XNSPY Review

Our review of XNSPY cell phone tracking software.

What is XNSpy?

XNSpy is a leader in smartphone monitoring technology. Their software has been fine tuned to provide a quality experience that blows the socks off it’s customers. This world renowned spying application grants complete power over the target cell phone, making it easy to monitor, limit, and control as needed. This type of technology is often used by parents to keep their unruly kids within bounds, or by employers who’d like to amplify their profits while slashing time wasted. XNSpy does all this and more at a rate you wouldn’t believe. Its features are unmatched world round and put the power of control in the hands of the administrator. Monitor all the devices in your life from the comfort of the included control panel and be in the know. This versatile piece of spying software can review all text messages, phone calls, emails, and social media usage on the target phone! All without them knowing that XNSpy is running on their phone monitoring and communicating with your remote control panel at all times. That’s just a few of the features this well developed and intricately designs application can do for you. Take the leap into knowledge and insight today by giving XNSpy your business, you won’t be sad you did.

What can XNSpy be used for?

XNSpy is a versatile package applicable in a variety of situations. Many parents love the features of XNSpy as they give them the power to know where their kids are at all time! Making sure they aren’t being lied to and they can keep their children safe from harm’s way. XNSpy grants them the tools to monitor who their kids are talking to, where there kids are going, and even limit time on certain social media websites, to much screen time isn’t a good thing! Now parents can know for certain their children and teens aren’t sending anything out into the world they shouldn’t be by monitoring all the photos and videos that are sent and received on the child’s phone. A sense of relief can be found in this newfound insight.

Employers often enjoy the features found in XNSpy. It gives them a way to make sure their employees are staying focused on the task at hand and not switching between tabs being unproductive and losing company money. Make sure your employees are at the jobsite, putting up that new coat of paint instead of hanging out at the local mall trying to pick up some chicks. This will give great insight on who is a quality employee looking to rise up the ranks and improve their life, and who’s just there to make a few bucks that will support them when the weekend comes and they want to get drunk with their friends at the local bar. Employer’s can now make informed decisions by installing XNSpy on your company phones. Monitor sales calls, provide compliments and wisdom, it’s now all made possible.

How does XNSpy work?

XNSpy was developed with ease of use in mind, from the installation all the way to the control panel used to manage the devices you choose to monitor. XNSpy has an installation package specialized for both Android and iOS operating systems. Upon completion of your purchase you’re given a download linking the correct installation package for the cell phone to track. This installation package is then run on each target device you wish to monitor, once installed the device begins sending information to your remote XNSpy control panel where you can monitor, control, and manage the target device with its easy to use interface. To install the package all you need to have is access to the device you wish to monitor, simply paste the download link into the target phone’s web browser and it will automatically begin to download to the file system. You can then run the file and it will be installed on the phone’s memory where it will reside until you decide to remove it. The XNSpy software runs quietly and discreetly in the background using minimal resources to ensure it’s hidden and doesn’t use a noticeable amount of resources. Next you login to your control panel and select the device and you can instantly see the information pouring into you. You now have the power to see that device’s location at all times, read and review sent and received text messages, monitor social media activity, limit applications, and much much more.

Core Features of XNSpy

Monitor Text Messages

XNSpy puts you back in control and gives you peace of mind at a fraction of competitor costs. Monitor your children’s text messages and know who they are talking to, and what they are talking about. You can easily browse through past and present text messages, reviewing both sent and received! No more worrying that your kids are talking to strangers they shouldn’t be, you can be sure and rest assured. Ensure they aren’t bullying any others by seeing what kinds of text messages they are seeing, sometimes our kids aren’t the angels we believe and reprimanding is necessary. You may want to monitor your wife’s phone and finally be sure that she isn’t cheating on you, this is a great way to get the facts and cut the worry once and for all.

View Call Logs

XNSpy logs all incoming and outgoing calls so you can login to your easy to use control panel and review them at your leisure. Make sure your family or company phone isn’t being used to call any 1-900 numbers that could be costing you hundreds per month. Ensure your kids aren’t being harassed by anyone and if they are you can instantly have the phone number of the culprit, and even record the phone call to use as evidence of the abuse! This advanced cell phone tracking technology makes these actions and more as easy as counting to 3 backwards. Give XNSpy a try today and feel the cool breeze of security blow across your face.

Record & Listen to Phone Calls

XNSpy makes it easy to listen in on phone calls in real time. Think your employee may not be representing your company to his fullest potential? Listen in on sales & support calls in real time and offer up suggestions on how he can improve his performance, you both will be thankful! Make sure your teen isn’t getting to sexual with their boyfriend by listening in on their calls, you don’t want to be a grandmother too soon after all! In addition to real time listening, now you can record phone calls and listen back on them later. Record all your sales employees call and review them at your leisure to see how the day went and offer insight the next day, your bottomline will thank you.

Monitor Browsing History

Have you ever wanted to know for sure what your kids or employees are looking at online? XNSpy makes it easy to check the browsing history on the target device, even if it has been cleared! Now you can make sure your kids aren’t looking at any adult or violent websites they shouldn’t be, those curious critters! Make sure your employees aren’t wasting their time looking up recipes for after work. It’s better to have the insights and knowledge then be forced to be a fool, get the insights you need today with XNSpy!

Track All Email Usage

If you’re a business owner chances are you and your employees use email to contact customers and provide support as well as land sales. Many companies use email in this day and age. It’s important that you can review the emails your employees are sending and receiving to make sure that they are answering them all in a timely manner and to your standards. Review their support emails and make sure your customers got all the information they needed and weren’t hung out to dry. Make sure your potential sales are turning into sales by reviewing your sales emails and offering guidance as needed!

Monitor System Media

Kids sure are growing up fast these days. XNSpy lets you monitor all the media that is being saved on your computer so you can ensure that there isn’t any risky photos or videos being sent from the device. This type of protection goes both ways! Make sure there aren’t any predators sending your kids adult videos or photos on their phones. This is an invaluable tool. Now we can sleep well at night knowing all the necessary precautions have been taken to keep our kids out of harm’s way. Buy XNSpy today!

Current GPS Location

With XNSpy’s advanced location tracking feature you can know where you kid is at all times! It will plot the location of the target device right on the ever so familiar Google Maps. This makes it easy for you to know that your child is right where they said they were going to be and not feeding you a bag of lies. It’s the perfect tool for if your child happens to get lost and you need help finding them or giving them directions on how to get home from their current location. Amazing!

Monitor Facebook Messenger

Most everyone uses Facebook Messenger these days. XNSpy makes it a breeze to monitor Facebook Messenger and many other social media applications. Now you can make sure you know who your kids are talking to even on the social sites! This type of power gives you knowledge and peace of mind. You can also make sure your employees aren’t wasting company data talking to friends on Facebook. Or if you run a Facebook page, you can make sure they are representing your company truthfully and to the best of their ability when a message is sent to your company Facebook Page.

App Blocking Feature

Have you ever wanted to block your child or employee from blocking specific apps? Now you can easily from the comfort of your control panel. This is a great way to make sure you teen isn’t using any questionable applications for their age, such as Tinder, or other dating and hookup applications. Or maybe you would just like to block all the major social media sites from your company phone and tablets to boost productivity! With XNSpy both of these actions become a walk in the park. Give it a try today and see what all the hype is about!

Lock Target Phone

Kids are gonna be kids and they are gonna act up once in awhile. Now you have a whole new way to show them who the boss is. You can lock their phone remotely from your control panel. This is sure to get them back on track and acting how they should be. You know how much kids love their phones today – It’s how they stay in touch with all their friends. So add another weapon in your arsenal of sculpting a beautiful well behaved child. XNSpy can help.

Advanced Features of XNSpy

Watchlist Contact Alerts

This is a new advanced feature that was recently added in past months. You can add a list of numbers to be monitored and if they call you will instantly be notified. If someone was calling your child and bullying them you can add their number to the watch list and instantly be able to listen in, record, and report your gathered intelligence to the correct authority depending on the intensity of the abuse. Stop being a victim and start being a boss.

Set Location Boundaries

XNSpy makes it easy for you to set boundaries on where your child is supposed to be. You can set a box boundary around the park for as long as they are supposedly supposed to be hanging out there with their friends. If the device leaves the boundaries then an alert is immediately sent to your phone so you can see where they are headed and call them and ask them what’s up if needed. This is a great way to keep an eye on your kids and make sure they aren’t lying about where they are and potentially getting themselves into trouble.

Remotely Wipe Device Data

You can remotely wipe the target device in the event you’re selling the phone and getting a new one, or giving the phone to another person you don’t need to monitor. This is a great feature that makes changing phones, selling phones, and trading cell phones a walk in the park. After you have removed the installation from the old phone, it’s very easy to install the XNSpy software on your new phone and get back to monitoring in just a matter of moments. Give XNSpy a try today and you won’t be let down, you’ll be brought up!

Listen In On Surroundings

XNSpy has recently added this super advanced spying feature that makes it a versatile tool for many situations. You can listen in on the device’s microphone and hear what’s going on around your child at any time! This makes it the perfect tool for ensuring that your kids teacher really is as nice as they seem. You can listen in at lunch time and make sure your kids not being bullied. You could even listen in when your employee is going to give an estimate on a job and make sure they are interacting with potential customer as good they can. A truly magnificent product with application as far as the mind can stretch.

Monitor Tinder Usage

Tinder is a dating/hookup app that is popular in this day and age. Teens are very curious and they could be talking to people not their age. You gotta stay on top of what their doing, and XSpy makes that a breeze. You can block the application entirely, or just watch and make sure who they match with is who they seem. Don’t let them put a bunch of risky pictures. You can delete the application if need be. XNSpy helps you stay in the know with what your kids are doing on applications such as Tinder and more. Try it today!

View Location History

With XNSpy you can do more than just see the current location. You can browse through all the points that the target device has transversed. It monitors at a rate of every 15 minutes and plots it on a map for you to see. Now you can see what your kids have been doing all day while you were at work! Make sure their story lines up with the facts! It’s great to have information like that. You can use this to make sure your employees are taking the most efficient routes and not wasting time dilly dallying about.

Get Alerts on Specific Locations

If there’s a location where your child shouldn’t be because of past experiences then now you can mark the location and receive an alert when they get near it. That makes it easy so you don’t need to be constantly checking in on your control panel. Now the information comes to you with XNSpy’s advanced alert features. Simply set it and forget with the peace of mind that you will be alerted if your child enters a dangerous zone or leaves their defined boundaries.

View Installed Apps & Limit Usage

Now with XNSpy you can view the installed application on the target device. This makes it easy to see what your kids and employees are doing. Ensure they aren’t using any hook up apps, or other dangerous apps that you wouldn’t like. Or you can limit the usage on applications such as Facebook so they aren’t up on it all night. Give them an hour a day for their social media accounts. They will thank you later when they grow up and realized when they were young they spent time out the house. All these advanced features are available to you at a cost effective price. Purchase XNSpy today and you can be up and running in minutes.


The advanced system level keylogger makes sure that you never miss a thing! Even if the device operator is handy with technology and takes other measures to stop from being monitored with this base level type of advanced logging you can view every key that they press on the keyboard. This means you won’t miss a thing! The logs are easily searched and organized in your control panel. The control panel makes it easy to find any phrases you may be interested in by simply typing them into the search bar.

Live Screenshots

Take live screenshots of what’s going on on the target device at any time that you please. It’s easy to do from your remote control panel you can do it at the touch of a button. Once you click that button the screenshot will be taken and it will be sent back to you immediately. Review what your employees are doing and make sure they are using company time wisely! Get XNSpy today.

XNSpy Packages & Pricing

XNSpy is an affordable piece of software designed to work flawlessly on both Android and iOS. It works on the target device whether or not they have been JailBroken. XNSpy offers two packages: A basic package and a Premium package. The Basic package has most of the features you will need such as text message monitoring, phone call monitoring, current GPS location, and more. The Premium package has all the advanced features and allows you to remotely control the device. Both packages come with the XNSpy remote control panel that allows you to monitor the devices from the comfort of your home or wherever you are with an internet connection. The Basic plan starts at 49.99 per month and the Premium plan rings in at 59.99 per month for both Android and iOS versions. You can save money by prepaying for your subscription, a lot of money! The basic version is only 8.33 per month if you pay for a year in advance while the Premium version is only 12.49 if you pay a year in advance! Save more than 50% by paying 12 months at a time! XNSpy is sure to meet your cell phone tracking needs and their support is amazing. Get in touch today and start your subscription, you will be glad you did!

Pros & Cons of XNSpy


  • Very easy to install, you can be up and monitoring you target device in just moments!
  • The remote control panel lets you monitor your kids or employees company phones no matter where you are!
  • Updates are installed automatically, ensuring you always have the latest features available to you.
  • An affordable price, especially if paid for a year in advance where you can save up to 50%+
  • Be in the know when it comes to your children, make sure they aren’t lying to you.
  • Make sure your employees are handling sales and support calls up to par, and give them valuable insights to improve performance.


  • Each subscription may only be used on one device

Compatible Devices & System Requirements

XNSpy has been developed to be functional on a wide array of devices. It uses minimal system requirements on the target device as the installation is just a small file that uses almost no memory at all, meaning it works flawlessly on even older hardware! XNSpy is developed to work on Android phones and doesn’t require the cell phone or tablet to be rooted. However you can root the Android device and enjoy all of the advanced features as some (Not all) are not available until the installation is completed as the root user. It’s easy to learn to root your device and you can find a step by step manual by typing how to root your specific phone into google.

It also has an iOS package that works flawlessly on all iPhones and IPads. The installation is quick and automatic. You don’t need to jailbreak the phone but you can jailbreak the phone to enjoy all of the available features. Jailbreaking an iPhone is easy and you can do so by searching for a step by step tutorial in google with the version of your phone and “Jailbreak” after. Once your phone is jailbroken you will be able to enjoy every feature available, even if it isn’t jailbroken you can still use most of the features flawlessly and without worry. Give XNSpy a day and start monitoring your kids and employees!

Payment Methods

XNSpy requires a monthly membership to keep your access to the remote control panel where you do your monitoring and review your saved phone calls. They make it easy to maintain your subscription by providing easy to use payment options. All you need is a credit or debit card from one of the major card companies such as Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, or Discover! Among others! Once you put this information in the order form it will process your payment and automatically make your monthly payments until you no longer need to use XNSpy. This makes it easy to keep your payments up to date and make sure you never lose access to your remote control panel.

How do I get XNSpy?

It’s easy to get up and running with XNSpy and you can be monitoring you target phone in minutes! The first step you need to take is realize which operating system your target device is using. It’s either going to be iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Android (Phone, Tablet). Once you know which one you need to target you can visit the purchasing page and select that option. You will then be given several options of payment for monthly or prepay up to 12 months. Input your card information and the payment will be processed. Upon the payment going through you will receive an email that has all the information you need to get started. It will provide a link to the download for your target device and it will also provide a link and username and password for the control panel you will use to monitor the device.

How Reliable is XNSpy?

XNSpy is a subscription based company that has a huge amount of customers that come back every month to make sure their subscription is renewed. This says something about the company in itself. They have been featured in many magazines and online blogs as a goto option for monitoring your children’s cell phones and keeping them out of trouble. XNSpy offers support to all paying customers and if you ever have any trouble or questions they are just a phone call or email away. The helpful support staff have been dealing with this software for a long period of time and can quickly and promptly answer your questions on installation or use easily and effectively. This makes XNSpy a very reliable company that you can put your trust in. Buy XNSpy today.

Installation & Setup of XNSpy

The installation and setup of XNSpy is very easy and doesn’t require any technical knowledge to get it working. The first step after making your payment is to go ahead and get the required download links and control panel credentials from your welcome email. Once you have the download link for the target device you can paste that in the target cell phone’s web browser and download the installation file to the device’s storage where it can be run and installed. Once you run the file it will be installed discreetly on the system where it will run quietly in the background until you decide to remove it. That’s great! Once you have it all installed you can move along to checking out your brand new control panel. This control panel has everything you need and keeps logs of all the information that you would find useful. It allows you to remotely limit usage, clear the system, check location, and set alerts! It’s very easy to understand and everything is very straight forward, all that’s left to do is enjoy your newfound peace of mind!


Is XNSpy Invisible?

Yes! XNSpy installs invisibly on the target phone and is hidden from the application list to make sure the operator of the phone has no idea that the software is installed and running in the background, sending all the information to your control panel where you can review and monitor as needed.

How Does it Work?

After you make a purchase you will be given a download link to the file to be installed on the target device, once you have this file installed it will start sending all information to the control panel. Login to your control panel with the credentials provided and you can then monitor and manage the target device.

What Devices are Compatible?

XNSpy works perfectly with iOS and Android operating systems, it works on both Phones and Tablets running those operating systems. Including iPads, Iphones, Smartphones, and Tablets.

Is it Legal to Use?

XNSpy is legal to use as long as you only use it on devices you own. Like your own families or company phones or tablets. As long as you are using it in a legal fashion you’re all set and ready to purchase!

How do I get Started?

To get started simply visit the order page and place an order. Once you place an order and it is confirmed you will be sent a welcome email that has all the information you need to get the software installed on the target device and be up and running in minutes!

Can I track Cell Phone Location in Real Time?

The location is updated every few minutes and sent back to your control panel, you will be shown a map with the movement of the device in very near real-time as long as the device has an active WiFi or 3G connection.

Can I Spy on Deleted Text Messages?

XNSpy has a keylogging feature that means it saves everything typed into the phone so even if a message is deleted you can go back and see what letters and words were typed into the text messaging application.

Do I Get Free Updates?

Yes, free updates install automatically ensuring you always have the most up to date software with all the newest most advanced features to play with!

How Long Does Installation Take?

Installation is quick and easy if you have access to the target phone right now you could be up and running in just minutes! Try XNSpy today.

Do I Pay Every Month?

Yes, the service is subscription based because you are given access to a control panel that XNSpy hosts. They save all your information on there making it easy to review and monitor. You will have access to your control panel and full support so long as your subscription is active.

XNSpy – Legalities

It is legal to use XNSpy as long as you’re installing it on your own device only. They promise never to share your information with any 3rd parties unless required to do so by law. By using this software you agree that you own the device and you’re not using it any illegal way to gather intelligence on devices that aren’t your own. As long as you’re using XNSpy to monitor your children or employees and aren’t using it to monitor any devices you don’t own that you’re all set and you will have no trouble using this awesome software!

Can I Trust XNSpy?

XNSpy has been in business for a long time and has earned their customers trust. That is why they have such a large customers base. With over 5 years in business they surely have proven that they are here to stay and they are here to provide quality services to the customer at a truly remarkable rate. They have been featured on large blogs as the goto source for cell phone tracking for parents that want to keep an eye on a kid and know what they are up to. There is also a ton of testimonials for their software from parents who have tried it had nothing but praises for the company. Get started today and you will be glad you did. Their support is amazing and the product is top of the line. XNSpy is a trustable source of cell phone tracking software!

Final Verdict – Is XNSpy Right For Me?

XNSpy is an advanced technology that parents and employers use to monitor their devices. It gives you the power to know where your children are at all times, and to know who they are talking to at all times. It lets you monitor text messages, social media, web browsing logs, and has advanced features that let you listen in on the devices surroundings and set boundaries on where they should be. You can also set alerts that will let you know if your child has left the park or similar, or if a number you have noted calls back again. You can limit application usage and screen time as well as remotely stopping applications if you think they’ve spent to much time on them. It has many advanced features and is top of the line when it comes to cell phone tracking and monitoring. It comes with an advanced control panel that lets you login anywhere you have an internet connection and easily monitor your devices. You can listen in on phone calls and even record phone calls from your control panel. It gives you the power to see where your kids are and where they have been, so you know if they are lying to you or telling you the truth. Limit how much they can use their phone and they will thank you for it when they grow older! Now you can be in control instead of always wondering. The peace of mind is worth its weight in gold and the anxiety of not knowing where your kids are will be a thing of the past! All this at an affordable monthly price that can’t be beat. Give XNSpy a try today and see for yourself!

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