend, be vigilante! While some people take up the hobby of knitting or crotcheing to fill up idle time, you can use any idle time you have to get VERY GOOD at understanding how your kids or employees communicate. Just like anti-virus programs (Norton, McAfee, etc.) use heuristics to detect viruses, trojan horses, etc. The words your kids use will become like a hieuristic language to you! You’ll find that certain words or phrases “alert” you to suspicious behavior right away.

GEO Fencing

Setting up a perimeter using the Geo-Fencing feature can help keep your child safe. Safe Zones and Forbidden Zones give you up-to-the-second monitoring ability. Constant alerts can be configured to show you where the phone is at all times. You can set the frequency of these alerts in the TheOneSpy settings.

And for employers, the Geo-Fencing tool works great to help protect the safety of a smartphone, laptop, PC, etc. Computer electronics are expensive, and the more control you can gain over them, the less breakage that will occur.

Remote Monitor And Control

Being able to control TheOneSpy program from far away gives you remote freedom and peace of mind. Many people aren’t accustomed to just how useful having remote control of a PC / smartphone can be. Logging into the online control interface gives you complete access to enable/disable features from hundreds of miles away. And it’s easy to make efficient use of it.

People are accustomed to denying themselves expensive things in the world we live in, and they probably won’t even consider how nice it would be to make use of a remote tracking app. It’s actually not all that expensive for people who really NEED the functionality.

Surround Recording

You can easily listen to the sounds going on in the surrounding environment where the phone is located. You can do this in one of two ways : Mic Bug and Spy Call. Mic bug works through your Internet connection, and Spy Call works via traditional cellular lines (3G, 4G, etc.)This is an incredibly valuable include that helps TheOneSpy rise above other programs with more limited feature sets.

Password Chaser

Having full access to your smartphone tablet / PC is your legal right. In order to reveal the password on the device, all you’ve got to do is install Password Chaser on your device BEFORE people start using it. Then, when you’d like to recover the password specific people set, you can find it easily with the Password Reveal tool. It can retrieve both pattern passwords and digit passwords alike. It’s pretty clever too, and just one more way that TheOneSpy is outclassing competing software in the marketplace.


Adding the “bug” feature to your kids smartphone is easy. The “bug” feature can secretly take control of your phones video camera, save videos to an online account, and schedule video recordings to start at pre-defined intervals.

And while “bugging” your kids cell phone might seem like an underhanded thing to do, keeping the following facts in mind helps. They’re minors, not adults. Bad things can, and do, frequently happen in association with online equipment. And it’s your responsibility as a parent to PREVENT your child from achieving electronic privacy! They don’t have the legal right to it yet (for lots of good reasons).

Capture Screenshots

Capturing screenshots can be done “on the fly”, and automatically saved to a pre-defined directory of your choice. Capturing screenshots comes in handy when you encounter a situation you want to keep a record of, and a simple image capture is sufficient. The screenshot service also helps employees who would like to use TheOneSpy to save screenshots in a work directory, which TheOneSpy automatically provides.

Use your imagination! Especially for people that aren’t accustomed to using screenshots in their everyday lives, TheOneSpy can provide you with this skill, which you’ll probably use a lot once you get used to it.

Live Screen Recording

Live screen recording can help safeguard your child or employee from malicious attacks. And in the business world, it actually happens quite frequently. A seemingly boring and mundane business can happen upon a new Internet technology, propelling them into huge success. Competing businesses might go into a panic because the success turns them into a failure. And from there, all kinds of malicious attacks can take place. Anything from jealous business men to disgruntled employees, etc.

For kids, having a live screen recording of any situation and/or interaction that seems inappropriate is key. Generally, if parents can capture predatory online messages THE FIRST TIME around, and forward that information to authorities, the harassment usually stops. Predatory behavior happens frequently online (cyber-bullying, harassment, threats, etc.), but with the proper documentation, they’re actually easy to apprehend.

Location Tracker

Similar to geo-fencing, the location tracker tool uses global positioning system (GPS) to outline the exact location of your phone. And you can set instant alerts according to location so you’re always in control and up-to-date.

As a quick example, location tracking that’s logged on your phone as an official event can lend substantiation to employee business reports, as evidence in court, to prove to friends or family (spouses, etc.) that you’re in the geographical area you claim to be in. The list goes on and on.

SIM Change Notification

SIM cards provide a lot of freedom, and swapping them out is as simple as 1-2-3. Not everyone should have access to SIM card replacing, so the SIM change notification tool is very handy for both employers and parents. You get a notification the moment the SIM card is changed.

TheOneSpy Packaging And Pricing

Android Monitoring App

Android monitoring is available in 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscription packages. Prices range from $18 to $250.

MAC Monitoring App

MAC monitoring is available in 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month packages. Prices range from $25 to $75 per month.

Windows Monitoring App

Windows tracking/monitoring is available in 1, 3, and 12 month packages. Prices range from $20 to $50 per month.

TheOneSpy is also available in 3 different subscription options in Android :


This is the cheapest subscription option, and doesn’t come with nearly as many features as xLite or Premier. But it’s also priced a lot more affordably. Beginners that don’t need the extra functionality of xLite or Premier should be perfectly happy with “Lite” package features.


With xLite, you’re getting about 2/3’s of TheOneSpy possible features. This is perfect for intermediate users that know their way around surveillance/tracking programs, and have more robust computer / tablet skills. One frequent complaint of surveillance / tracking program users worldwide is the amount of time it takes to adjust / fine tune settings they don’t need. But for people who need the extra functionality, the xLite version provides additional feature includes.


This is TheOneSpy’s biggest surveillance / tracking package. It includes everything! And before you dismiss this option as being too expensive or a waste of money, actually check out the feature set in detail. You may find that the Premier package comes with features that actually justify the cost (for you personally). Block Internet While Driving is one option you’ll only find in Premier, as an example.

Discounts Available For Multi-Month Subscription Purchases

Pros And Cons of TheOneSpy


  • It’s A Great Training Tool For Beginners

  • Beginners need look no further than TheOneSpy to learn how to use tracking/surveillance software. Rather than limiting yourself to programs with less features, it makes a lot more sense to start with one that comes with everything. This way, there will be much less of a learning curve in relation to new program releases (or similar programs).

  • Over 250 High-Tech Tools Covering The Entire Spectrum Of Tablet/PC Tracking

  • There are many tablet / PC monitoring software titles out there, but not many of them come close to the robustness of TheOneSpy. Sure, having a program to monitor your emails is great, but if you can’t do anything else with it, then you’ll end up using standalone programs. These programs will “mass-hog” your system resources so bad you won’t be able to do a darn thing! Thankfully, TheOneSpy is COMPLETE computer / tablet surveillance that creates a documented record of EVERYTHING. TheOneSpy is truly all you need.


  • Requires An Ongoing Subscription Plan

  • Some people don’t like the idea of paying a subscription fee on an ongoing basis. You get a pretty good discount by paying for the service in advance, but some subscribers may doubt they’ll actually need the functionality for the full subscription length.

  • Could Be A Bit More Affordable

  • Even though this is one of the very best tracking software items in the marketplace, we would like it to be affordable enough for everyone. As it stands, your average 9-5 minimum wage employee won’t be able to afford the high price tag at $18 per month for basic service. Let alone $35-$50 per month for xLite and Premium.

  • TheOneSpy Compatible Devices And System Requirements

  • iOS or Android Based- Any smartphone with Android or iOS is capable of running TheOneSpy.

  • Windows Or Mac – TheOneSpy is Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 compatible. Please review the feature listing associated with each install option to ensure you’re picking the right package for you.

Payment Methods

Visa/Mastercard – TheOneSpy proudly accepts VISA/Mastercard as payment options. And you can rest assured that the 2048-SSL (latest encryption release) used for our checkout will keep your financial details 100% safe.

Paypal – Paypal is by far the most popular Internet payment processor in the world. With over 237 million accounts across 200 countries, Paypal is the world leader in online payments. Paypal goes above and beyond ordinary business practices to bring their customers a level of performance that’s second to none.

How Do I Get TheOneSpy?

To get TheOneSpy, all you’ve got to do is visit the official download page. From there, click the download button and the download will start. TheOneSpy automatically updates itself so you’ve always got the latest edition.

And even though we’ve done a pretty good job of outling most of the features here in our review, there’s a lot more you can learn at TheOneSpy website itself. It goes a lot more in-depth, and can help clear up any confusions you may have about the program itself. Check here before giving up.

How Reliable Is TheOneSpy?

TheOneSpy has been rigorously tested by the programmers and coding team. In addition, TheOneSpy has undergone real world field testing and made it through error free across a wide range of scenarios.

The Internet interaction is also flawless, and we experienced ZERO lag issues or speed bumps when using it. It seems that the program designers went out of their way to make this a program a highly dependable option.

Installation And Setup Of TheOneSpy

Installing the program is easy, simply visit the website, purchase/download the program, and input your license key. We can’t really advise you on further instruction, because everyone’s situation is different, and everyone will need different personalized settings.

However, we can say for a fact that without applying custom settings to this program, much of the programs value will remain unexplored. The best thing to do is “brainstorm”, as well as read about each individual feature at TheOneSpy website. A little bit of reading and studying can go a long way.

TheOneSpy FAQ’s

Will The Phone Owner Know It’s Installed?

Yes and no. TheOneSpy comes with “bugging” options you can use to keep track of your kids or employees that are hidden from the phone operator. But TheOneSpy also does well when used as a interactive part of the phone / PC usage process. For example, a good employee isn’t going to want access to offending/forbidden websites that could endanger their employment. By having TheOneSpy installed and access to offensive websites blocked, no one can accuse the employee of misbehavior. The result? A more productive, confident, and stress-free employee.

Can TheOneSpy Monitor Multiple Devices?

Yes, TheOneSpy comes complete with support for multiple devices on a single license.

Will TheOneSpy Work Anywhere In The World?

Yes! TheOneSpy is an internationally available and internationally friendly program. It works in any country in the world, with no restrictions whatsoever. Just be sure to check out the laws in your country regarding the installation/usage of TheOneSpy. Some governments are more restrictive than others in terms of internet usage.

How Do I Uninstall TheOneSpy?

Uninstalling TheOneSpy is easy. Simply open the control panel (in Windows), open Add/Remove Programs, and find TheOneSpy program entry. Double click it, and the uninstall process will begin.

What Is TheOneSpy Verification Process?

TheOneSpy Buyer Verification procedure is a multi-step process. First, we gather the buyers name, home/work address, and cellular phone number. Then TheOneSpy takes things a step further to gather Target User Details too. Both parties are required to call a special number to receive a verification code. They enter the code in, and the verification process is completed. If any of the information found in the registration process is fraudulent, the license is immediately cancelled and an investigation is started.

How Do I Report Fraud/Abuse Of TheOneSpy Program?

If someone is fraudulently using TheOneSpy on your smartphone, you can contact us via our Abuse/Violation link. For example, you didn’t have any knowledge of a complete stranger bugging your phone, and discovered it by accident. Just report it, and we’ll do our part to help resolve the issue for you.

Does TheOneSpy Have A Customer Support Line?

Yes! If you’re having a technical issue with TheOneSpy software, you can contact us through our dedicated customer support line, 24/7. And from our experience, they’re very professional, polite, and business oriented. They aim to ensure that you remain a satisfied customer, and are happy to remedy problems.

Can I Get A Discount On Multiple License Purchases (Volume Discount)?

Yes! TheOneSpy has a volume discount feature. To qualify for the volume discount, submit a support ticket along with details. TheOneSpy will send you back an accurate volume discount description.

Does TheOneSpy Have A Reseller Program?

They used to, but they got rid of it because too many people were illegally promoting it. It seems that promoting affiliate sales of this program was encouraging tons of illegal spam and forum posts.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Refund?

It can take up to a week for customers of TheOneSpy to get their refund. Reportedly, they make good on this promise and they’ve never defaulted on even a single refund as of yet.

TheOneSpy Legalities

TheOneSpy comes with coverage for only the people listed in your TheOneSpy license. This means that should your cell phone get stolen, a thief will be committing additional crime by using the phone. This in itself is a pretty good deterrent, but it isn’t foolproof. Some criminals don’t care how many crimes they commit.

If you want to be sure absolutely certain you’re obeying the TheOneSpy Terms of Service, make sure you have your phone or PC’s registered to the rightful owner of the phone at all times. This way, there will be no possible way for anyone to cause confusion or doubt about the events listed on your phone / PC.

Other than that, you shouldn’t have any legal issues surrounding the usage of the program itself. TheOneSpy is simply a software title, similar to any other software title. There’s not much as far as “red tape” to get in the way.

Can I Trust TheOneSpy?

Yes! TheOneSpy is the result of years of software development focusing on making tracking/monitoring more efficient and error free. TheOneSpy development team is headed by some of the most talented computer experts in the world, with advanced programming degrees and software development experience. So, even though it sounds like “just another PC/tablet monitoring program”, it outclasses most others with it’s fully loaded feature set.

And we just want to mention, because it’s important, that having to switch between more than one program on your smartphone WILL dig into the system resources of the phone, slowing things down to a crawl. This is called “lag”, and “lag” can distort monitored/recorded phone calls to the point where you can’t even decipher the words.

TheOneSpy has a super small footprint that doesn’t hog system resources. And despite the low resource consumption, it totally outperforms competing tracking/surveillance software titles hands down. We were truly surprised by the responsiveness and speed!

Final Verdict – Is TheOneSpy Right For Me?

Protecting your kids from cyber-stalking, cyber-bullying, and digital harassment starts at home, with you, the parent. Doing everything you can to play an active roll in the protection of your teen is critical, because during teenage years is when the most mistakes happen. They’ve got tons of brand new freedoms, and it’s up to you to design a “parental geo-fence” that can catch them when they fall.

Did you know that 43% of kids get bullied at some point in their lives? With nearly 1 in 2 odds, most parents take proper precautions to assume that it’s definitely GOING TO HAPPEN. 1 in 4 kids experience re-occuring bullying, which can turn a chance encounter into an escalated and ongoing event requiring intervention by law enforcement.

When compared to other smartphone / computer monitoring options, TheOneSpy does far more than just hold its own. In total, there’s 250+ high-tech tools working together to track your tablet/PC usage. When compared directly to other tracking/surveillance options out there, it’s really a better bang for your buck.

In closing, we’d feel TheOneSpy is THE program to get for complete cell phone / computer tracking coverage. We weren’t able to find even a single error in the programs design and functionality. So, 5/5 star rating all the way from us!

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